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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Remains of Guatemalan Migrants Killed in Tamaulipas Massacre Return Home

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People stand with photographs as the remains of 16 Guatemalan migrants who were killed near the U.S.-Mexico border in January arrive at the Air Force base in Guatemala City, Friday, March 12, 2021. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)

COMITANCILLO, Guatemala -- Thousands of residents of this Guatemalan town turned out Friday night amid tears and applause to receive the remains of 16 of their own, migrants killed near the Mexico-U.S. border in late January. Comitancillo packed its local soccer stadium to mourn along with the victims’ families each huddled around their loved ones’ respective caskets.

“It is unjust that the youth do not have the possibility of working here,” Rev. Mario Aguilón Cardona, a priest from the Santa Cruz Comitancillo parish, told the gathered crowd. “It is unjust that the families have to split year after year.”

The bodies arrived Friday night to this region near the Guatemala-Mexico border after starting the day in Reynosa, Mexico just across the U.S. border from Texas. A cargo jet flew them to an air base on the outskirts of Guatemala City early Friday morning and from there they began the nine hour drive to Comitancillo.

Earlier, at the airport, family members holding photographs of their relatives stood beside caskets draped in the Guatemalan flag on the tarmac. Evaristo Agustín broke into tears when he saw his brother-in-law Marvin Alberto Tomas’ casket. He said the 23-year-old “was a good guy.”

The Guatemalan government declared three days of mourning.

People transport a flag-draped coffin on the runway as the remains of 16 Guatemalan migrants who were killed near the U.S.-Mexico border in January arrive at the Air Force base in Guatemala City, Friday, March. 12, 2021.

The bodies, along with three others, were found piled in a charred pickup truck in Camargo, across the Rio Grande from Texas, in an area that has been bloodied for years by turf battles between the remnants of the Gulf cartel and the old Zetas cartel.

A dozen Tamaulipas state police officers were arrested in connection with the killings. The remains were flown from the Mexican border city of Reynosa early Friday.

President Alejandro Giammattei said Friday that his government remained in communication with Mexican authorities to ensure “those responsible for such a deplorable act” are punished. He said the crime must be cleared up so that nothing similar happens again.

“To you who are living this sorrow we will obtain reparation and hope,” Giammattei said to the families. “The government of Guatemala expresses its absolute rejection of the atrocities committed in this massacre.”

Relatives of the dead in the Guatemalan town of Comitancillo first raised the alarm that something horrible had happened in Camargo. Because the bodies had been burned, it took weeks for positive identifications through DNA samples, but the families in Guatemala had already started mourning.

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei speaks during a ceremony to receive the remains of Guatemalan migrants who were killed near the U.S.-Mexico border in January, at an Air Force base in Guatemala City, Friday, March 12, 2021.

The families had suddenly lost communication with their migrating relatives around Jan. 21, and believed they had been near the area where Mexican authorities made the grisly discovery. Some said that one of the smugglers who had been leading the group told the families what had happened.

Giammattei confirmed earlier this month that five Guatemalans had survived the attack and were under protection in the United States.

The massacre raised memories of another migrant massacre in Tamaulipas in August 2010, when members of the Zetas cartel killed 72 migrants near the town of San Fernando.

Source: AP


  1. Wow, how tragic.
    Hoping those polis never see the light of day themselves, but I am only dreaming.

    1. Those polesias were just doing their job for tamaulipas governor francisco javier garcia cabeza de cagadas de vacas, but supposably US drones caught them doing their zeta job and they got sacrificed.

  2. Such a tragic incident. Guatemalans are loving. Hare working. Want the best for their families and communities. Will feed you even if they have very little. Yet no one seems to care about them... they’ve suffered and gone through a lot over the years. I wish this would stop.

    1. 9:49 guatemalans just get exploited when recruited, first and foremost, their families MUST pay the loans they got to finance the trip and the coyote.
      I am sure most would rather stay home with a small loan and a little interest.

  3. Terrible... humans with noble aspirations crushed by greed and pure evil.

  4. Wait Whos is paying for all this ???
    Soros ? someone is Nobody in mexico cares when a innocent gets killed and dumped forever lost
    something dosent add up
    Ps sorry they are dead bless them

    maybe instead of running away Have a riot and change tbeir goverment

    1. Tamaulipas tax payers are paying for this shit. Government kills, civilians pay. That’s how it is...

  5. Mexico is like hell on earth.

    1. 5:43 you should have seen Iraq when the private contracting mercenaries hired local cuicos to torture anybody they got their claws on, many died while being interrogated by CIA contractors with guaranteed impunity that continues.


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