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Friday, March 26, 2021

Political Candidate Killed While Trying to Defend Woman During Robbery in Nuevo León

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Although the attack was not organized crime-related, his death is included in the deadly tally of political aspirants killed in the June 2021 elections. Over 50 have been killed since election season started.

Another aspiring politician has been killed in Mexico. The candidate for local deputy of Fuerza por México Party, Mayco Fabián Tapia Quiñones, was shot to death on Wednesday night when he tried to defend a woman during a robbery in a supermarket in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The State Investigatory Agency reported that Tapia, aged 42, received four gunshot wounds during the incident. The killing occurred at a supermarket located on Avenida Cabezada and Medular Streets in the Barrio Santa Isabel neighborhood.

According to the first reports, two people tried to assault Patricia Josefina, aged 22. Mayco Fabian intervened to defend her and take the gun from the robber and was shot instead. The candidate was shot twice in the belly, once on the back and on his left arm. The woman was nearly killed after a bullet scraped her forehead. She is reported in stable condition.

The robber left the scene quickly after Mayco Fabian was wounded. He has not been arrested.

Mayco Fabian was taken wounded to the nearest Social Security Clinic, but died before he was able to receive medication attention. The candidate for governor of Nuevo León of Fuerza for Mexico, Emilio Jacques Rivera, expressed his condolences for the crime on Thursday:

"Today we are in mourning, my great friend, Lic. Mayco Fabián Tapia Quiñones, who is ahead of us in heaven, rest in peace. My condolences to all his family."

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  1. RIP

    Mexico needs CCW.

    1. Agreed!! This should have happened decades ago

  2. Sounds like he died as a hero. Que DEP

  3. Why rob and assult a 22 yr old
    why not rob the store ??
    too many questions unanwsered

    1. La vieron facil. No le pienses tanto


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