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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Caught in a Narco-War: Aguililla Residents Survive Amid Threats From the CJNG and CU

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat (formerly "MX")

Many people in Aguililla, Michoacán are victims of forced migration due to the dispute between the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and Cárteles Unidos (United Cartels, CU). Photo credit: Reuters

Luis (real name omitted) is concerned that in 2021 the tomato harvest in Aguililla, Michoacán, will no longer be like other years, when he cultivated between 100 and 400 hectares (ha). With the current context of violence, producers have only been able to plant a tenth of what they used to.

In addition, the extortions of Carteles Unidos (CU) increased the prices of eggs, tortillas, onions, beans and gasoline, among other basic products. When Luis tried to travel to Apatzingán to buy these goods at a normal cost or leave Aguililla altogether, he found the roads blocked or destroyed.

Luis, like the rest of his neighbors, is trapped in the middle of a narco-war. They live under constant threats of being assassinated by the CU or the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), which has pushed to control the hometown of its leader, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias El Mencho.

Although the inhabitants of Aguililla municipality have lived with the presence of criminal groups for decades, many of them have now reached their limits.

One of their last resources is to raise their voices and demand security conditions, but this route is almost as dangerous as dying in the crossfire. Cartel leaders can respond violently is residents express their discontent, often with the alleged complicity with security forces.

Luis, who spoke with Infobae México anonymously to prevent reprisals from organized crime groups, said that the situation in Aguililla worsened when "those from Jalisco," as he calls the CJNG, seized Bonifacio Moreno, the Aguaje, and ran out the CU.

The CU is made up of several Michoacan cells that derived from Los Viagras, Los Blancos de Troya, the Nueva Familia Michoacana, and the Knights Templar Cartel.

Map of the current dispute areas between the CJNG and CU. Photo credit: Infobae

Presumably, the CJNG's recovery occurred in the last six months, after September 2020, when Los Viagras claimed that the Aguaje was under their control. But Arturo (real name omitted), another inhabitant, said that CU had been expelled since Christmas and took refuge in Aguililla as their last stronghold.

However, a third source whom we will call Karla (real name omitted), said that there was a previous rupture within the CU that marked a "before and after" in Aguililla last October. On one hand, there was a CJNG siege and, and on the other there was infighting within the CU.

Since then, the population has experienced a state of siege. Residents say that there is a curfew between 10 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon via an alternative route in Montoso.

Disputed routes

The main highway that connects Apatzingán with Aguililla is 83 kilometers long and is used by the CJNG and the CU. The CU's faction, as soon as they notice an outpost of their rivals from El Aguaje, coordinate to destroy or block the road near Potrerillos. This action can affect Aguililla for hours or days as residents come and go for work or business activities.

At first, Aguililla residents followed a route that reached San José de Chila, where the passage was allowed by Rigo Díaz (who would be Rigoberto Díaz Soto, Don Rigo and/or Don Belisario) of the Knights Templar Cartel. But this last leader decided to align himself with the strategy of his accomplices and cut off communication with Aguililla's neighbors.

Residents of Aguililla are in the crossfire as two criminal groups fight for control. Photo credit: Cuatroscuro

According to testimonies, on Montoso bridge there was a checkpoint where those who came and went were checked. Supposedly, this site functioned as a toll booth where vehicle drivers paid 200 to 500 pesos, depending on the type of transport that crossed, that is, whether it was private or one that supplied products.

The alternate route represented a five-hour journey because it involved going back through the dirt mountain range to Coalcomán and from there to Apatzingán. On the paved road, the vehicles can finish the route in an hour and a half or two.

A large part of the population in Aguililla does not have private transportation. Both commercial trucks and gas distributors saw their operations in Aguililla limited too.

When someone presented a medical emergency, the situation was even more complicated, because the municipal hospital does not have equipment or personnel and the transfer had to be, again, to Apatzingán.

According to Luis's version, a CJNG cell remains in the Dos Aguas community, from where they initiated attacks against Los Revueltas, who were part of the CU in Aguililla.

Bonifacio Moreno, where El Mencho's forces dominate, is a town in the middle of the main Apatzingán-Aguililla highway; this town covers the Limoncito and Charapo areas.

In El Terrero, on the other side of the bridge that connects with Aguaje, Los Viagras are posted. They are believed to be responsible for shutting down the roads along with some CJNG cells, residents say.

Even the Army itself had to adapt to circumvent the roadblocks. Military trucks used the Dos Aguas course. This route would take about two hours for them.

True to their style, the "Mencho Special Forces" released a video in which they denied involvement in the drone attack on police officers stationed in the Aguaje in April 21. They blamed the CU for the attack.

The CJNG denied involvement in the drone bomb attacks in a video message.

"I want you to know and make it clear that we, the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, were not the ones who threw the drone bomb attacks at the Michoacán police," said a CJNG spokesperson in that circulated on social media and translated by Borderland Beat.

The spokesman explained that the CU was upset that the CJNG had re-opened the roads and wanted to hold them responsible for the drone attack to have authorities go after them.

"And now as the Michoacana police are repairing the ditches and removing the rock barriers with which they block the roads that go from Apatzingán to Guerrero, Aguililla, and Coalcomán. Just as well they are also opening the roads that the [CU] had blocked."

"So that the population would suffer from a lack of food and medicine. That is why the United Cartels are angry with the Michoacan police. Additionally that was the reason why they launched the drone attack at them."

The video circulated on social media and was attributed to the "Special Forces" unit under El Mencho.

