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Friday, April 16, 2021

10 Bodies Found in Clandestine Mass Graves in Jalisco; 6 People Rescued Alive

"MX" for Borderland Beat

The discovery was made after someone filed a missing persons report to authorities; no one has been arrested for these crimes.

The Jalisco State Attorney General's Office (FGE) confirmed the discovery of 10 bodies in an advanced state of decomposition in Peña del Halcón, a rural community in municipality of San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco.

The agency said out that the victims were brutally tortured before they were killed. They also confirmed that six people reported as missing were found alive about 500 m (1,640 ft) from the burial site.

Authorities indicated that once the corpses were extracted, they were taken to the local morgue where they will undergo a legal autopsy to know exactly the causes of death. Searchers found several of the victims belongings, including clothing, caps, and a rosary, which may help them identify the bodies.

San Juan de los Lagos is a municipality in the northern part of Jalisco (known as the Altos region). It located about 140 km (86mi) northeast of Guadalajara. In February 2020, 160 municipal police officers there were disarmed and relieved of their duties after a federal investigation revealed possible infiltration by organized crime.

Officials said that the government did not have concrete evidence to bring charges against any officers, but the decision to disarm them was based on credible intelligence reports.

In December of that year, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) murdered four people in San Juan de los Lagos and dumped the bodies for public display. The corpses had "X-rata" (literally X-Rat, or translated to "For Stealing") carved up with knives.

Sources: 24 Horas; La Jornada; Milenio; MND; Infobae; NTV


  1. Those 6 people alive were close to getting buried too, I bet they got stories to tell.

  2. “X rata” stands for “por rata”, or in English “for stealing”.

  3. NO Info on the 6 people found alive ? no details at all ? Conditions they were found in ?

    1. Condition: Traumatized and lucky.

  4. Come on click bait! found alive sounds like same place.. they were a Mile away
    BB your way to good for antics

    Stay true 2 sites were found one dead other site alive

    1. Where did you get it was a mile away? And where we say it was in the same location? It was much less than a mile, and we mentioned it was a nearby site. The interesting thing here is these two discoveries happened nearly simultaneously given their proximity.

      In addition, one of the cited sources mentions the 6 rescued people in the title as well. I advise you check the sources in the future before commenting and making accusations.

    2. MX Stand down bro dont stress these fuckin idiots,motherfuckers will be cheering for their favorite cartel next,your work is much appreciated fuck these clowns on here,i think many migrated here like a fuckin bovine herd from reddit ?

    3. 803
      Give ye arse a chance it makes more sense.You discover a new name from the internet "click-bait" you fuckin Texan


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