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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Zacatlán, Puebla: An Armed Criminal Cell Rescues a Kidnapper


Video translation is as follows:

An armed criminal cell burst into the general hospital in Zacatlán, Puebla. And rescued a kidnapper who had been sentenced to 50 years in prison. Governor Miguel Barboza confirmed that the incident occurred when the prisoner was transferred to the hospital to be treated for serious stomach ailments.

According to local media, 12 heavily armed subjects with firearms and homemade bombs were the ones who rescued the criminal. The events took place around 10 p.m. when the hit men entered the Zacatlán hospital.

They beat the policeman on duty. And targeted as well as threatened medical personnel, patients, including family members who were at the scene. When they were leaving the hospital, the armed group came face to face with soldiers from various corporations who tried to prevent their escape.

But after 10 minutes of gunfire, the criminals managed to escape. After the confrontation, reinforcements from the State Police and elements of the National Guard as well as Ministerial Police from nearby municipalities arrived. They initiated their search for the aggressors with the support of a helicopter.


  1. What a joke?Mexico great innit.
    All the fault of the gringos,since mexican independence the people have been progandized and led to believe all the ills are the fault of the gringos,generations of this bullshit even on intelligent people has become ingrained in its fabric till its actually believed,anyway it excuses a lot of moral ambiguity thats what matters

    1. You must not talk about morals as a gringo!

  2. More like a snatch & grab

  3. Helicopters, too much for a bunch of motherfackers the polesias could not even find anyway...forget about checkpoints or patrols or cameras anywhere, after rafail moreno valle and his wife governor stole all the money and won't give shit back because they "died", and the state can't even pay the interests onnthe public debt inherited, the citizens can go to hell and fack themselves on the ass.

  4. What's his name? Who is he associated with?


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