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Monday, March 8, 2021

The Tunnel Where 'El Chapo' Escaped Continues to Affect Nearby Residents

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During his second escape, El Chapo rode a modified motorcycle with tracks through a tunnel that connected to a house near the prison.

It has been nearly six years since Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman escaped through a tunnel that connected his prison cell in Almoloya de Juarez, State of Mexico, to the exterior. But the aftermath of his escape continues to affect nearby residents.

Multiple law enforcement visits and patrols from authorities has caused troubles to Don Lauro Colin, the owner of a piece of land around the Altiplano penitentiary. Several years ago, Don Lauro sold part of his land to El Chapo's associates without realizing it. He never imagined that he would end up with an uncomfortable neighbor and now regrets his decision.

Milenio reporters were able to confirm that the tunnel is still open.

There are two ways to reach it: The first one is through Don Lauro's private property, but he put up a sign that says "No Entry" to prevent people from breaking in. The other entrance is now under federal jurisdiction.

"Any person who is caught trying to enter or causing disruption near this site will be placed at the disposal of corresponding authorities", reads the sign outside of the premises under federal jurisdiction.

When Milenio reporters visited Don Lauro's property, they were received by his son-in-law Javier Lopez. At first, they said they were fed up with the number of visits they received, but they soon agreed to an interview.

Don Lauro said that when El Chapo escaped from prison, federal authorities questioned him about the sale-purchase and criticized him for not knowing who he was selling the land to.

"The Altiplano prison is right there. They built a house on that hill. Why didn't any authority come to see who was building this before El Chapo escaped? Nobody came until the incident happened. How was I supposed to know who they were?", Don Lauro told Milenio reporters.

Don Lauro explained that when El Chapo's contruction crew was building a house that connected it to the tunnel, nothing was suspicious about it.

"Some people would come work on the site every day. They were bricklayers and construction workers of humble origins. A red truck would come every day. That was all I saw at the site", Don Lauro said.

He also claims that the Mexican government caused damages to several properties in the area, including his, several owned by his children, as well as those of two neighbors. Many of the damages were caused by dynamite explosions in some of the land sectors. He estimated that the damages were as high as MXN$2 million (US$92,000).

"They've covered a few holes here and there, but I've stopped them from entering my property now. They said that nothing was falling apart yet there's proof that their dynamite explosions caused damages. Who is going to pay for this?", Don Lauro said.

When asked if he knew that El Chapo was planning to make more tunnels when he was re-arrested, Don Lauro said he was not aware.

Other neighbors in the area, who reserved their identity for security reasons, confirmed to Milenio reporters that authorities have caused loses and damages to their properties. One of them said that authorities often interrogate them and stop them from doing their daily activities due to suspicion.

"I was going to sell a horse and when the potential buyers came to see it, federal authorities showed up and began to question them. The potential buyers were driving large trucks that they use to transport horses. The buyers were scared by authorities and the horse deal was over", one neighbor confirmed.

The holes that the federal government has made in the surrounding area are visible several parts of the prison. Some of them are a hazard for people's farming machinery, livestock, and children. 

Source: Milenio


  1. Animo Sicarios !
    "Chapo rode a modified motorcycle with tracks through a tunnel that connected to a house near the prison."
    I am not kidding you when I say This still gives me goosebumps .El Señor is a bad ass, he is like the Mexican version of President Putin !

    Great planning and execution!

    Gente Nueva Joint Special Operations Command Research and Development Unit.

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  2. The first one is through Don Lauro's private property, but he put up a sign that says "No Entry" to prevent people from breaking in.
    This guy a funny guy


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