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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Environmentalist from Guerrero Killed and Dismembered; US Embassy Condemns Murder

"MX" for Borderland Beat

Carlos Marquez Oyarzabal is the second environmenetalist murdered in less than a month. In Oaxaca a couple of weeks ago, environmentalist Jaime Jimenez Ruiz was killed, as reported by Borderland Beat.

Carlos Márquez Oyarzabal, municipal commissioner of Las Conchitas, in the municipality of San Miguel Totolapan, Guerrero, was assassinated earlier this week. An agency reported that a criminal group kidnapped, murdered, and dismembered Marquez Oyarzabal, who worked as an ecologist, forest defender, and municipal commissioner.

The incident occurred when he was travelling in his ATV accompanied by his two children. They detailed that around 7:00 p.m., at the point known as "Agua Escondida", they were intercepted and taken to La Ciénega Ejidal Police Station in Puerto Alegre.

Immediately, the ecologist was beaten. His abductors made him call up his relatives demanding money and cars so that they could be released. The alleged members of the criminal group then murdered and dismembered Marquez Oyarzabal. His remains were scattered in the community of Puerto Alegre.

"His limbs were left in the facilities of the Cienega Police Station in Puerto Alegre, and his head was left in another location", investigators said.

After the incident, the Observatory for the Peace and Development of the Sierra (​Observatorio por la Paz y el Desarrollo de la Sierra — OPDS) demanded justice and a quick resolution to the case from Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores and from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Likewise, the OPDS requested the permanent presence of the State Police, National Guard, and Army in that area of ​​the Tierra Caliente de Guerrero, as they warned that more murders of this type could be committed.

According to the OPDS, Márquez Oyorzabal had been defending timber resources for 20 years and formed a Community Police to prevent their looting by criminal groups.

US Reaction

The United States Embassy in Mexico sent their condolences to the family of Márquez Oyarzabal a few days after the incident. The embassy condemned the murder and assured that it is waiting for the corresponding Mexican authorities to carry out a comprehensive investigation to find those responsible.

"Our deepest condolences to the family of Carlos Márquez Oyarzabal, the defender of forests and environment who was murdered on Sunday in Guerrero. We condemn his murder and we hope a comprehensive investigation will find those responsible," the Embassy posted on Twitter.

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  1. Why is there so much evil? What did this man do to deserve his fate?

  2. Why are environmentalist being targeted?

    1. Bro there have been numerous environmentaliats murdered throughout the country. They stand up and try to protect Mexicos resources from illegal logging, mining, hydroelectric projects, etc. To bad all the global warming environmentalists in Europe y USA do not bring attention to this terrible issue in Mexico.

    2. Environmentalists call out illegal logging, harvesting, and destruction of wildlife. They draw unwanted attention to the cartels and are eliminated as a result.

    3. Many are killed by business people who hire cartels or rogue sicarios. Anyone doing a project in an area doesn’t want people complaining.

    4. Stop blameing Mexicans for those guys being killed it’s people of the country you mention that’s killing them and that’s fact there’s a book out there that talks about all that don’t remember the name but it’s said they pay criminal grups to kill them or they make it seem like it was a cartel who did it

  3. Taken to a police station? Any info if it was an old abandoned police station or is it known local police were involved directly? (Which I’m sure they were) but involved that openly???

  4. I hope the kids are ok. Things are just so bad.

  5. Dismembered in a police station? Incredible new low.

  6. What happened to his children?

  7. Sounds like the police “arrested” him (really, kidnapped) and turned him into a cartel to be killed. Sad and disgusting. Glad to see the US Embassy at least acknowledge this, which they don’t usually do, but my guess is nothing will be done. The impunity in Mexico is disturbing.

  8. Why do we electrocute men for murdering an individual and then pin a purple heart on them for mass slaughter of someone arbitrarily labeled “enemy?

  9. The US government is complicit 100%, never forget the communist purges in central america during the cold war, thousands of people disappeared by death squads. the CIA was neck deep in all that sh*t, nothing says they cant be doing the same in mexico today.


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