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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Colombia Legally Exports Cannabis to the United States

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

For the first time legally, Colombia exported to the United States an extract with a high content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive cannabinoid derived from cannabis and a controlled substance under international treaties.

On March 30, the Colombian company NatuEra, a subsidiary of the Canadian Cronos Group, sent THC extract to the American company Biopharmaceutical Research Company, which will use it for scientific research to analyze the composition and safety of cannabis in vapor form.

The results of this study will serve to guide the public policy discussions that are advancing in that country on the legalization of cannabis at the federal level through a responsible and science-based regulatory framework.

In other words, the study will be decisive for the legalization of the consumption of this substance. Colombia was the country in charge of participating in this process, since it is believed that the country has the necessary measures to offer a product of good quality and control.

The amount of TCH exported from the country was 30 milliliters, in three containers of 10 milliliters each, this amount is what is normally used for research and development issues. Generally a very small amount is used to be able to subject it to the necessary analyzes in this investigation.

This first shipment of cannabis with a high THC content was exported by NatuEra from Colombia, with the authorization of the National Narcotics Fund, and imported into the United States under a permit from the DEA, granted to BRC.

This constitutes the first export-import of psychoactive cannabis extract with high THC content from Colombia to the United States, carried out in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Source: Sol de Yucatan


  1. Colombia produces fine Marijuana Ideal growing conditions for Indicas in the mountainous regions

    1. Not just the conditions matter. It is the knowledge. I pull 3/light consistently and fresher than dispensary flower that takes 6mo to hit the shelves from harvest.

    2. Number 1 is genetics.

    3. 6months, hydro indoor does it in 2months.
      It ain’t much if it ain’t from the Dutch.

  2. Colombia para el mundo!

  3. I can't wait to see the story of Coke smuggled in legal weed from Colombia jajaja

  4. Cant smoke the crap
    I get really weird like bad weird
    If I am not alone in this Then I think more laws should be in place

  5. US west coast growers are the kings. Some breeders in Colorado are doing great too. Thos is some sort of kick back scam for sure. There is absoultely no reason to get anything cannabis related from Columbia. Breeders from all over the world have gone there and have the genetics. It must be super cheap. Thats the reason

  6. Pura verga para los pinchis mariguanos
    sponsored by DEA.

  7. "...the Colombian company NatuEra, a subsidiary of the Canadian Cronos Group, sent THC extract to the American company Biopharmaceutical Research Company..."

    So Canadian and American companies are exploiting Latin American companies for cheap labor and then wonder why Latin Americans are migrating North and joining cartels for $200 dollars a week.


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