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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: Male Corpse Found With Narco Message

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

According to data obtained by Zeta Tijuana, the body located on the Libre Tijuana-Rosarito highway corresponds to a member of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). In Tijuana there have been 132 homicides in March and 453 so far in 2021.

The violence continues in Tijuana. On the morning of this Saturday, March 27, the lifeless body of a male was located, to whom his perpetrators stabbed him with a narco-message; at another point in the city the discovery of a human head with another threatening text was reported. In addition, two other women were killed.

It was around 06:44 hours when the emergency center was informed that on the Libre Rosarito-Tijuana highway, near the bridge that connects to the Loma Blanca subdivision, there was the naked body of a male person.

Elements of the Municipal Police and National Guard arrived at the crime scene, who had in view the corpse of a man who had a knife stuck in his chest along with a narco-message.

The threat written on a white cardboard said: “Here lies another of your kidnappers attorney Alejandro Estrada Bañueloz and Güero Pecas, you pair of cheap fucks.

Information published by ZETA indicates that Alejandro Estrada Bañuelos, nicknamed "El Lic del Diablo" (The Devil’s Lawyer), was included for the first time in a formal report as part of the structure of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación in 2018.

His unofficial mention as a defender of the cartel dates back to February 29, 2016, when his brother José Manuel Estrada -who served as an escort- and the commercial policeman Rodolfo Gersais Vélez López, hired to take care of him, were shot to death in the parking lot of the Cosmopolitan Tower where they waited for the lawyer. They also have him registered as a defender of criminals from José Soto's group “El Tigre”. On Estrada Bañuelos there is no arrest warrant against him.

While "Güero Pecas", he is considered one of the 15 generators of violence in Tijuana. His name is Óscar and / or Rodolfo López Arellano “Cabo 30” and / or “El Güero Pecas”. Together with Israel Alejandro Vázquez “Cabo 50” or “El Goofy”, he has been confronting David Jiménez formerly “Cabo 20” for two years, trying to kill him and seeking control of the Sánchez Taboada delegation.

In February 2019, he was held responsible for the drug banners that were hung in different parts of the city threatening President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, prior to his visit due to the federal security operation that began on February 4, 2020 in Tijuana. The intelligence groups record criminal operations in Los Pinos, Sánchez Taboada and Natura.

It should be noted that the discovery of the naked body was in the same place where Farrah Fresnedo García, the ex-sister-in-law of René Arzate “La Rana”, the criminal leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, was “kidnapped” on March 8, and released 21 days later.

In another criminal act registered this Saturday around 07:27 hours on Gilberto Portugal street in front of number 14052, Julián Sánchez corner, in the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood, the discovery of a human head was reported inside a white plastic bucket.

It should be noted that, together with the rest of the human body, sex and age unknown, there was also a hacksaw and a blanket with a legend written in black ink that read: “This will be the fate of everyone who works for Cabo 13, and Cabo 57. We are the absolute mob of El 100 ”.

While on Friday night the bodies of two women wrapped in blankets and with visible traces of violence were located in different points: the first on Boulevard 2000 near the Delicias 3 neighborhood, the second body was found inside a cart of supermarket on Calle 5 de Mayo in the North area.

So far in March 20 women have been murdered in Tijuana.

No perpetrators have been arrested in any of these crimes. 

Sources: Zeta Tijuana



    Sol Prendido the snitchaloas got one back they got 3 fellas in what looks like North of Valparaiso/in Norther Nayarit bordering Zacatecas or even inside Durango it is unknown but it is an area full of Pine trees at a descent elevation.

  2. Soo manny players in Tijuana who even we dont know shit about them..a true low keys!

    1. Pura gente de SPEEDY MARES EL 66
      Ala orden del Flako 1000% CAF♨️♨️♨️

  3. Who you think much more powerful..the colombians or mexican cartels?

    1. 5:16 the culombians got places in México when FECAL and EPN were in power, but now they and their buddies are fighting to keep what they got with people looking to get even, or bury the PRIANAL CARTEL and their philistines.

  4. one i find that in english translation about Russian corruption and organized crime

  5. Worst than the middle east.

  6. So They're still in Baja California with little presence in Tijuana? According to the newest DEA report los Chapitos have retaken control of Tj. Flipping/killing cells that were working for the tweekers.

    1. Lol chapitos in tj oilo

    2. Is it fair to assume the Chapitos are on a campaign all across Mexico?

    3. I've read the report your talking about and it's stated that the Chapitos are only in Tijuana because the remnants of the AFO are allowing them into their city. CAF still holds the keys and remember Chapo and his sons have never own Tijuana or Mexicali the one from CDS that can claim control is the Old Man Mayo Zambada. Remember Tres letras was the one that open up TJ and once his purpose was used he was turned in.

    4. Show a link, CJNG is deep in TIJUANA

    5. 4:26 cjng is dropping left and right in tijuana and have been the past 2 years. Chapitos cells have gained control of baja. Menso and his band of tweekers know the baja tijuana corridor is lost thats why they're desperate to get thru Zacatecas. Zeta will provide these links you're asking about.

    6. @3:41 TEO y su gente hicieron un desmadre y matadero con el apoyo del CDS, lo mismo paso en Chihuahua con su GN. Así operan calentando la plaza y dicen que son gente y de principios en sus corridos fanfarrones

    7. CHAPITOS are a JOKE!!
      NOBODY takes them seriously after they got kidnapped 😆

  7. Gente de SPEEDY MARES 1000% CAF♨️♨️♨️


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