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Monday, April 5, 2021

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Things Are Looking a Bit Piggish at the Customs Office

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Corruption has exploded in Juárez Customs Department in Chihuahua. And the scandalous operations of the mafias that control the smuggling of goods, drugs and weapons are about to come to light.

Tonight a pig head was found at the customs office of Puente Libre with an inscription for the corrupt executives of the tax office.

The message addressed to Roberto Vera warns that he better work with everyone or with no one at all.

The pig's head was found with fresh blood on a piece of cardboard with the dire message.

The pig’s head was placed adjacent to the food stalls that are located in front of the customs building next to the Parque Público Federal El Chamizal.

Sources: La Polaka


  1. THEY copied CJNG on that but WITHOUT the commandos.. The

    1. Cdg done that way before cjng

    2. Actually LA FAMILIA did it FIRST

  2. Como si los puñales que dejan estos mensajes son muy chingados honestos ellos mismos?

  3. Son los aztecas k ya no los dejan crozar chingadera ya k no estan con la______

    1. Si los Aztecas tienen los huevos y confiansa para dejar dichos mensajes queire decir que son fuertes loa cabrones con o sin la ayuda de La Linea.
      Lo que tiene La Linea esque tiene mejores contactos en Jaurez pero aun haci con plata o plomo los Aztecas tambien podrian conseguir la ayuda que necesitan para cruzar droga en cualquier lugar.

  4. I’ve wondered if you could do a story on the history of the narcomanta someday. I might be wrong, but it seems unique to Mexico and was wondering when and how it developed.


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