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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Guatemala: 5 Migrants Survived January Massacre of 19 in Tamaulipas

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Guatemalan authorities say five migrants survived the Jan. 22 massacre of 19 people, including 16 Guatemalans, in northern Mexico.

GUATEMALA CITY -- Guatemalan authorities said Tuesday that five migrants survived the Jan. 22 massacre of 19 people, including 16 Guatemalans, in northern Mexico.

Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo said the five are being interviewed about the killings, whose motive still remains unclear.

The migrants were being taken toward the U.S. border by people smugglers when one or two of the trucks came under fire, apparently from a state police unit.

But it was unclear whether the survivors had been close enough in the convoy to shed light on why police would have killed the migrants along with two armed smugglers' guards.

A dozen state police officers have been charged in the killings in the township of Camargo. Two trucks were set on fire and the victims' bodies were so badly charred that identification has taken weeks. The bodies of 16 Guatemalans and two Mexicans have been identified; the 19th body is still undergoing tests.

Brolo said the 16 bodies identified so far are expected to be returned to Guatemala around March 19. Mexican authorities asked for enough time to conduct forensic tests to strengthen their case.

The killings revived memories of the 2010 massacre of 72 migrants near the town of San Fernando in the same gang-ridden border state of Tamaulipas. Those killings were done by a drug cartel, while the Jan. 22 slayings allegedly were carried out by law enforcement.

But the two cases were similar: The 2010 massacre came to light in part because there were survivors. One, a wounded migrant from Ecuador who played dead, managed to make it to a military checkpoint.

Authorities took weeks to identity the charred bodies

Officials later said those migrants were killed after refusing an offer to work for a drug cartel, information that apparently came from the survivors. Cartels in Mexico often charge migrant smugglers for crossing their territory and kidnap or kill migrants whose smugglers have paid a rival gang. Camargo is in an area that has been bloodied for years by turf battles between the remnants of the Gulf cartel and the old Zetas cartel.

Some of the relatives of the Guatemalan migrants killed on Jan. 22 told of receiving calls from the migrant smuggler who took the group of 10 males and three female north. The smuggler apparently survived, but told them their family members were dead.

The dozen officers charged in the killings were members of a 150-member Tamaulipas state Special Operations Group.

In 2019, prosecutors charged that the same police unit, then operating under a different name, pulled eight people from their homes in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, posed them in clothing and vehicles to make them look like criminals and shot them to death.

Authorities had warning of the problems in the unit, which was created last year from the remains of the special forces group accused of the 2019 killings and other atrocities. A federal legislator even filed a non-binding resolution in Mexico’s Congress in early January to protest beatings and robberies by the unit.  

Source: AP


  1. They are NOT wanted in tejas, this stinks of a contract on illegals like San Fernando.

  2. A 77 year old lady was executed in mexico city. What kind of pussies kill a 77 year old woman? Mexico is going to shit and while amlo fingers his asshole.

    1. Yeah I saw the video. Was it a robbery attempt ?

  3. Now that's some cowardly sh*t. Helpless and defenseless people slaughtered by trained & employed government hit squad should ring alarm ⏰ and calls for accountability.
    Which I hate to say; will result with hesitant and resistance from applying justice to those "truly responsible" for these crimes and not some POOR LACKEY who was unfairly bestowed upon.

    Sad story

    1. What could've been the reason though??? Any theories??

    2. probably they were being trafficked by one group and the other group found out and attacked them to hurt the rival group.

  4. Why do the Central Americans even come when they know its dangerous, dumbasses.

    1. Are you foreals with your comment try for a better life not everybody was born with a silver spoon like you

    2. 8:17 to embarass the Biden administration, US crooks even give money to coyotes to entice migrants with travel financed with local shark loans their family must pay back no matter what.
      Under tromp the migrant crisis was used to steal billions of dollars for "make the wall" campaigns, even the Pentagon gave money that was Not Their to give, and contractors got paid in advance even if they never built anything but a Pyramid scam, i suspect lawmen were involved with Wall Builders, given their uber enthusiastic support.
      --The army was involved in denying Lt Gen Charles Flynn in refusing to send the National Guard to help with the Capitol Riot for 6 hours, let's say "some army brass", they are no saints either...

    3. Professional coyotes promise them a better life, even help the migrants get the 10 000.00 financing, in dollars of course.
      They get recruited.

    4. That goes to show you HOW bad the world they’re escaping is and what they will do for freedom and a chance at life.

  5. the only thing that can save Mexico is a war. cartels against the people--with members of the government taking both sides. maybe other countries would step in to help. Mexico is too far gone. legalizing the drugs wouldnt even stop it. the competition for corrupt money whether it involves humans, extortion on business, agriculture and land, tourism-- will always exist because the government has failed its people past the point of return.

    1. 8:20 foreign interventions make a lot of money for the buzzards lucky enough to get in, witness over 30 trillion dollars spent by the US on Iraq and Afghanistan, most of it on private contractors that have kept losing those motherfacking wars to stay employed for 20 years!!!
      After the US military had the wars won in 3 weeks.😏😏😏

    2. 8:20 tás más güey vale!
      Mexico is trying to climb out of a hole and you want to drag it back and bury it deeper with war and expenses and more debt for murdering even more mexicans.
      By now your ass should know a lot better...

    3. Mexico isnt trying to climb anywhere primo. they have the money to hire contractors or the ability to solicit foreign aid. their are complicit with the violence and let it go on. corrupt to the core, hoping that that one cartel wil gain control so the violence will stop but that will never happen. this will never end with out a civil war or a revolution, aided by the US or the UN. Mexico is worse than Middle East and has been for the last 15 years. it just doesnt get the Western media publicity

  6. I blame crazy uncle Joe Biden for this one,


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