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Friday, March 5, 2021

Mexican Court to Determine if Judge that Rafael Caro Quintero Wants Out Should Preside in Hearings

 "MX" for Borderland Beat

A Mexican federal court is holding a hearing to determine if judge Francisco Javier Sarabia Ascencio should participate in the extradition case of Rafael Caro Quintero, former leader of the Guadalajara Cartel.

Sarabia Ascencio has presided over his extradition case over the years and once granted him a petition that slowed his US extradition request. According to a local media report cited in this publication, Sarabia Ascensio had received payments from Caro Quintero in the past. But Caro Quintero does not want him to preside in his future hearings, which may suggest a fall out with the judge in question.

Caro Quintero is currently a fugitive and has issued motions through his defense team to stay in Mexico should he be arrested.

In the upcoming days, judge Juan Jose Olvera will have to define if Sarabia Ascencio should participate in the session that will determine the future of Caro Quintero.

Last year, Borderland Beat reported that Caro Quintero sent a letter to a Mexican court claiming to be poor and too old to work. He also said that Olvera was plotting against him and that he told his colleagues he would deny any legal motions his defense team brought forward.

Caro Quintero, the former leader of the Guadalajara Cartel, is wanted for the 1985 murder of US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Enrique Camarena Salazar. In 2013, he was freed from a Mexican state jail on a legal technicality, but an arrest warrant was issued by federal authorities a few months after his release. If Caro Quintero is ever arrested in Mexico, officials say he will likely be extradited to the US.

In the US, he is wanted for kidnapping and murder of a US federal officer, as well as drug trafficking, money laundering and for leading a continuous criminal enterprise. The US government is offering a US$20 million bounty for his capture. This is the highest reward the U.S. offers for a Mexican criminal. 

Sources: Milenio; NRT Mexico; Borderland Beat archives


  1. R.C.Q. won’t be losing his “protecting angel” in Sarabia Acencio.


  2. "Over my dead body"
    Felix Ismael rodriguez Mendigutia.
    Accused by the DEA officers Hector Berrellez and El Paso officer Phil Jordan of master minding the kidnapping torture interrogation and murder of Kiki Camarena in cahoots with Lt Col. Oliver North.
    More than a 100 other Iran-Contra "weapons for hostages" conspirators were presidential pardoned when Bill Barr was US Attorney General as he reccommended and he ain't telling why...i'll tell you why: iran-contra was just an undercover drug deal to make personal wealth for some ugly americans, not for nothing extreme right wing reactionary John Bolton refuses to be part of any "drug deal", like squeezing Ukrainia.

    1. Maybe right, a lot crooks in government

    2. Ya Think ! I kinda do also but in a different way I think the USA cons other USA officals in giving money for a good cause
      and then while doing said good cause they steal from the USA

      Right now its a mess Forget about the past and who did what when etc
      Someone has to give Mexico a whipping and start all over

      And yes USa needs a whipping also but you sure dont see americans Fleeing usa for mexico

      Mexico needs to produce smart strong leaders that can and will make changes mexico needs

  3. Thanks Mexico for posting this. It is a reminder that Mexico will never willingly help us find out what truly happened to "Kiki." Caro is most responsible for "Kiki's" tragedy. He was in that room where "Kiki" was brutally tortured, kept alive by Dr. Machain and finally murdered. In fact, Felix-Gallardo and Fonseca-Carrillo were never extradited although all three were arrested and spent decades in a Mexican prison. If extradited, we would find the truth and “Kiki’s” Family would have closure because almost everyone cooperates in the US if given the chance.

    The “Operation Leyenda” Case is still open and being investigated by one of the best agents I have ever worked with. He wants the truth but Mexico is not cooperating. It is pure frustration!

    1. Hey Steve did you ever get the chance to talk to Benjamin,Eduardo or Javier?

    2. 11:01 Hector Berrellez and Phil Jordan have accused felix ismael rodriguez mendigutia, on FOX NEWS, rodriguez threatened them with his lawyers and lawsuits to which they said: "go ahead, we want to see your ass in court"
      Rodriguez did not dare, also refuses to the acknowledge his buddy and fellow drug trafficker juan ramon matta ballesteros...
      Looks like el Gato Felix is trying to take his secrets to the grave.

    3. Hey Steve, have you tried coercing the CIA and/or Felix Rodriguez to speak on the matter? I’m pretty sure MX will not cooperate w American officials on the Kiki case because someone with much more influence and power is stonewalling the case.

      Stop blaming the Mexicans for the problem created by your intelligence agency.

    4. Thought this was all done and buried the KiKi murder
      wasnt there already a arrests
      blah blah
      The guy that killed him most likey is dead
      so why keep living this ??
      fck mexico cartels
      let it go ....He is gone
      life is not fair

    5. I want the dirty bastard who killed a Good Cop Good honest LE are few and far between in Mexico
      Just let it go ...
      they are dead gone buried and in gods care now

  4. Tine cara de perro.

    1. 3:03 oh, plis, he used to be younger and women fell for him, it took a Grand Marquis here and there of course, you would go just for the love?

  5. This is getting old and boring already. This fight for justice has financial implications written all over it by US government IMO.
    Truth will always remain hidden in the end. Conspiracy theories will not.



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