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Saturday, April 10, 2021

After Search Warrant, Authorities Seize 5 Tons of Marijuana and 7 Vehicles in Tijuana

"El Wachito" for Borderland Beat

In a property situated in Murua Campestre, a neighborhood in Tijuana, Baja California, after a search warrant was conducted elements of the Attorney General's Office (FGR) secured 5 tons of marijuana and several vehicles.

Since last Thursday, the Mexican Army (SEDENA) and members of the municipal police secured a property located in Choix St and Camino Viejo Murua, after several packets of drugs were seen.

After soliciting a search warrant, elements of the Ministerial Police in coordination with the SEDENA, National Guard, State Security Guard secured approximately 798 packets that contained 5 tons and 327 kilos of marihuana. The drugs were located inside a mobile home, in addition 7 vehicles were also secured.

The narcotics and the vehicles were secured by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), who continues to coordinate the investigation in order to find the group that is responsible of this illegal act. 

Sources: Zeta Tijuana


  1. Why fuck with low grade mota many people in baja California Just cross the border and get good mota in california

    1. There's a market for it not everyone can afford the good stuff

    2. No todos tienen visa para cruzar o nacidos en Estados Unidos como tu .

    3. overpriced weed in california good yes, but only yuppies and hipster market.


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