Infighting in CU, and their loss of Aguaje and settlement in Aguililla

In October 2019, members of the CJNG ambushed and executed 14 police officers in Aguililla. They warned the rest of the agents not to work with their enemies in Michoacán. Little by little, the CJNG gained ground until they reached Aguaje.

A few months ago, about half a year ago, agents from the Army and the state police arrived at Bonifacio Moreno to expel the CJNG. After that, members of the Viagras arrived to regain their dominance, but as soon as the federal forces left there, El Mencho's men returned and ran their enemies.

“The criminals destroyed the houses, they stole everything. And after that, the town was abandoned, the families left. The government left Los Viagras alone and the CJNG returned and killed their rivals and chased them out of the Aguaje. They took back the plaza, as they say," said an inhabitant of the region.

But Karla recalled the internal dispute of October 2020, when Los Revueltas expelled the faction led by Adalberto Fructuoso Comparán, alias El Fruto, from Aguililla. El Fruto was recently arrested in Guatemala and was once the mayor of the town.

Prior to El Fruto's involvement with CU, El Fruto was a high-ranking member of the Knights Templar Cartel. He was not in Aguililla in October 2020, but his faction was.

According to investigations by the US authorities, El Fruto held meetings with undercover agents in Colombia and Guatemala, whom he believed were his potential business partners. El Fruto intended to consolidate a methamphetamine export route to Miami, Florida, as well as receive a shipment of weapons to help his faction fight the CJNG in Michoacán, for which it planned to use self-defense (autodefensa) groups.

Shootings, murders, and a week of persecution forced El Fruto's faction to retreat to El Terrero. The siege no longer belonged only to the CJNG, but also to CU cells that had fragmented. There were threats from the outside and from within.

Seven (7) roadblocks were reported by the Michoacan government. Photo: SSP Michoacan

Thus, the blockades in Aguililla were intensified. The kilo of eggs went from 25 to 70 pesos and gasoline maintained a fixed price of 29 pesos per liter, when the average cost is close to 21 pesos. The tortilla increased from 15 to 23 pesos and the beans went up to 30 pesos, although in Apatzingán the cost was five pesos or less.

The clashes were more constant in the surrounding areas. Cartel members displayed their manpower and weaponry on social media, where they issued threats against their rivals.

Gilberto Vergara, parish priest of Aguililla, told Infobae Mexico that they have experienced a new form of "evil".

Cartel members in the area are using residents to kill, disappear, or extort. Jobs are being lost, and Aguililla is not producing agricultural products. They have also prevented the town's residents from leaving or having proper medical treatment in case of emergencies.

Unemployed in the tomato harvest

 "Many have had to borrow money to survive," said one of the interviewees, referring to the fact that the source of income has been limited, as well as the tomato harvest, the main activity for subsistence in the municipality.

According to data from the Agrifood and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP), in January 2021, about 260 hectares of red tomatoes were sowed in Aguililla. However, exactly one year ago in January 2020, Aguililla cultivated 779 hectares.

In December of last year, the number of hectares planted was 180. But in these months, the producers barely contemplated planting 10 hectares, according to Luis and Arturo. The more than 700 ha meant a production of 18,598.26 kilos, according to the SIAP.

Of the 50 municipalities that produce tomatoes in Michoacán, Aguililla stands out among the first four, along with Yurécuaro, Villamar and Tanhuato, according to state government reports. But  buyers from Apatzingán, Uruapan or Morelia will no longer going to the region due to blockades and low planting.

Deployment and permissiveness of criminals

In Luis and Arturo's perception, the municipal, state and federal authorities are in collusion with CU. They say that the government allowed Los Revueltas family to operate in the area. One of their local bosses is a man known as Chirrios.

They said that Los Revueltas paraded through the streets of Aguililla fully armed while the police did nothing to stop them. When CJNG hitmen arrived, they said that the military would leave their base to carry out operations, while Chirrios and his men barricaded themselves in Las Minas.

El Aguaje is nearly a ghost town. Photo: Reuters

David Saucedo, a public security consulted, told Infobae Mexico that federal and state agents opted to stop conducting surveillance and adopt a "tactical withdrawal" approach, a type of military operation, generally meaning that retreating forces draw back while maintaining contact with the enemy.

Saucedo said that this approach, which is "pragmatic" in nature, also left the inhabitants defenseless. It is not by chance, he said, that violence continues to spread across Aguililla and that there are few detainees.

"It seems to me that the authorities have already made a decision. They carry out a series of selective operations to give the perception that there is a defensive strategy in place," he said.

"Waiting for contenders to wear themselves out in this mutual war could be part of the government's strategy, but this leaves the population totally defenseless. Not seeing an active participation in this issue means abdicating the responsibility that the federal and state governments have in facing those scenarios of insecurity. It seems to me that this is an irresponsible decision".

Israel Patron Reyes, Secretary of Security in Michoacan, confirmed on April 21 that a criminal cell dominates Aguililla, but did not give the name because, he justified, "they do not identify themselves as if they were a legal company".

Karla rejected the secretary's position, arguing that criminal groups have operated in the region for years and have openly expressed their names and intentions. On October 14, 2019, when the agents were killed in the ambush, the CJNG openly challenged authorities of Michoacán. Many other criminal groups have launched videos taunting their rivals since then.

After the CJNG attacked Los Revueltas on March 31, the State Prosecutor's Office said that eight people were found decapitated in Enramada. It was the beginning of the so-called “cleanse”. Sources confirmed that hitmen searched their rivals' houses, blocked the roads in the region, and that shootouts lasted heard until 2AM.

From then on, the CJNG took Aguililla. They came and introduced themselves, and even planned to call a meeting to declare the town free of the CU and notify people how they would work under them. Karla said that the CJNG had the support of some authorities when they arrived.

