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Monday, March 1, 2021

Zacatecas, Mexico: The Battle In Zacatecas Is For It’s Northward Route


The geographical location and connectivity have made Zacatecas one of the objectives of the Cartel Jalisco Nuevo Generación (CJNG), since it’s the obligatory route that connects the Pacific Ocean with the main border areas in the north of the country as well as the United States, according to specialists.

In the last decade, Zacatecas has suffered from the settlement of at least five cartels, mainly due to the commercialization of fentanyl, a drug that has become popular in the United States and is cheaper, stronger and deadly than others.

According to the security consultant and political scientist David Saucedo Torres, for a year the alerts were turned on in Zacatecas due to the dispute between two criminal groups.

“In Zacatecas there is a presence of the Golfo, Noreste and Talibanes cartels, but for more than a year new incursions, divisions and even strategic alliances have been detected between these groups due to the entry with greater force of the Cartel de Sinaloa and Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. However, in this area the CJNG is one more actor, it doesn’t have the troops, the weapons, or the resources to be the main generator of violence. Let's say it’s a secondary battlefront for the Cartel Jalisco ”, he explained.

In April of last year, the CJNG raised an alert in the municipality of Valparaíso, where a convoy of several vehicles with their initials burst into town showing their weapons and announcing their arrival in Zacatecan territory, according to inhabitants.

Arturo López Bazán, Secretary of Public Security of Zacatecas, assures that the CJNG maintains a fight for the territory with the Sinaloa Cartel and has been advancing so much that their disputes already occur in the municipalities at the center of the entity.

Both the CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel have sought to strengthen themselves with other groups that operate in the area. According to police intelligence reports, the Cartel Jalisco allegedly made a pact with the Gulf Cartel, while the Cartel de Sinaloa is in alliance with the Cartel del Noreste and a faction of Los Talibanes.


  1. Never thought I would see the day zetas and Sinaloa working together


    1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend...cds n cdn have been neutral against each other for years

    2. El Chapo and Z-40 became friends in prison.

  2. CJNG cant Even beat sinaloa in their own CENTER OF OPERATIONS jalisco where a low rank sicario is giving mencho a run for his money with support of SINALOA PISTOLEROS. 😀

  3. Zetas do not exist anymó, their heirs are barely hanging on by the holes on their chones, senator Ricardo Monrial does not know them anymore, but he is famous for being the one that allowed zetas in Fresnillo.

  4. Ricardo didn’t let them in it was the administration that followed which was Amalia Garcías administration . We personally know the Monreal Family but I don’t defend them either . I believe all politicians have some shit smeared on them some way or another . CDS is saying David Monreal who is running for Governor negotiated with el jardinero from Nayarit who is with Cjng . But who knows maybe will find more info or videos out there . No soy muy político I mean now they blurred out all the messages on the cartulinas when they kill some one in Zacatecas . Journalist won’t show the message .
    Atentamente “El Zacatecas”

    1. How long was taxi driver daddy of ricardo monreal in prison?
      Heard ricardo himself was a fresnillo street vendor from Plateros who attended josefa ortiz de dominguez primary school, one of the poorest most humble schools like Escuela Progreso on colonia esparza, craddle of the TPCH tepecheros. Mamalia got ricky to run for PRD for governor, the PRI did not want monrial, by the time Mamalia became governor the setas were well entrenched.


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