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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Sicarios Kill Mayoral Candidate in Oaxaca; Her Husband Was Killed Six Years Ago

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Her murder has sent shockwaves through Mexico's political establishment and women organizations in Oaxaca. 

Ivonne Gallegos Carreño, the mayoral candidate of Ocotlan de Morales, Oaxaca, was killed by gunmen m when she was in the passenger seat of her vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, who has not been identified, survived but was gravely wounded.

Gallegos was part of the local political coalition made up of the National Action Party (PAN), the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

Prior to her campaign, she served as president of the Gender Equity Commission in her municipality. She was also a former official of the Secretariat of Indigenous Affairs, and was close to Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza, the former head of that indigenous agency.

Investigators confirmed that Gallegos had previously received death threats from an organized crime group and/or political rival.

In 2015, her husband Jose Luis Mendez Lara was murdered. This crime is still unsolved.

WARNING - Graphic Image Below


The June 2021 elections in Mexico will take place in an environment marked by violence. 

Drug cartel collusion in elections is a regional phenomenon. Security experts agree that criminal groups sometimes seek to control local officials and/or influence local elections to expand their agendas. Mayors are usually responsible for appointing local police chiefs and deciding who wins government contracts and concessions at a municipal level.

This year is not the first in which Mexican drug cartels ostensibly intervene in local elections. In 2018, at least 49 candidates were murdered during election season.

Analysts said that 18 pre-candidates have been killed so far in election sesaon. Many of them were killed before they opened formal campaigns.

Sources: La Opinion; Milenio; AP; El Universal


  1. Politician on politician violence, narcos are just the middle man

    1. You are too correct my friend .

  2. The political assassinations did not start with the spaniards murder of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin blamed on "a rock" thrown by aztec capitol invaders led by Cuitláhuac, president Miguel Aleman Valdez was a federal senator when he got the candidate for governor of Veracruz assassinated to take his place and use as a springboard to the Presidency; carlos salinas de gortari also had about 1 000 campaign volunteers of Cuauhtemoc Cardenas (PRD) ASSASSINATED, voting ballots stolen and burned in cahoots with PAN "politicastros", DFS founding member fernando gutierrez barrios would do anything for salimas, by then expert seductor of PRI/PAN politicians and activistas, including his murdered brother in law francisco... leader of the senate.
    This lady lent her ass to a winning PRI/PAN/PRD coalition, and anybody else was probably going to win.
    But their biggest rival MORENA could be blamed by the coailition in need of a martyr...
    --Rafael Leon Aragon "el Chino León" commander of the Policia Federal was blamed and arrested for the murder of cardinal Posadas Ocampo in Guadalajara (about 120 stray bullets to him, his driver and his car for insulting salinas de gortari), ordered by their boss PGR PhD Jorge Carpizo, (another kinky closet lady) blamed on El Chapo and the arellanuses..."el chino león" may still be the mayor of nearby Salina Cruz Oaxaca.

    1. Sorry but Moctezuma and the Aztecs were some righteous b**tards. Not to say the Spanish were saints, but too many people dont know that numerous tribe/city states flocked to the Spaniards to help overthrow the Aztecs because of how they treated their conquered people. Just one group openly supported the Aztecs, and only because they benefitted from their rule. Also, the group who ruled before the Aztecs (dont feel like looking it up) specialized in assassinating their rivals.

    2. The group that rrules before Aztecs Were a bunch of ETs !!

      dontcha know nothing

      we all know proven fact ETs were here before they built all those places
      and they are coming back to get you

    3. @ 918
      Are you alright?

  3. Heartless motherfuckers,and no i dont wanna hear about the sicarios were trained in the US or FnF bullshit

  4. These political killings are outrageous. You can sometimes tell some of these people weren’t even involved with cartels and were just trying to make a positive difference... is there any other place on earth where elections make killings explode like this?

    1. Africa and a few other places
      Russia etc

  5. What's ALMO doing about all this violence on politicians?

  6. Mexico - politicians murdered no federal response. Journalist murdered no federal response. 17 policemen ambushed and slaughtered no federal response. The current president and others before are corrupt pussy's! AMLO should have taken Trumps offer!

  7. Terrorism, nothing less nothing more. It’s time for Mexico to be liberated. Give me a gun, I’ll help clean up the scum.

  8. Hugs and kisses still working?

  9. Then people wonder why Mexican politicians do not fight the cartels openly or oppose them much.
    This is why.

    1. @2:35 Same with cops.

    2. well if your gonna Run and want change Get bigger guns then the cartels
      Bet the fat police cheif was involed

    3. Well all is needed is all the good people to stand up together
      to protect her I mean protect her from bad guys
      It could happen if they really wanted

  10. "suppression of speech, public communication, or other information"
    Internet Censorship is here and now and it will get worse

  11. More thoughts and prayers. That's the American response. That should fix the problem.... said no one ever.


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