According to Luis Cresencio Sandoval, head of the National Defense Secretariat, Aguililla has 200 soldiers under the leadership of Darío Ávalos Pedraza, brigadier general and commander of the 43rd Military Zone. Patron Reyes assured that there are also up to 250 Michoacan State Police elements in Aguaje and Aguililla.

Residents said that all off the security forces sheltered in their facilities and did not carry out surveillance work to prevent blockades on the road to Apatzingán or arrest criminals who openly move around the area.

Example of the road blocks near Aguililla. Photo: Infobae

Strategy and its symbolic value

Aguililla is part of the territory that the CJNG needs to move towards the center of Michoacán, but it is also the site that gave birth to its leader, El Mencho.

According to David Saucedo, the CJNG undertook an expansion four years ago to Guanajuato, Michoacán, Zacatecas, Oaxaca and Veracruz at the instructions of El Mencho.

On the one hand, the situation in Michoacán can be explained through the dispute between the Sinaloa Cartel against the CJNG. The Sinaloa Cartel leader Ismael Zambada García, El Mayo, has established ties with groups that are rival to the CJNG. Some of these groups receive men and weapons from the Sinaloa Cartel to fight the CJNG.

But in practical terms, Aguililla is key for the forces of El Mencho to advance towards the rest of Michoacán. In the last two decades, the municipality has been under siege by various groups, from La Familia Michoacana, the Knights Templar and groups that make up the CU, such as Los Viagras or Los Revueltas.

If the CJNG is able to gain control of Aguililla, key criminal operations of the CU will be put at risk. The interior of Michoacan is where the CU is based. They also have drug laboratories in the area.

"The CJNG could not afford to leave Aguililla alone. It was a matter of military tactic. If they kept pushing into Michoacan but did not take control of Aguililla, they would have rival cells confronting them constantly and stopping their expansion", Sauceda explained.

Saucedo explained that the CJNG is forced to take over Aguililla if they want to expand in Michoacan with less interruptions from rival groups. He explained that the CU is trying to keep Aguililla under their influence to keep some control of their criminal operations in the area.

The CU only has Michoacan. The CJNG, on the other hand, has presence in 24 of the 32 states in Mexico, according to information provided by US authorities. But CU can quickly resupply itself with men and weapons, while the CJNG must do so from the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, Jalisco. This means that the casualties on the CJNG's side take a little longer to be replaced, but the CU are in their territory and quickly return to the battlefield.

Presumably, the dispute between both group is also over access to the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, where chemical precursors used for the creation of fentanyl and crystal meth arrive from China.

El Mencho versus El Abuelo

Another explanation for the war, according to the residents, is that two years ago, Juan José Álvarez Farías, alias El Abuelo, stole a plane with a shipment of cocaine from El Mencho. In addition, residents said that Los Revueltas worked for El Mencho, but ended up betraying him.

Juan Jose Alvarez Farias, alias El Abuelo. Photo: Cuatroscuro

El Abuelo is an old-school criminal figure who has been active in Tepalcatepec, Sahuayo, Jiquilpan and Aguililla. In the late 1990s, he reportedly worked under Armando Valencia Cornelio, alias El Maradona, founder of the Milenio Cartel.

He later worked with La Familia Michoacana and maintained his ties with the Knights Templar Cartel until he joined a self-defense movement in 2013. There were rumors that he continued to work as a drug kingpin while working with the self-defense groups. Over the years, he laundered money through livestock, dairy, and hotel investments, according to 2014 reports.

As a self-defense member, El Abuelo reportedly allowed the CJNG to interfere in the movement, particularly in the municipality of Los Reyes. But his break with El Mencho was accentuated after the assassination attempt of a low-profile narco with whom El Abuelo was allied to: Miguel Ángel Gallegos Godoy, alias El Migueladas.

Since then, El Abuelo closed the CJNG's entrance to Tepalcatepec, Apatzingán, Buenavista, Peribán, and Uruapan. In August 2019, the CJNG recorded a video declaring war on El Abuelo.

Their back against the wall

Arturo already talked to his family and told them that whenever it is safe to go to Apatzingan, they will go there. The priest of Aguililla says that Aguililla will likely have a mass exodus since he has signed many documents from residents who have requested asylum abroad.

Those residents from Aguililla who have relatives in the United States or in other parts of Michoacan are trying to leave.

Luis said that all his childhood friends are in Aguililla and that the only resort they have today is speak up against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. But he said he will not place all his hopes in this.

Vatican's representative in Mexico, Franco Coppola, visited Aguililla last week, as reported by Borderland Beat. Photo: Reuters

"This violence will not stop. We already know this. We have years dealing with this issue and in less than six months the situation got out of hand. The government should be embarrassed on how it treats its pueblo", Luis said.

Michoacan governor Silvano Aureoles visited Aguililla on 13 April 2021, but several residents feared for their lives because the governor framed some of his protestors as CJNG members. One of those who protested against the Aureoles was Fernando Padilla Vazquez, a local professor, who publicly asked his governor to help bring security back to Aguililla. During the public protest, the governor pushed Padilla Vazquez.

"Do you really think this man is part of the CJNG? He lives in Aguililla, a town under the control of a rival group. The man wouldn't be able to live here. They would have already killed him. [The governor's] assertion was illogical", a resident told Infobae Mexico.

CU and the CJNG will make use of their social support base by distributing pantries or rebuilding roads, Saucedo explained. Both groups will seek for a spot in the media and tell a story that will favor them.

But Aguililla residents will be forced to participate with "their back against the wall".

