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Monday, March 15, 2021

Gunmen Storm Home in Tamaulipas and Kill a Father and His Two Sons

"MX" for Borderland Beat

Investigators at the scene confirmed that the gunmen used AR-15 rifles in the attack. 

A family of four in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, was enjoying dinner on Thursday when gunmen showed up on their front porch. In a matter of seconds, they broke into their home and shot all of them.

Cesar Rubén (aged 49), the father of the family, was killed along with his two children: Bryan Roberto (aged 19) and Mario Alberto (aged 18). Maria Esther (aged 48), the mother of the family, was gravely wounded and is reported in critical condition.

The gunmen inadvertently left a witness alive. This person told investigators that the gunmen arrived in motorcycles and carried out the attack very quickly. He also confirmed that the family owned a fruit and vegetable business in Ciudad Victoria, the state capital.

The neighborhood where this mass murder occurred had been on authorities' radar since 2019. Several drug-related homicides have been reported in the area. Investigators do not discard the possibility that the family may have been involved in drug dealing (narcomenudeo) while running their fruit and vegetable business.

It is also possible that the family may have been targeted for failing to pay derecho/cobro de piso ("user rights"), a form of extortion where business owners are forced to pay criminals periodically in order to be able to work. This is a tactic that is prevalent in Mexico, as documented by Borderland Beat.

GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW - Pictures were provided in black/white. Continue reading for "Background" section.


Ciudad Victoria is the center of operations of the Old School Zetas (Zetas Vieja Escuela, ZVE), a splinter group of the old Los Zetas group. The ZVE is a rival of the Northeast Cartel (CDN).

Citizen journalists in Tamaulipas explain that the rise of violence in Ciudad Victoria is driven by a restructure of the ZVE and its political circle.

They said Ciudad Victoria mayor Maria del Pilar Gomez Leal brought in two public officials with suspected organized crime ties: Gustavo Rivera and Oscar Almaraz Smer. The latter was a close associate of ex-Tamaulipas governor Eugenio Hernandez Flores, currently wanted by the US Department of Justice for money laundering. 

Sources: Excelsior; El Bravo; Punto CriticoEpocaviolenta


  1. Cd Victoria has lots of stuff going on but usually doesn’t get as much media attention as border towns do. Also because all powerful state políticos live there so makes sense.

    1. guy took what it looks to be a ak round to the bicep nasty nasty exit and entrance i saw a few of our guys get hit w them ovwrseas ans one hit a buddys shoulder blade and literally split that shit WIDE OPEN it was insane

    2. I once shared a hospital room wth a man who had been shot in a drug deal. I saw his xrays. The 5.56 round exploded about 6" of his shin bone.

    3. @ muay thai champ
      Yeah there is something particularly brutal about AKs,the round will tumble when it hits flesh and bone with its big shock wave as it travels thru organs and flesh causing massive damage,nasty nasty weapon

    4. “Muay tai champ”

      Haha mas bien eres el muay guey

      Que mamon

  2. Cuidad victoria was really bad a few years ago when cdg vs the newly formed cdn was full blown but it has calmed down some. Cdn and zetas old school and cdg still fighting for full control. BB theres a story on valor por tamaulipas about the scumbag el z40 he was saying that if hes extradited a lot ppl will regret it which is i guess him trying to fear and threatening the ppl green lighting his extradition. But they have also a brief bio on how he got to be a zeta leader. Hes a piece of shit who kills elderly women to take their land but unfortunately hes a part of narco history in mexico some ppl might be interested in reading on him.

    1. Old school zetas and cdg have a loose non aggression pact in Tampa particularly a stronger association in Tampico, the new matamoros and where it seems the main cdg base now resides

    2. @Carlen:

      We wrote briefly about that non-aggression pact or alliance in February when El Pawa's wife was arrested. My understanding was that it was Metros and ZVE Pawa faction in San Fernando working together, nothing to do with the Matamoros group (please correct me if I'm wrong).

      Tampico continues to be under the control of the Haro Rodriguez clan and have always been close to Matamoros. Do you have more info on Tampico that you can share? Tampico has always been very confusing. The old BB forum may be back soon so we can consult old notes there.

  3. I gotta think what really is promised to these lower cartel killers i mean look at places where they are at least promised 72 virgins etc but here what free meth ??

    1. Free meth is real, 72 virgins is not.

    2. 8:08 Virgins do exist,
      But they do not start putting on a credible show until the 20th guy pays them, in advance, at least by signing the marriage papers on the dotted line.

    3. 8:08 free meth is not free either, by the second time you are hooked and about to pay with your ass, they stick it to you real slow little by little.

  4. I read the conversations, what cartel is in control of a city, strange at one time mexican law enforcement was in control

  5. 7:13 the "cartel in control" is the local politician/public security combine puppet or the state governor and state police that used to be Policia Judicial Estatal, career gunslingers for incoming politicians that got replaced by the new system where governors hire their own private security mercenaries, usually career criminals, many from other cities and states and some with military backgrounds, pin them down and you've got crime pinned down.


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