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Friday, April 16, 2021

Former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo Recognizes Drug War is a Failure

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He is currently Director of the Center for the Study of Globalization at Yale University, his alma mater. He is also in the board of directors at the Inter-American Dialogue and Citigroup.

Former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, who served from 1994 to 2000 under the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), attended a conference a few weeks ago and recognized that the so-called drug war and drug prohibition are a failure. He said that the drug policy during his administration was determined by what he called "institutional inertia".

At the conference, Zedillo said that unlike 40 years ago, there is sufficient evidence today to prove that "the strategy based on drug prohibition is an unquestionably unsuccessful strategy," since its consequences include the loss of life and damages to public health.

“As President of Mexico, I am the first to recognize that when the various aspects of drug policy were discussed during my time in office, the driving force of our discussions was basically institutional inertia. That is, the inertia of the practices that had been followed from previous administrations, the inertia of what that we had agreed with other countries on this matter ...”

When presenting an analysis of the drug war strategy, he acknowledged that during the 1990s there was no effort to visualize the serious consequences that the fight against drugs caused, and that it was not until 2005 that Mexico began to analyze such consequences.

He also pointed out that drug prohibition is the primary cause of the creation of an illegal market, for which he concluded that state is directly and indirectly responsible for the creation of it.

“[The State engineers] the creation of an illegal market, in which the worst elements of our societies will operate, of all those who are willing to incur extreme forms of violence to carry out their illegal activities”.

He stated that a correct drug policy should not criminalize consumption. Instead, he said, it should see it as a public health and supply-and-demand issue.

"Drugs should be regulated", Zedillo said.

Sources: El Universal; Milenio


  1. Ya para que jajaja mejor lo hubiera dicho en su momento. Pero nadie lo hace, por intereses de otra gente en poder. Ya veo a AMLO diciendo lo mismo en unos años.

    1. En unos años? Bajo que piedra vives? AMLO lo dice ya. Tiene años diciendo.

  2. This is VERY irresponsible of him to say. He puts into jeopardy the ability of the DEA/FBI/CIA/ATF to obtain billion dollar funding to protect us against the scorge of drugs.

    If it was not for these proud agencies there would be more, cheaper and stronger drugs in our schools, parks, streets and homes than ever before.

    If it was not for these proud and shiny agencies we would have record number of OD-related deaths, record numbers of drug related mental illness and record numbers of overall drug consumption.

    Thanks to these fine agencies we live in a society free from the destruction of drugs.

    1. You need to get in tune with reality. No, the majority of Americans dont trust all those corrupt racist backstabbing tres letras government agencies. That's reality partner.

    2. @7:25 I'm sure that was also said before and during prohibition. What about free choice and will or do you forever need a nanny?

    3. many are not responable to take drugs legally
      look at the damage Pot has done to kids Kids left in hot cars people falling asleep
      people drinking and smoking pot
      driving wrong way etc
      some people are really stupid

    4. Lol. Are you trolling?

    5. 08:49..your thinking could use an improvement..the 3 letters you mention are owned by progressives..the guys that invented racism to use as a stick to beat others and see it in every nook and cranny..and dummies like you eat it up.. while is true most Americans do not trust usa govt, the reason is because it is run by progressives not because its institutions are racist.

    6. 7:25 I THINK you are BEING sarcastic 😆
      Good JOKE

    7. Wars on drugs help support a big bunch of asshole law enforcement offisas, and many of them dabble on trafficking too, because, well, somebody is going to do it anyway...
      Addicts have No free choice or will, and there is never real prevention or remedy from people that should know better, they just need to steal all they can and social services gets on their way.

  3. Yet as long as the drug war is BIG business for courts lawyers judges and more so police agencies and FBI and DEA here in the States this country will never admit what this guy just did.
    Nothing will change here no matter what.

  4. No SH!T!!!!
    AMLO DOESN'T think so..
    Hugs for thugs..
    Abrazos no balasos.. Pinche payaso...

    1. 7:28 for knowing nothing but to blame Kenyan Born AMLO, you deserve to get a shotgun blast up your ass

