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Monday, March 1, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Cártel de Sinaloa Interrogate a CJNG Operative


The Cartel de Sinaloa released this video back in September of 2020. In this broadcast the interrogation of a CJNG operative reveals how they purposely murdered innocent civilians in order to heat up the Fresnillo plaza in their favor. The following is just an interrogation.

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario : Who’s responsible for the armed attack where 10 innocent civilians died? Elderly, children and innocent civilians were killed on that day. Who’s responsible?

Captive : The ones responsible are Los Trillizos and 2 Municipal Policemen. 

Sicario : What are the nicknames for Los Trillizos?

Captive : They are El Temo, El JJ, El Gody, La Gorda...

Sicario : Who from the Municipal Police supported you guys?

Captive : Raul Salazar, El Flaco, and another guy who goes by the name Rodolfo. 

Sicario : Rodolfo what?

Captive: They call him El Pollo.

Sicario : Rodolfo aka El Pollo?

Captive : Yes. Rodolfo aka El Pollo.

Sicario : What are the patrol unit numbers?

Captive : Their patrol unit numbers are 659 and 653. 622 also. They’re State Police units. 

Sicario : Who initiated the attack?

Captive : Los Trillizos. 

Sicario : On who’s orders?

Captive : It went down on orders of señor Ricardo. 

Sicario : On orders of señor Ricardo?

Captive : Just as well señor 25 aka Manitas. 

Sicario : Manitas?

Captive : Yes. 

Sicario : Is it true that you guys said we were responsible for that dumb shit so that we the Cartel de Sinaloa couldn’t enter here?

Captive : Yes boss, they’re the ones responsible for that bullshit. 

Sicario : Sir, we’ve come here to do away with scum such as yourselves. Kidnappers, extortionists, fee collectors, and rapists of young girls. We’ve come here to do away with all that crap. How do you like that? Is there anything else that you’d like to say?

Captive : Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived by their bullshit. These guys aren’t worth a fuck. They had us all working for free, they never paid us. These guys ain’t worth a shit. It’s just that simple. 

Sicario : Tell me once again who within the government works for you guys? Who helps you guys out?

Captive : The State Police and the Municipal Police. 

Sicario : Ok then. 

Captive : And a commander from the Metropolitan Police also. He’s a dark complexion fellow. 

Sicario : What name does he go by?

Captive : El Snyder. 

Sicario : What’s his name?

Captive : Snyder. El Snyder. 

Sicario : Got it. What about the Ministerial Police?

Captive : Agent Sala, and Agent Patricio. 

Sicario : Which patrol units are they in?

Captive : They belong to the Investigative Municipal Police. 

Sicario : Where are they stationed? 

Captive : What?

Sicario : Are they stationed here in Fresnillo or are they stationed at the Zacatecas State capitol. 

Captive : They’re stationed here in Fresnillo. 

Sicario : The guys from the State Police, I need unit numbers and their nicknames. 

Captive : Their unit numbers are 653 aka Villa, 622, those are the only 2 units that I’m aware of. 

Sicario : Give me some more info on the State Police. 

Captive : Ah, commander El Chuy. 

Sicario : Chuy what?

Captive : Chuy Medina. 

Sicario : What exactly does his job entail?

Captive : That individual has a particular job. He’s a commander within the State Police. But aside from his job within the State Police he’s also doing investigative work. He gives us the heads up on where all the drug sales are located. Just as well where the armed civilians are. And all that other shit that goes with it. 

Sicario : Who else?

Captive : There’s another individual who goes by the name Charley. 

Sicario : Give me more info on this individual. 

Captive : That guy has a motorcycle shop in the Arboledas neighborhood. But it’s just a business front. In all actuality it’s a drug distribution center. And the State Police go there often to meet with them.


  1. What a coincidence that you post this just now when cds just dropped a couple videos a few minutes ago of them interrogating cdg/cjng henchmen spilling the beans that the police is on their payroll in jerez

    1. If anyone has links for videos send them in so they can get translated. It would help if we can get some back info so as to add for the narrative. Thanks.

    2. 6:38 were can I find those videos your talking about ? I will like to see that footage . Thanks

    3. Dear Sol,

      Thanks for your controbutions. But I was wondering how this kind of videos can shine a light on which cartel does what? I mean, they are very much scripted so they can also be made to frame another cartel or try to take the heat of their own.

      Greetings from The Netherlands

    4. If anything it shines a light on the mechanics of structured deals. From the low level dealers to the police commanders who willingly participate for money.

    5. Sol heres the link to the video i was telling you about in the original comment
      It was dropped sunday.
      It sounds like its an even fight out there

  2. That’s awesome work Sol prendido
    Atentamente “El Zacatecas”

  3. Under the Democrats, Cartel with their business, they will use the central American, human trafficking and carry drugs

    1. Conspiracy claims shouldn't be admitted here.

    2. Are you still crying about Trump losing the presidency, house and the senate like the failure that he is? Snowflake. Look on the upside, Melania will be working at Hong Kong soon.

  4. Gee that guy had lots of details and doesn't look like typical cjng .. wonder how cds found him? This interrogation was 'civilised' compared to most.

    Canadian girl💋

  5. Michoacanos are gone bark and get they sugar levels up when they see these saying sinaloa only in corridos 😀 CJNG getting mopped by real man CDS 😜

    1. @12:10 only one I see barking is you homie, acting like all michoacanos are CJNG nuthuggers gtfo with that. Saludos a todo la gente de Fresnillo Zacatecas y mis compas Sinaloanses. Att: Un Turista Tarascó

  6. 7:20 Why would "the democrats" do that? Looks like you have been brainwashed with somebody's hogwash

  7. Animo Sicarios!
    CDS operators cleaning the plaza of Zacatecas. CDS is only dedicated to the business.

    1. Still cheering after CDS killed children.

  8. Animo Sicarios
    "Attentamente ya se la saben "

  9. Thanks to the Sol dude stepped up for BB

  10. Any of our Mexican bros here,can you tell different accents?Like are these guys Sinaloan askin the questions or Zacatecans?Surely you can get on some accents and where their from?

    1. Sinaloan accent

    2. Person asking questions sounds from Sinaloa and the person answering are local person from fresnillo Zacatecas .
      Atentamente “El Zacatecas” cerquita de fresnillo

    3. 8:31 how close???San Jose d lourdes close?colonia guanajuato close?purisima,fuentes,el penasco???

    4. Cerquita muy cerquita pasando las Lomas hay un santo niño que nos cuida .

    5. 6:03 ojala no seas pariente de esas ratas de los monreal

  11. Cuidado amigos mios porque esto es infiltrado rumano ha chivatado a su madre tambien pero aparece en el video.


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