Sources: Infobae


  1. C.U doesn't care to cater to the "normal citizens" they wont be fixing roads, or distributing
    pantries? They're to busy charging couta on chicken,water,gas,meat,beans everything gets bumped up in price(to pay the couta).

    1. You mean any cartel why you think the lines are so expensive in the USA and it’s not just because CU been going on since LFM

  2. Great article.
    Shows some insight on the dirty deeds C.U does and Michoacan media covers.

    After MENCHO gains control? What next?
    Hopefully Michoacan becomes like sinaloa in the sense were narcos arent extortioning and MURDERING average citizens.

    1. Michoacán is very diverse and mountainous. Idk if any cartel will ever fully dominate it again. Could be wrong

  3. Sounds like cjng is winning the war. Hope it gets more calm when they no longer have to fight and CU is wiped out

  4. Nothing is more annoying than people trying to rationalize what is happening in Aguililla by making it seem like it of important “strategic” importance, it’s not. This all has to do with ego, nothing more.

    If they wanted a place of strategic importance then CJNG would of went after the Lazardo port, under Templario control by they way. Mencho is from Aguililla and he can’t go back home and it hurts his ego. CJNG does not have drug labs in Aguililla, it’s not an important trafficking route and whoever says it is is an idiot. And all the territory around is Aguililla is under heavy CU control. CJNG was using Aguililla as a place to stage attacks but they are not able to anymore.

    Remember CJNG making a huge deal about Tepalcatepec, now they are not even able to launch attacks to that town anymore.

    All Aguililla is, is a dick measuring contest. That’s it. Mencho can’t visit home and everyone of his enemies in Michoacán remind him of that.

    1. Bla, bla, bla.

      When you're faced with an incontrovertible fact (cited sources about this are everywhere), you use an emotional response to counter it. It "annoys" you, you don't like it. Whoever says this is "an idiot".

      Provide the sources, or shut up @Secret_management.

    2. 3:35 - you totally missed the point.

      the REALITY here is that both the Jaliscos and Carteles Unidos are HURTING Aguililla.

      These two groups are poison... I wish the best of luck to the people of Michoacan who mean well and want this to be over.

    3. What sources?

      A bunch of anonymous sources with fake names like the ones in this article?

      It hurts Mensitos ego so much that he can’t visit his hometown that he had Sargy make up stores of him traveling there in a 30 truck convoy.

      All the coast of Michoacán, the ports and the big towns in Michoacán are NOT control by CJNG. I’ll give CJNG La Piedad and Sahuayo though, wow big accomplishment to be able to hold on to that, for now anyways.

      Aguililla is not of some great strategic importance. All it is the place Mensito can’t go back to. He is exiled and he is going to stay exiled.

      Again all of the CJNG enemies in Michoacán just solidified their positions in their territories. That’s why Mensito can’t launch attack outside of Aguililla, something CJNG use to be able to to do. Not anymore.

    4. @3:55PM - Aguililla cited as strategic point by many sources. Since you're in denial or too lazy to look, I'll provide the quotes and links for you...

      "The attack took place close to the town of Aguililla, a strategic entryway to an area known as the Tierra Caliente, which loosely translates as hotlands, where opium is cultivated and which has long been disputed by organized crime for control over trafficking routes and extortion rackets."

      "Aguililla es un trofeo enorme para el Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) ... Ese punto es la entrada a Tierra Caliente y a lo más profundo donde se cocina la droga."

      "En los últimos años, Aguililla ... un centro estratégico para la fabricación de metanfetamina con destino al mercado estadounidense."

      "Aguililla es un poblado estratégico hacia una de las importantes zonas de cultivo de amapola y que disputan el grupo de Cárteles Unidos y el Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación."

      "The town of Aguililla is explicitly a strategic spot for the trafficking of drugs..."

      You're in complete denial.

    5. Aguililla is not a strategic spot, all the people that call it that are outsiders.

      I like Keegan Hamilton but his hipster city boy brain, like all the people that are writing about Aguililla, can’t except that fact that a guy, Mensito in this case, would waste all that money, men and weapons on pure ego.

      They don’t understand how these Tierra Caliente guys think. They will throw it all away just to get back at their enemy.

      Tell me, if you had a choice between spending time and money to control an area would it be on a gigantic port in the pacific coast, CJNG lost that battle quick and just let it go, or an anonymous town in the middle of nowhere. Which one would it be?

      What, is Aguililla the only place in Michoacán to make labs? No. But it is the place Mencho is from and can’t return to.

      That’s all Aguililla is, a fight over pride and ego.

    6. 4:25 - Where are your sources?

      I just provided you with the sources for my claims. The burden of proof is on you, since you’re the one making the claim Aguililla is not strategic.

      You’re being emotional and denying the facts presented to you because you are an anti-CJNG cheerleader.

      Come back when you have sources for your claims. Or go ahead and write a report on your own and post it here. Add your findings and maybe we will consider them. Hamilton has been deep in Mexico and has been on camera with people in “the knows”. But I provided Reforma and LA Times too.

      For now, what is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. 😜

    7. You provided a bunch or random articles by outsiders writing nonsense. Like I said I like Keegan, but he was tourists.

      Again why hasn’t Menso spent the same amount of time and money trying to go for the Lazaro Port? Way more important than Aguililla is, a land lock municipality, to drug trafficking. You know why? Because it’s not as important to his ego as Aguililla is.

      That simple. Hell, north of Aguililla CJNG has nothing until you started hitting the border of Jalisco, nor the coast. It’s all Menso’s ego, the guy is just fucking himself by not letting it go.

