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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Four Policemen from Morelos Wanted For Kidnapping Two Businessmen

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Bulletin displaing the four police officers wanted since 22 January 2021, when the arrest warrant was issued.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office in Morelos disclosed the faces of four ex-police officers and offered a reward of almost MXN$25,000 to anyone that provides information that leads to their arrest. These police officers are wanted for kidnapping two businessmen in eastern Morelos.

The former police officers have been considered fugitives since last January after one of their colleagues was arrested for the same crime and confessed their participation in the kidnapping.

Their full names are José Mario Gómez Guillén, Gabriel Iván Fuentes Galicia, Carlos Ricardo Cabello Hernández, and Isaías Pérez Martínez. The victims are Román Martínez García (aged 39) and his stepson Luis Fernando Ogazón Ariza (aged 23), who were reported as missing since last January 16, after they were detained by the officers in Yautepec municipality. These two people were owners of a gas station.

His family and friends reported their kidnapping to the police. After failing to get a response, they organized their own search and protests to bring attention to the case.

The investigations revealed that two of the four police fugitives are members of the state police assigned to the municipality of Yautepec; all four abandoned their weapons and cargo vehicles to flee without a trace.

Based on these investigations, elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency detained Jesús Fernando Soriano Ramírez a Yautepec police force, for his alleged participation in the kidnapping. He has been collaborating with investigators to find the other four officers involved.

Missing persons poster for the two victims. 

Sources: Sin Linea Diario; Fiscalia General de Morelos


  1. yo you’ve slaughtered the mainboard today MX. Excellent work covering different parts of Mexico. Don’t burn out please. Take care

    1. Thanks, dear reader. Happy to inform! I am usually never around on weekends and try to be away from my screen. Any post you may see from me on the weekend was generally just “scheduled” for that day.

  2. What happened this time, the names and faces are not covered, they probably will get segury von faces, and join a cartel.

    1. i assume that is because these guys are public servants and their faces don't have to be covered. or maybe the face covering excludes people with bounties (like those from la Familia who had their faces shown). idk

    2. It's weird how Mexico works seems criminals have more rights than the victims. If they can pay a bribe the faces and true names get covered.

    3. Or the guys publishing the picture just don’t care about privacy when you are a criminal on the run.
      Who cares, we got nice „mugshots“.

    4. Stupid worries suck...
      What matters is that once again it is state police the accused suspect fugitives, same as all over mexico, these mercenaries hired by the State Governors and their impunity are worse than the cartels they extort off every penny.

  3. sad to see protectors who swore to defend civilians do this. system is broken

    1. They get peanut money weekly, decide to join the dark forces, for extra income, they know Mexico is a lawless country with epunity and an enpt president, so I am sure more police will be exposed to thier extra curricular activities in the wild west.


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