  5. This sanababich got elected by car washers os salinas de gortari's finger, the same finger that pulled the trigger to murder Luis Donaldo Colosio, (his own candidate) for not bend over to the carlos salinas de gortari drug trafficking partner cartels, they had owned the norteast of México since their daddy came back from his Russian embassy post trafficking US fayuca into Néxico, and drugs into the US, that was Raul Salinas Lozano, another Harvard 'trained' corrupt graduate.
    Carlos S de G was a minister with president de la madrid when the Guadalajara Cartel murdered Kiki Camarena on orders of their US drug trafficking Partners, oliver north and felix ismael rodriguez mendigutia, (NSA and CIA).
    President zedillo may have resented salinas, but he still allowed his crimes when he was president while salinas blamed him for the disaster result of his neo-liberal drug trafficking oligopolic narco-satrapy
    Not for nothing zedillo is protected by the US government tha rag brefused to extradite his putas nalgas to Mexico for his butchering of Acteal Chenalhó indians, and el Charc ok and Aguas Blancas...
    Now peepol want to push the stars of butchering drjg trafficking and corruption to Statesmen Class right beside henry kissinger, himself the mastermind behind many international butcherings still covered up by the US, Kissinger is a wanted convicted mass murderer himself!!!
    --Read "The Blood Letter" for one example...

    1. @8:16 Finally someone who knows that Carlos' dad was the real Godfather for a long time and that the "power that be" was concentrated at the North East of Mexico for several decades until the Pacífico rancheros started to get out of hand from their DFS handlers.

    2. Ernesto Zedillo is not "wanted" by Mexican authorities 8:16, stop smoking that sh&t.

      He lives in the US because he works as a consultant for big companies and util now, is the only Mexican President that renounced to his lifetime pension.

    3. Ernesto Zedillos is NOT "wanted" by Mexican authorities, stop smoking that sh&t 8:16.

      He lives in the US because he is a consultant for different companies and until now, is the only Mexican President that renounced to his lifetime pension.

      He has been in Mexico back and forth several times this year and he is well respected because he got out of politics long time ago.

    4. CSDG papa has a corrido by Hermanos Villarreal, "que un jefe de la rural"🎵

    5. Zedillo is JUST 0nother piece OF SH!+
      JUST onother puppet on A STRING for the AMERICAN ELITE..

    6. 1:42 don't blame me, blame his friends and his accusers, guerrero governor rubén figueroa junior had to resign, emilio chuayfett chemor "la emilia" presidential secretary of sompim' had to resign, he got his position after rescuing zedillo's son and EPN from his own State Police for moral faults inside their car, chuayfett fired his own police officers for intolerant lack of understanding.
      Zedillo does not need pension, he stole more than enough...
      The acteal case may have been closed because zedillo bought enough presidential pardons, but the victims are still dead.

  6. Arrest him and put him behind bars for a few years, seize and forfeit all his assets.
    PRI must be considered as a criminal organization, so all it’s members must go to jail and pay fines. Or they stay in Mexico and eat their stolen pesos. Than we will have a better Mexico for all its citizens.

  7. Dear Sr. Presidents, shame on you for not speaking up sooner. You well know that all drugs are regulated, supplied and distrubeted by the US government with the help of criminal organizations to fund terrorist and illegal covert operations domestically and abroad against all perceceived enemies including it's own citizens of color. It is common knowledge that the CIA developed all the synthetic drugs in use today by addicts to destroy minority communities across US.

    1. ABOVE GROW UP ..

    2. 11:40 i tried to grow up,
      but i only grew a bigger and bigger pinga, it's all yours if you'll get on all fours.

    3. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Lion, (alias "La Neta") is one more famous member of the Cofradia de la Mano Caida, along with Carlos Salinas de Gortari, presidente de la Madrid, foot traveling socialistas luis echeverria alvarez ( El halcón presidencial), "el perro de perrito" Jose lopez portillo and murdered boss of the Senators Chamber Francisco Ruiz Massieu, former governor of Guerrero.

  8. Doesn’t take a rocket science to see that. It goes way back bunch of corrupt mf.

  9. It don’t matter Mr Zedillo
    Because Mexico has always been the United States puppet since the US/MEXICO treaty.
    Thanks to those freemanson politicians

    1. Best COMMENT by FAR..
      It's KNOWN THAT when the 🇺🇸 took OVER 🇲🇽
      They refused TO ACTUALLY take IT because they DIDN'T want whites mixing WITH MEXICANS.. Not to mention HOW AMERICA had too MUCH of mexican UNOCCUPIEDland..
      The 🇺🇸 still CONTROL 🇲🇽 no DOUBT about THAT..
      NOT JUST 🇲🇽 but ALL OF the AMERICAS

    2. Mexico did not get took over by the US because President Buchanan did not want to have about 6 million indians exterminated and have to face criminal charges of mass murdering from all the world, they were still protesting american indian extermination and slavery on the US...
      People excuse slavery by saying there were white slaves too amd they all had it too good, spent their lives singing the blues and eating all those watermelons


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