    8. 4:49 - You just don't like the sources because you don't agree with them.

      Sources indicate that Aguililla is strategic given that it is an entryway for Tierra Caliente. Synthetic drug production, etc. But it seems like CJNG also wants to take Aguililla to eliminate competition and have less interruption as they move to the port and push elsewhere across Michoacan. Did you read the Infobae source? I presume not since you have a thing for ignoring sources.

      Again, the burden of proof is on you. You've failed to prove your position while I've given you the sources. You're done here.

    9. Trust me secret management is a joke. His family is CU thats why hw rambles off night and day about Mencho and CJNG. He's an idiot bro. You could put proof right in front of him and he still would say what he says as "facts". Literally everything he claims is factual when in reality all he says is opinion. He is just protecting his CU family pride that's it. His uncle's apparently caught a couple CJNG bodies 10 years back but little does he remember that 10 years back all these guys (CU) were likely CJNG at the time so it's almost ironic. He's a self proclaimed Narco Expert, War tactician, Military commander, News outlet, Drug Capo, gun expert, counselor, magician , mind reader in one. Lmao. Dont waste your time on him. You just stated a few articles all saying the same thing and all he has is his biased self centered opinionated "facts" lmao

    10. Hey YoungSosa.

      Tell me what does CJNG actually control in Michoacán?

      What towns do they have, what coast line, what ports. Hell what main roads can they even use anymore?

      That’s why you CJNG fans go on and on about Aguililla because they don’t have anything else in Tierra Caliente Michoacán, and they are barely holding on to that.

      All the important people from CJNG are from Michoacán. And all the smart ones that can make money ditched Mensito because they don’t need him, respect him or are scared of him. Which is why Abuelo robbed that mark and lives in Mensito’s house. And old man Abuelo made Grupo Elite and FEM retreat defeated.

      And where the hell did you get this 10 years ago thing? CJNG didn’t really exist 10 years ago. Nah homeboy, that humiliating easy ass beat down my folks and their townsmen gave to those CJNG clowns was fairly recent.

      Matter of fact because on that side of Michoacán the people are not part of CU, even after slaughtering all that CJNG canon fodder, CJNG still wanted them to join forces against CU. That’s why confused CJNG fans keep claiming that area as theirs. Just because they are not CU doesn’t mean they give CJNG a pass, but CJNG fans are too dumb to understand that. Because again nobody and I mean nobody in Michoacán likes those CJNG clowns. Have you figured out where in Michoacán I’m talking about?

      That’s the sad part homeboy, all the bums and drug addicts CJNG recruits and throws to the meat grinder, those poor dumb bums nobody cares about. That’s why CJNG was still thirsty for an alliance even after having their guys slaughtered. But my relatives are not random drug addicts and bums from Guadalajara that can’t shot, unlike them my folks grew up hunting in the hills and are way better shots than those CJNG bums.

      You know what I’ve told that is funny and sad at the same time. That a common way that those CJNG bums and drugs addicts get killed is that they run out of bullets. They get so hyped up because of the battle and drugs that they use up their ammo quick. Then they start getting picked off.

      Like that song from El Cuini’s favorite band says, a esos hombres de la Sierra, lo mejor es no buscarle. But Menso is too dumb to take good advice. Hell look what happened to them in Durango. Peace ✌️

    11. Look at Secret Management getting bodied in the comment section again. Aguillila is the key to taking over Michocan from Aguillila you can push into Tumbiscatio, Apatzingan, Urupan, Lazaro Cardenas. CJNG is pushing from two sides from Jalisco and from Guerrero Huetamo region and north of Huetamo to a town that Starts with a T they are pushing even further north into a town that starts with a V and an O.

      From what is being said and I assume your family is from Cotija or Coalcoman. CJNG has an alliance with what is left of the people of Coalcoman who don't like El Abuelo and Los Tepekes. The family of El 15 who los hermanos Herrera killed or had him killed by El Tena. CJNG has free pass into Villa victoria, Coalcoman and east of Aquila around el lemon de ramos but more down that road that goes into Aquila.

      Here are the Guerrero fellas telling it how it is in Guerrero the FM asked for a cease fire and a peace treaty with CJNG. The only ones who didn't follow that treaty was Lalo Mantecas and Don Jose. Don Jose has fallen in line and is following the treaty the only one that isn't is Lalo Mantecas who has CJNG hitting him in Ciudad Hidalgo and El Estado de Mexico.

      What is being said in the Video.

      As for CJNG controlling Lazaro Cardenas they never did let me tell you how that was. CJNG lost Tepaltepec, Los Reyes, Periban, they never controlled Coalcoman at that time the Viagras did the Coasta de Michocan that borders Colima and Jalisco, Zamora, Sahuayo, Jiquilpan, Apatzingan, Pinzandaro, La Ruana, Paracuaro, Urupan, Aguillila, Tumbiscatio, Lazaro Cardenas. Some people are saying they lost Cotija. La Huacana, Nueva Italia.

      Now this is where I tell you how they lost those area El Abuelo, El Toro, Tetos, Poncho La Quiringa, El Metro, El Seco, El Tena, Frutoso Comparan, El Tukan, Manny Carrilo, Los Sierra Santana, El Boto, Gallito, Don Belizario, Alberto Espinoza Barron La Fresa, El Migueladas, El Americano the people in Nueva Italia all flipped on CJNG. CJNG had them as allies absorbed them into their Cartel.

