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Monday, March 29, 2021

Venustiano Carranza, CDMX: Grieving Mother Ask For Justice Against La Unión de Tepito

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Male Newscaster: The mother of a young woman kidnapped, tortured, and murdered along with her cousin by one of the criminal groups operating in the Tepito area pleads with the authorities for justice to be done and the culprits arrested. The following story is by Paula Betancourt.

Remedios: My daughter was killed in broad daylight with many people around her. It was a Sunday, it was a day at the local plaza when there were more people out and about. And they were kidnapped between 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Everyone knows that when they close the entrances of the Calle 22 it’s because they are going to execute someone. And all the neighbors there are still afraid.

Paula Betancourt: Andrea Valerio Romero Espinoza, 22, and José Ernesto Gómez Espinoza, 28, were murdered on January 17. After their relatives, merchants in the Tepito market refused to pay the full amount of an extortion fee imposed by subjects who identified themselves as part of the La Union de Tepito criminal group.

Remedios: 300 thousand pesos were required from each of my relatives. My nephew gave 100,000, and he doesn't know how much more he gave because we no longer hold communication with each other. And my sister gave 50 thousand pesos. And they told them that they still have to give the rest that is required. And if not they were not going to kill me and my children.

Paula Betancourt: In December 2020 the threats to Remedios' family began like this.

Remedios: They told us that they already had everyone located. They had pictures of her, her family, my family, the whole family. Because the same criminals seem to be those who are extorting, those who are extorting all the people there in the neighborhood. They told my sister that they were from the criminal group La Unión de Tepito.

Paula Betancourt: For not having the amount demanded by the criminals, they kidnapped her daughter and her nephew. According to the investigative folder opened in the homicide prosecutor's office, those who were shot at a property on Jesús Carranza Street. Their bodies were dismembered and found on January 18. In a plastic bag on Gran Canal and Aluminio streets in the Venustiano Carranza neighborhood.

Remedios: With my daughter, who was a woman, they knew that she had a 3-month-old baby. They assaulted her a lot, they shot her 3 times. Both her and my nephew were badly beaten.

Paula Betancourt: After the double homicide, Remedios had to leave her job. And flee from her home with her 5-month-old granddaughter who was left orphaned. She became displaced by the violence caused by organized crime in Mexico City.

Remedios: In the end we live honestly and they don't. Right now I am the one who is hiding and they continue to walk with impunity. No one has been arrested, no one has been caught, nor has any action been taken. That is why I am asking for a little justice to be done. On behalf of my daughter, and of all the people who have been murdered.

Paula Betancourt: Reporting for Milenio Noticias this is Paula Betancourt.

Source: Milenio Noticias


  1. That s why I don't take it for granted living in Sinaloa when i see all this kind of stuff yeah there's narcos and crime but usually they don't mess with the people

  2. All happening in broad daylight, they don't wait for night fall anymore. Almo has been saying he has crime under control, USA has made a quote 3 weeks ago "The Cartels control 1/3 of Mexico", I find that to be true.

    1. 8:22 your local law wnforcer in Tepito is Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch, the Ghost of Ayotzinapa is fas th becoming The Scourge of Tepito, and he still wanys to be secretary of defense to stick it to all of Mexico.
      The US founding Godmother of all the LatinAmerican Cartels, well, not all of the US, forgive me, just too many foreign policy artifices and con artists doing their regular drug deals, but covered by their letter soup agencies, allof them Big Fans Of Classifying information.

  3. I just don't get it. There's so much money to be made without the fighting, without killing your own people. I don't understand with so much money that's supposedly is made yearly. Everyone can be extremely rich. I guess I'm just incredibly naive.


    1. maybe they harvested their organs. Its a dark world.. with Mexico's relationship with China, known for organ transplant surgeries on the black market, it makes sense

    2. 9:17 there is never enough money making when pandullas like union tepito are being extorted and shaken by the chilango cuicos left behind by el Negro durazo's Heirs, and before him lebanese DFS commanders like Miguel Nazar Haro, and julián Slim Helu, or Policia Judicial Federal stars like francisco Sahagun baca uncle of martitha Sahagún de fox or captain jesús Miyazawa whk tetired tk Morelosbti continue with his criminal career, his Godson Luis Cardenas Palomino went places with genarco garcia luna, but the main boy now is Omarcito, one of the young puchacacas of carlos slim helu who wants to turn Mexico City into his own little Lebanon, and Tepito is on his way, getting emptied one murder at a time.

  4. Dr.Sol P. Your churning articles 24hours a day, wow slow down, your going to break a record with MX. I am great full to see BB back in operation.

    Luna Apagatha

    1. Sol is god-like at these video translations.

    2. Lol Sol used to have time for the ladies, now he kicks back in his bullet proof office, translating articles.

    3. It’s good to see you back Luna Apagatha


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