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Friday, March 5, 2021

Valle de Chalco, Edomex: The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación Great Pretenders


Video translation is as follows:

A gang made up of 7 criminal extortionists were arrested and booked into jail, the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico reported. The extortionists operated in the municipality of Valle de Chalco in Mexico and pretended to be members of the Carel Jalisco Nueva Generación.

They were identified as Carlos Armando, Jorge Cristian, José Trinidad, Iván Rafael, Armando Cuauthleco Gabriel, and Cesar Hassel. 4 of the detainees are originally from Michoacan and 1 is from Mexico City, the Prosecutor's Office detailed.

The gang was arrested after extorting the owner of a seafood restaurant. The subjects threatened the merchant claiming to be members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. And they demanded a series of payments to avoid torching his business.

During the capture, the Mexican authorities secured a rifle and a communication radio. In the first month of this year alone, 219 cases of extortions were reported in the State of Mexico according to official data.

The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación is present in the municipalities adjacent to Mexico City. From Naucalpan to the north of the capital as well as eastward towards Chalco. While in the state limits between the State of Mexico and Hidalgo the cartel maintains a dispute with the Familia Michoacána.


  1. They use cjng name cause people know how feared they are, if they had sayed thwy were cds the bussines owner would of had slapped them and sent them back to sinaloa crying, no body respects cdsnitches

    1. CDS hear of MENCHO and they pi$$ their panties 😆

    2. You must be smoking what CJNG is selling. No one fears CJNG, they don’t even have control of any plaza in Mexico. Everything they claim to control is shared. These are facts, no groupie talk.

    3. 9:24
      Mencho is a known snitch. He ratted out some dudes from the mission district in SF. He went back to Mx because people were looking for him after he talked to the feds when he was doing time in SF County jail.

    4. 2:22 You're right I think, I've heard that from multiple sources, there was a green light put out on him while he was still here by one of the prison gangs. That's the story, I bet it could be proved by the police records if someone in that area cared to search around.

    5. 2:22 chapo and mayo snitch out all of their cartel partners when they were out and about so you tell me who really deserves the title of king rats?

    6. #facts everyone says chapo snitched its called war and using the bribe money you pay chapo didnt say one word in court and cds does not extort come to sonora we can show you and u can see we been sending rcq and and menchitas running ask um to come back to magdalena they forgot some things lol

    7. @2:22 you've been writing the same bogus info for years already. He was busted twice for selling jale and him not being a US citizen or national he was removed to México, his country of citizenship.
      So tell me, do you think those people that you claim were looking for him still want to find him?
      You must be the JCAT that wrote you saw him slanging by some club all dirty and fiending because he was a tecato right? Déjate de mamadas, los ratas certificados son tus paisanos del cartel de los sapos y traicioneros

  2. Its true that colombians much more powerful than the mexicans?

  3. I can imagine prison is going to be hard when the real CJNG get a hold of them for muddying their good name i.e not being an approved extortionist.
    And I don't want to hear the BS that CJNG don't extort, every cartel extorts

  4. Hope they been sending 60% piso back to Mencho, otherwise they won't do well in prison.

  5. It is so odd to see how the people who comment on the news support these demonic cartels. All cartels r criminals stop supporting them


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