      The Viagras Sierra Santana, El Boto, Hipolito Mora or his family were the first to flip then came Frutoso Comparan in Aguillila, The Templarios, El Arabe was killed El Migueladas took over. El Chanda and Cenizo were arrested. His people went with Migueladas. El Abuelo, Poncho, El Toro and Tetos flipped Poncho and his brother in Law Wicho robbed a load of coke mencho asked for their heads Abuelo Refused and things kicked off. El Metro flipped in Zamora allied with Raton and Chompon in Zamora the city was split in Half. Migueladas came out with the video of CZNG months later he said he was indi and no longer allied with CJNG. Churumuco who was viagras I assume flipped and went CJNG that is why Migueladas went indi. That is how CJNG lost all of its territory that it gained by flipping or allying with Ex templarios, Ex Milenio, Ex Zetas, Ex FM.

    12. Secret Management where you call Mencho Menso it might be true he got played. Los Cuinis were the main players in the autodefensa movement El PRI wanted Nazario and his Templarios out of the state they didn't want to pay the favors they asked for back. They go to CJNG since the Templarios and CJNG were already at war.

      Los Cuinis and Mencho, El PRI and that General they sent over from Colombia plan it out. Los Cuinis and Mencho get into contact with El Americano, El Gerardon, Los Mendez Vargas, El Abuelo Farias, Frustoso Comparan, Hipolito Mora, Misael Gonzalez in Coalcoman, La Costa de Michoacan, Cotija, and Los Viagras. Hipolito Mora gets the Viagras to join them. Then everyone else falls into the fold people with money who didn't want to pay any more cuotas probably were the ones that put the most money into the autodefensas movement. Many who when the autodefensa movement stopped existing were killed off. The third group were people who the tempalarios had kicked out of the state and were hiding out in the State or other parts of Mexico.

      Then you have people like El Sargy and Cecilia Valencia who brought the information warfare against the Templarios every phone they got all the information Cecilia knew about the Templarios was posted on their Facebook pages. El Sargy who knows about hacking software and that type of stuff I should know he hacked my Facebook page because I sent him the exact location of where he lived at one point before he moved I still know where he lives.

      Then you have the ex tempalarios who fllipped. The Viagras were the reason the Templairos were brougth down they were also the same reason Jesus Mendez Vargas was kicked out of Michocan they also flipped on him. They flipped on the Tuta, Tuta flipped on the Templarios.

    13. 9:58 pm

      Buddy you are rattling off nonsense about Aguililla. That municipality is not a key to anything and it’s stupid to try to hold because it’s surrounded by enemies.

      It’s okay you can admit it, Mencho is a moron for trying to hold it. The guy is just dumb. And every time they move in the town in Aguililla they get pushed out and run to the hills. And because of the terrain in Aguililla it’s a good place to hide and M2 is familiar with it, we will see how long he can hold that up.

      Giving CJNG free access is not what is happening nor an alliance. Again thirsty for alliances you will not get and don’t have. CJNG wanted an official alliance but everyone told them to go fuck themselves and CJNG couldn’t do shit about it. Again nobody likes CJNG because Mensito’s insecure ego will fuck up everything.

      You think El Jardinero’s people liked the fact that they got sent to die in Durango for no reason? As soon as you let Menso have a plaza his insecure ass starts trying to send you to battle fronts to die for him for no reason other than his little ego. To play out his little great general fantasy.

      El Abuelo is well liked by everybody. What the hell does anybody care that he robbed Mensito? We applaud that. Mensito was trying act like the big boss because his in-laws funded the old Autodefensas. Menso is a nobody to Michoacános, they know his real back story, not the myth he desperately try’s to create.

      And yes all those people were working with Menso when he created CJNG because his in laws funded the old Autodefensas, Menso gets no credit for that since it wasn’t his money. Menso never fed anyone, he was taken care of because of who he married. The guy is just not good with money or strategy.

      When everyone in Michoacán realized Menso was just a dumb goon, you are damn right everyone ditched him. As they should have.

    14. 958
      Who is the Flores guy?
      Is it chito cano?

      Bro CJNG is a guerilla, something similar to LASFARC.

      They have open battle fronts open everywhere, imagine the deep pockets you need to have to sponsor?

      Undoubtedly theres nothing like CJNG in Mexico. They're a force.

    15. 10:47 PM So we narrowed it down you are either from Aguillila or Tepaltepec no wonder but stuff still points to coalcoman. So you are going to deny that El M2 sent the Revuetlas running for tumbiscatio what was it 2 weeks ago? You are going to deny that CJNG is coming from Jalisco to Villa Victoria then to that little town that has a road into Dos Aguas and then into Aguillila while also being able to send people to El Agauje, Chila ect. They even managed to send people to El Maguey from Jalisco they went above tepaltepec near the Dam chased el Camoni from Tazumbos and made it into Buenavista the Guardia National sent there troops over there to try and stop the convoy but from what is being said they just watched them pass on by.

    16. Basement Management had family members finessed with by the hands of cjng and he’s not over it. We can get a three hour documentary of live footage of shootouts that happened in aguililla where it shows cjng killing off all CU but he will still deny it even if the proof is there. The government can seize a bunch of drugs and drug labs that are in Michoacán that belonged to the cjng but he will deny they were ever in Michoacán. He has no sources just a crazy imagination

    17. 10:39
      So what is the real story with Sargy? Who knows crooks too well for him not to of been one. Was he Ex FM, Ex Templario, Ex Viagra?

      You are basically proving my point that nobody in Michoacan wants to work with Menso. You made my case for me. Thanks.

      CJNG don't have much in Michoacan and as time goes by they have less. What does CJNG have to offer the guys in Michoacan? A stupid Grupo Elite costume? Nothing, they have nothing to offer. Why would the guys in Michoacan join up with Menso then?

