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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Searchers Find 22 Bodies Buried in Mass Graves in Celaya, Guanajuato

"MX" for Borderland Beat

The searches started on March 2; authorities believe more bodies are buried in this location

The bodies of 22 people were located in a clandestine grave in the municipality of Celaya, Guanajuato, last week. The land of almost 15 hectares where the human remains were found could hold the largest number of buried bodies in Guanajuato so far. Authorities warn that "there is still a lot of work to be done."

Families of the disappeared, accompanied by local and federal authorities, found the bodies after four and a half weeks of searches in the community of El Sauz de Villaseñor.

"We believe that it will be a large find, but obviously we cannot anticipate until we have the exact number," said Karla Quintana, National Search Commissioner.

The official has said that the bodies found in this location correspond to men and women whose ages ranged between 15 and 50 years.

The community of El Sauz de Villaseñor has a population of almost 2,000 inhabitants and is located 27 kilometers from the municipality of Salvatierra, where more than 65 graves were located last October. Over 72 bodies were exhumed in that location.

As reported by Borderland Beat, one of the bodies found was from elementary school teacher Guadalupe Barajas Piña, better known as Lupita, who went missing after she went out to buy cakes for her family. At least half of the other bodies are pending identification.

Guanajuato is one of the most violent states in Mexico due to the dispute between Santa Rosa de Lima (CSRL) and the powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Sources: El Pais; Borderland Beat archives


  1. Let’s see what all you cartel cheerleaders (faggots) have to say about this.

    1. 10:56 i immediately blamed police at every level, governor diego sinhué, his boyfriend carlos zamarripa, the melitary and police at every level, but apecially the higher commands that use the few police officers available for their own personal security after stealing all the public security budget.

  2. I stammer every time I read the annual reports on cartel-related deaths and the total body count associated with the WOD. I can’t fathom what the real statistics would show if missing persons and unreporteds were somehow quantifiable. How many more in unfound burial sites? How many liquified? Incinerated? Enslaved? The numbers have to encroach on genocide-type atrocities.....fucking crazy.

  3. Kind of off topic but did cjng really kill El Pez the leader of familia michoacana in Guerrero, thought that would be bigger news than el cholo dying?

  4. Sad. My girlfriend (now fiancé) used to live in Celaya. I remember visiting in the early 2010s. There wasn’t much to do but it was better than being in NL where I lived.

    1. @4:51 I wish more idiots knew these real life stories related to this non sense war. In the end it's the common folk that pay the price.

      What does your fiancé and her fam think of CJNG and their expansion into the state?

    2. 8:47 i am not related to any guanajuato victims, but as shown in Veracruz, coahuila, nayarit, zacatecas, chihuahua, Morelos, The BC peninsula, tamaulipas, guerrero, Mexico State, Cancún. Jalisco, it is mostly Mercenary State Police and their employer governor's Fault and Their Doing
      AND COLOMBIA has been the one exporting the BS to Mexico along with their pinches "Fiscalias" and medals and commendations for their associates like FECAL and Genarco garcia luna, PAN, like diego sinhue...obviously it is not just "cartels", the Macarena Mass Grave near the colombian army base proved: "it was the government"


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