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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Juan Aldama, Zacatecas: Law Enforcement Personnel Complain About Work Hazards


* This communication is for society in general. And for the Secretariat of Public Security. As well as the municipal governments of Fresnillo along with the city of Juan Aldama, Zacatecas.*

We are talking to your policemen, who are working under the shadow of two disgusting and corrupt individuals who reached the public security directions of the municipalities: * Claudio Alberto Castro Macias aka Aguascalientes and Marroquín Galindo José Vidal Caivil. *

Active members of the State Police who came to our municipalities and we don’t know what their recommendations or merits were for the position. What we do know is that since they arrived at our institutions they placed themselves at the service of the Sinaloa Cartel which they have sold out to the citizens of our towns.

The director of Fresnillo, Zacatecas "El Aguascalientes" is dedicated to putting us at risk. An example of this is the case of Commander Valdez, who was killed by the Sinaloa cartel. Commander Valdez stood in the way of "El Aguascalientes" and the Sinaloa cartel to reach an agreement. It was Aguascalientes himself who reported the exact location of the deputy director at that time so that he could be easily caught off guard and executed.

He makes our service as police officers available to the other cartels. And if we refuse, he threatens to fire us.

On behalf of the State Police he also gives up intel on who all comes to work in Fresnillo. Just as well police movements are being given to his cartel so that they can carry out kidnappings, executions, and burning houses.

On the other hand, the director "Caivil" in the city of Juan Aldama reports all the movements carried out by the State Police as well as those of the mixed base of operations. He’s in charge of handing over the names and numbers of the commanders who arrive to threaten them.

It’s important that you take action on the matter because we’re working in unbearable conditions. Where we have to do our work, our lives and those of our families are at risk. We need help, we are policemen at the service of society. It’s not fair that we’re at the mercy of uniformed criminals * HELP !!!!!! *

Source: Zacatecas Zona de Peligro


  1. It must be really tough for an honest policeman in Mexico . I mean maybe he wants to do the best for his country what is right but his higher ups are in the cartel pockets.

    Here in the USA cops have it tough too ,as they have the Race Pimps who fabricate racism for personal enrichment(blm al sharpton the left ) and put their lives in danger .

    1. You can't compare. Local police in Mexico are pretty much on their own while all the police here gets paid vacations for killing unarmed people.

    2. 5:09 PM What are you going on about Mexican cops have it rough you are dammed if you don't you are dammed if you do.

      American Cops have it easy they are apart of one of the world's most powerful crime families they actually work for the most powerful crime family. Criminals will 99% of times run away from you, avoid you if possible and when cornered give up. They don't have to worry about people showing up to their home and spraying it with bullets or worse. Having to worry about someone killing them while they are out and about with their families. Something happening to their families and the list goes on. America cops can kill without worrying about retribution from the victims family catching up to them.

      Kill a family member of someone who is involved in Organized Crime In Mexico as a local cop and expect to get killed or worse picked up and tortured and then killed.

      Mexican cops have to pick their battles if they make a mistake their life's could end.

  2. What's going on in nayarit?

  3. Sounds like jaliscas complaining because they getting they ass kicked in zacatecas.

    1. they cant win without buying a whole state from government to law so they are making excuses now for Zacatecas . Cds is winning more battles in Zacatecas fair, people in the state prefer the nobles of dgo & sinaloa then the drug addict cjng

  4. M3 almost got caught at mango's.

  5. M3 from CJNG got rolled up today.

  6. Its better to aline yourself whith sinaloa or face Death look at CJNG they are so used to fighting small arm groups like Nueva Plaza SANTA ROSA abuelo and still take big losses Now that they step up to sinaloa in ZACATECAS they are being school on the ART OR WAR 😀 No cartel has ever control sinaloa mas Que Los sinaloenses 🙉 Michoacan was control By ZETAS De TAMAULIPAS 😂 and mencho was a sinaloa maid😬

    1. Juarez and Tijuana had control over michoacan at some point in the 90s too they also had presence in Sinaloa .. actually Juarez still had presence to this day in Navolato ... but your correct very different is the case of the Michoacanos that had golfos and zetas rape their land and whom came from way on the opposite side of the map

    2. Local police is to be supervised by estatales, National Guard, Army, not bossed around.
      But CORRUPTION gets the upper hand because of the Chain o' Command and other BS, look at the US' FBI, DNI, NDS, CIA, DEA, HHS, ICE, ATF, NASA, Military and other SPUTNIKS of the latter days...TELL YOU WHAT,

    3. 8:41 PM Looks at this buchona don't count your chickens before they hatch. Having to ally to the Mugrosos because you can't handle the tip is shameful. We are also seeing Snitchaloa fracture before our eyes. Chapos fighting against the mayos, mayos having to fight against CJNG. Mayos having to fight against CAF. Your Mayo is going to become your mayonesa.