      And Benito really? That guy is lost in fantasy.

      Michoacanos know the real Menso, that's why nobody is scared of him or takes his dumb little propaganda videos seriously. Michoacanos know Menso ran away scared from the Zetas. The guy only got brave when the Sinaloans and Michoacanos funded the Mata Zetas and gave them government backing. Menso is considered a bitter coward, plain and simple. That's the reality in Michoacan, nobody respects him over there and Menso knows it, because he knows he ran.

    18. Secret_Management why do you write that Maguey isn't in control of Buenavista? You claim to have information that "proves" he in fact isn't there much less in control but the actions by the Estatales and Viagras/CU show they're looking for him in the town. El Sargy is without doubt the best source of information regarding Michoacán but you'll call him the names Gallinas Unidas do and claim he lies and spreads disinformation. What source do you offer that is non biased and current? This article is reporting the circumstances and events but you'll claim it's incorrect because you have a better understanding of the dynamics of the region according to the information of your contacts over there. You write about the sad loss of life, of willing and forced participants because as Sargy has shown some of them are forcefully sent to fight by Culitos Unidos, because of ego but will never mention all the evil shit CU do to the population, as this article shows it's proven by the differences in the cost of commodities from Apatzingán and Aguililla and testimony by people interviewed there. I know you won't directly answer the question I make because you always deflect. Are you worried that without government support CU can't combat CJNG? No videos or mantas will overcome the results of events when the fighting starts so in due time this will resolve itself just like 11-3-20 but you'll still be...


    19. 10:39 You are correct and it's also PRI behind the CJNG vs CDS war.

      10:47 You know your thing, I have posted similar stuff about how CJNG is hated everywhere, Micho included.

    20. 10:46 AM
      It was Cuini money that got PRI to help them out against los Templarios. Which is why they funded the autodefensas, among other people, with government backing. Menso’s broke bum ass gets no credit for that. Menso is just a guy that was lucky to suck on the Cuini tit.

      11:22 pm
      Everytime M2 tries something he gets bitch slapped back to his hiding spots. M2 gets chased a lot more than he does the chasing. That little offensive M2 pulled didn't go well for your boy.

      Even in your post you acknowledge that CJNG have to sneak around like the roaches they are to try and send help to M2. M2 then turns around and blows his load on a little offensive and goes back to hiding. But as time goes on M2 is able to get less and less help. M2 use to able to launch way bigger offensives, that always failed by the way, when Menso first started this a few years ago.

      I doubt El Maguey is in Buenavista anymore, his enemies always stroll through his supposed territory and his men always run and hide among the population, the surrounding area around the main town in Buenavista is definitely not controlled by your boy Maguey. Maguey, another one that runs and hides, just like M2, just like Menso. See a pattern?

      Oh and YoungSosa, you see some people figured it out. You had no idea what area I was talking about because you have no clue of what's going on. Thank you for proving to me that you’re a phony that has no real info, you are just a fan boy in prison getting lied to by CJNG twitter accounts.

      3:12 am
      Sargy, or Jose Ulises Lara if you will, lies and does propaganda for CJNG. He was the one that started that false rumor that Menso visited El Aguaje in a 30 truck convoy. He even had poor dumb YoungSosa thinking that Menso had a helicopter escorting him on his trip to El Aguaje. Poor little gullible Sosa, he got all excited from those lies from Sargy, “OMG Menso does have power.” His twitter account is funny, it’s all him asking basic questions and the getting lied to.

      Anyone that believes that Sargy is telling the truth about what is going on in Michoacan is a gullible moron. Sargy has lied a bunch of times.

      Lastly for you CJNG fans, just because people on the other side are not actively participating in the siege, that doesn’t make them CJNG allies. I know CJNG is thirsty for an alliance but they are always rejected.

      But for the guys that figured it out thank you for not denying that those CJNG canon fodder got killed off and CJNG leadership still wanted an alliance, thirsty lames.
      Someone school YoungSosa so he can pretend that he is in the loop. Haha.

      Anyways I retire from my CJNG trolling, from here and reddit. It obvious who is a real Michoacano and who is just some clueless cheerleader that buys into the CJNG hype. The sun is getting warm and it’s time for me to party.

      I leave you with well wishes. Even you YoungSosa, you will grow out of your CJNG fan boy phase, for your sake I hope so anyways.


    21. So long basement management you will not be missed! Have fun getting chased from town to town by Mencho!

    22. Basement maget is a nobody hes virtually the og shadow of reddit

    23. Lmao secret management I don't answer any of your questions because it's pointless. You are so stuck in your own mind that u actually are not worth the conversation and that is exactly why you are trolled everywhere you go. You are an idiot that knows nothing but the biased information your CU family feeds you. Twitter account asking simple questions? I don't have a Twitter account you moron. Only thing I use go on is Twitter and Reddit and the funny thing is I see you all over these pages acting like a selfproclaimed narco expert when in reality you're nothing but a loser. I'm sorry your family is a bunch of lacras. I would be mad too. I'm sorry no one likes you and you have to make things up to be able to sleep at night. Keep living in your fantasy world you're literally the only one who doesn't see a strategic advantage of holding Aguililla and that's the one and only example that I'll give you.

    24. The Fuck is wrong with secret mangement guy runs his mouth like sicario 006 but he is not funny like sicario!
      You give him leggit sources and he says they are not reliable but hes word is reliable! WHAT THE 🤯!!! He is pretty mich calling borderland beat liers! Is got to be personal with cjng, ill give you an advice! If you hate cjng so much and are so sure they are loosin the war go join the C U and slap menso like you claim every body does and take a little vid and send it to border land so we can believe all your none cense

    25. 946
      Well said.

