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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

El Aguaje, Michoacán: Criminals Use Explosive Drone Against Police

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

2 elements of the Michoacán police who were guarding the population in the town of El Aguaje, belonging to the municipality of Aguililla, were injured when they were attacked with an explosive drone.

During the early hours of this Tuesday according to information obtained by this news agency. The event took place in the community referenced while the policemen were performing their civic duties, in this manner protecting the citizens.

However, suddenly a drone approached them and it exploded. As a result of this the agents were injured. They asked for support from their colleagues. Who mobilized immediately to be able to support them.

However, when they approached the area. The colleagues of the injured realized that criminals had blocked the road with some cargo vehicles. Due to this it took them several minutes to arrive. But in the end they reached their colleagues and helped the injured.

In addition they were transferred to a hospital to receive medical attention. In relation to the matter, the Secretary of Public Security issued an official statement. “The Michoacan police officers reinforced operational tasks in the community of Bonifacio Moreno, El Aguaje, municipality of Aguililla. This was due to a registered attack against security personnel.

Which resulted in two injured elements. In light of the events police operations intensified within the area to preserve order. As well as to avoid acts that put the safety of the population at risk”, pointed out the institution.


  1. Next drones deliver pizza to Mencho.

  2. The Chocomiles of the Carteles Unidos trying to heat up the area for CJNG since they can't seem to do anything on their own always wanting papa silvano to send in the Sedena, Semar, Guardia National, State Police to do the fighting for them. It has already been proven that the Tepekes have drones they filmed the ambush on CJNG 2019. They filmed CJNG in their blindadas in 2020 and 2021 when they attacked alongside the Sedena, GN, state police and their helicopter. You can even observe in that video how they explode the drones and they send shrapnel all over the place.

    The Mana Militares, Polimana should consider themselves lucky Mencho doesn't allow CJNG to slaughter them like they did last time when they got 13 to 18 state police who were crying on the radio 2019.

  3. I dont know some of the police dont look like police, they are fat and have their hole face cover not just the mask, CU trying to get into aguaje again? Any ways when the new governor is in we will see if he takes away the help from CU, cause we all seen what cjng does to them when its one on one

  4. Sol you can look up el sargy the guy has video of the Tepekes flying a drone with the same explosive devices milenio posted saying they belonged to CJNG. The Tepekes Sent the media pictures of the same explosives they tie to drones and then drop them on CJNG and in this instance the State Police who the people of El Aguaje allowed to set up a security checkpoint.


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