    4. 8:41 PM Michocan was and has always been controlled by locals they could have joined the zetas, golfos, or what other group they joined but it was always controlled by people from that state. Carlitos Rosales worked for Michcoanos before he came up he had El Chango Mendez and Nazario take Michocan.

    5. @8:41 & 4:44 Michoacán has been a source of supply for a very long time to the groups en la frontera norte, only in your foolish state pride and peanut brains has Sinaloa controlled Michoacán, it's just NOT going to happen. Unlike you chumps, your Sinaloa's knew to make feria they had to ally themselves con los TARASCOS.
      A ustedes hediondas les arde el culo que un MICHOACÁNO este rifando y van a seguir ladrando perras

    6. @5:28
      Some ones mad at the truth about mencho.

      You talk about la frontera Norte. Did you forget the A.F (caf) brothers/sisters are from Culiacán?

      Does Armando Valencia ring a bell to your Tarascan ears?
      Who did he go running to for help when him and his family fled Michoacán? CDS! He was supported and protected by the Sinaloa cartel, and still is.

      Would you like a source so your Tarascan ass can read it? It will make you feel much better as if you sat on a nopal adorned with thorns

      Here’s the It is

    7. With all due respect 5:28 being a source of supply puts you in a minimal position of control.. and that is true even when talking about legitimate business .. proximity to the consumer will always come first ... seems to me like your the one drunk off of state pride amigo .. and for no good reason being a tarascó is meaningless

    8. 3:39 jajajaja Frontera Norte is the whole border, not Zona Norte in TJ. Ponte truchas. NO SHIT the Aretes are Sinaloenses. Ever heard the story of RAF getting carjacked of his Navigator, escuadra y alhajas en el DF in 98? Le devolvieron todo menos la Navigator. Allá andaba porque tenían negocios y contactos ahí, no nomás en Tijuana, Sinaloa y Guadalajara. That's why you fools are funny, you'll write that CJNG doesn't absolutely control ZMG because other groups also have a presence there but are trying to say Milenio didn't have a presence in Jalisco when El Tisico went to war with AVC. Where do you think they laundered their feria? Y los Amezcua eran de aire o que pedo? Milenio became a member of the FEDERATION when the first multi cartel national war started.
      @6:40 being a source of supply opens the door to being able to have access to the crossing points of the group that's being supplied, can you understand that? CAPOS do business with CAPOS, you want to use my plaza than you gotta pay one way or the other. Why did RAF want to "meet up" with MIZG? Think about this and you'll see that's currently the agreement in several northern border cities

    9. @7:39 Frontera Norte Aka “northern border of Mexico“ I know that.

      You said “they had to ally themselves con los TARASCOS.“ Why did AVC and his family go into hiding in and behind Culiacan? You claim TARASCOS are so hard. You know he went to Culiacan asking for help just like MFV aka “la puerca” went looking for MP to help him before becoming socio de el mz.

      Mencho snitched on his own family both AVC and MF.

      As de dicer que estoy wey y que "El 85" por ser Valencia sigue estando en el, te dejo estas notas (links, sources & up to date Facts!) cagado tarasco torcido donde te explica que habría sido El Mencho quien lo entregó a las autoridades y cuando quedó libre se fue con el Nueva Plaza.

    10. @3:39/4:52am duérmete buey o haz de estar comiendo chilorio toda la madrugada. Claramente tu no sabes que pedo con la gente de Michoacán, sigues con la idea que los Valencia/Milenio son los primeros mafiosos de grandes ligas y haz de ser el mismo buey que chinga que Sinaloa es la cuna del narco y que son bandidos y tantas otras pendejadas. Cómo ya te lo escribí, Milenio se alió con la FEDERACIÓN cuando empezaron a hechar putazos AVC y CARM porque El Tisico se alió con OCG, solo porque tenían más gatilleros LA EMPRESA que los MILENIO tuvieron que replegarse a Jalisco. Nomás falta que digas que ICV desde ese tiempo tenía controlado Jalisco. CJNG/LC sabían cómo eran de TRAICIONEROS los de CDS y se les separaron, por eso ahorita sigue el matadero en Jalisco. Ya ves como embabucaron al Cholo/CNP para que se TORCIERA y peleará la plaza y mira como le fue, ya hasta su gente se está entregando al gobierno porque no quieren más pedos. Tus notas metetelas por dónde te metes el chilorio, uno ya sabe que pedo con EVS.
      También ya deja de estar chingando, ni que me estuvieras pagando para darte lecciones del historial del narco

  7. All municipal police officers in Mexico are under the take for some criminal organization.
    Whining of this truthfull fact & transparency is not a first.
    Money is king.

    1. 11:03 ha, ha, haaa!!!
      Hhow much money?
      Right now it is all about power.

  8. Suggest unionization.


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