      I must've arrived late to the "secret management roast" tfti guys.

    26. Dawg, where are you morons when CJNG is revealed to be extortionists and kidnappers like that news of the 30 people in the safehouse. When CJNG is discovered doing something by "reliable sources" you claim the media is paid off and it's fake news.

      Y'all are pathetic punks, I'm not the manager dude, but for real you outsiders ain't know shit.

      CJNG will loose this war, enjoy your fanboy trip.

    27. Well all Jalisco is trying to do is choke them out little by little they won’t let them cook no kitchens are up they can’t move anything abuelo stole the drugs and all the lines up here to move his product that was suppose to be a line to Denver Utah Washington St. now the Abuelo controls that’s what he stole from Mencho wasn’t just the 700 kilos by the way Migueladas is no small time trafficker and it wasn’t him he wanted to kill migueladas is an independent trafficker out of Michoacán that should tell you he ain’t no small time it was one of the revueltas Mencho wanted handed over

    28. 1:10
      You must be secret managements cousin!
      Hidden employment!

    29. 1:10
      It's not rocket science bro, you dont have to be a journalist major to understand how this works. It's called propaganda, and that's how every news media outlet has be attacking CJNG literally everything gets blamed on them, yesterday a C.U convoy circulated through los reyes 20+ trucks deep, and Michoacan outlets claimed it was CJNG???? You see??? Little baby back bitch @110

    30. Mencho is from

    31. 6:15 i also thought it said (low ranking) drug dealer (migueladas) but it says a (low-profile)

    32. 1:10 🤣🤣🤣 your stories would be more believable if you werent so byas! Why dont you talk about all the shit cds does in sonaora? All the fenenicides the kids from TJ? Thats where you loose all your credibility! Plus its ovious you have no source to back up your non cense!
      Its cool dough keep posting so people keep roasting you 🤣
      thanks BB you guys really make my day i look forward evwry day to see a good post and read all this comments! Its better than facebook😉

    33. @1:10 to levantar is not to secuestrar, you get picked up 97% you aren't long for this world and will also be desaparecido. Know the difference in case you ever think of playing gangster

  5. What happens to the innocent people????? No one cares, really sad

  6. Gobierno*


    Al parecer tu educación también es una mierda.

  7. Nooo mg42. ALMO es el major presidente en el mundo!

  8. Mencho is actually from Naranjo de chila.... which is about 20 min away

    1. I heard it was 15min

    2. I swear someone told me it was actually 13 mins away

    3. I heard it depends on traffic.

    4. No more like 9 minutes away

    5. Your all wrong its 8 and a half minutes away

    6. Lies, it was 18 and a quarter minutes long last time on my bicicleta.

  9. Porqué todo los grupos que salen de Michoacán son extorsiónadores y cobre quotas jaja? Teniéndo tan buenas tierras.

    1. Los Viagras son de Guerrero y allá se la pasan secuestrando y matando en sus ranchos, en vez de ponerse a estudiar y trabajar. Herendan pleitos familiares que continúan con las venganzas, primero con un cuchillo, luego un machete y después siguen las armas y así se convierten en sicarios para mandar a la chingada a cuánta persona se les atraviese. Si te interesa investiga de dónde son algunos jefes de plaza de Gallinas Unidas para que tú puedas ver quién hace el desmadre con la población.
      En los tiempos de FCS y hasta que se separaron Nazario y Jesus +/-2010 a la gente no los molestaban. Los maricones le tienen miedo peliar

    2. Deve de ser por la region? Asi como en TJ son puro chapulin y en sinaloa puro snitch, i guess you learn what you see when growing up?

  10. I wish there was a way for some of us who care to help individual families without having to go through some agency or organization who eventually horde the mobey for themselves citing running costs and all kinds of other bullshit . But a way to directly help these people directly . I would be more then willing to send 75 or 100 bucks to help somebody if it directly got to them and not some nonprofit bs org . With all the intelligent people who read these stories day in and day out I ask you to find a way to help these people without the third party influence . Maybe names on a registry or an address board where we can reach these families and help those who need it most and have a little extra to give and who do care about what happens to these people . Maybe its just a pipe dream but I read Borderlandbeat religiously and have for years and it kills me to think that these people are suffering because of the greed and ignorance of just a few lazy assholes who need to be ran the fuck outta town . Whether its cartels or politicians or both things have to change .

    1. I honestly would be down, I am close to guerrero but I don't really know the state much, other than joan sebastian ranch. I do have some peeps in iguala. Maybe reach out to chivis and she can work something out between us....for safety reasons. Honestly $100 a week is what a lot of people make a biweekly. And it should be enough to feed a family for maybe a month.....

    2. Yeah maybe something of that nature I just feel that the people who make this site happen have a lot on their plates with just the day to day particulars to keep us all afloat . But maybe they can point us in a direction where something could happen I just want to avoid the churches and the not profit scammers and get 100% of my contribution into the hands of those who need it most . I lost 100 bucks at a casino the other day on slots and its bothered me ever since I would have rather given it to a mother or father trying to just survive then to have known I gave it to a bunch of rich indians who couldnt give a shit either way . Ill put some more thought into it and reach out to some people I know .

  11. All you Michoacanos that are against CJNG going into Michoacán, why are you supporting CU after all this shit?

  12. Yes don’t know y they fucken Supporting cu if they like zetas

  13. Yes don’t know y they fucken Supporting cu if they like zetas

    1. Y'all brainwashed as fuck CJNG is worse nation-wide, that's why.


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