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Friday, March 26, 2021

Cuauhtémoc, CDMX: Marijuana Merchants Physically Assault Their Overbearing Competition

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

A couple of nights ago we realized that the drug dealers had returned to settle outside the Mexican Senate. Well, today 10 minutes before 6 in the afternoon, in front of the main entrance of the Senate House, street merchants of marijuana and other drugs got into an altercation. 

7 people assaulted a young man who apparently also wanted to sell drugs in Reforma Insurgentes. This is how they react towards him, this is how they kicked him, this is how they brutalize him, then, as you can see. Well, there are still assaulting him.

Then they steal his belongings. And they head towards the Jardín Luis Pasteur a few meters away from there. These are the images, this afternoon outside the Mexican Senate. What does the authority say on this matter? What’s the next thing we can expect to happen outside the Mexican Senate, a shooting, a stabbing, a massacre?

Once, not long ago, there was a peaceful sit-in here by pro-cannabis activists. Today, and for several weeks now, and here we have it documented, for weeks now it’s something else all entirely. It’s also something else that the authorities as well as the federal government tolerate in the Cuauthémoc municipality of Mexico City.

Source: Ciro Gómez Leyva


  1. Mexican TV is retarded. Woopty doo, some punk got his ass whooped over a corner.

    1. Sounds alot like the liberal american media.
      Post that ❄️

  2. I have never seen a fight on Reforma before. What do you think? Are they connected to any group or just solo dealers?

    1. Just small time local shit.selling joints nicks dimes dubs etc. Guess that was their block.homie was disrespecting,needs to post up somewhere else.he should maybe...

    2. I've never seen a fight on Reforma either.

  3. Why sell so close to where the Senate is ? I mean is pot that much in need and why no Cops to keep these guys away
    Was pot the only drug he was selling they have videos of him
    why not videos of whos buying
    Find out who he is Then youll know if he is connected to a Cartel group
    The guy has balls to sell so close to a city gov. building thinking it is ok

    Gotta remember Meth is flowing better then water in Mexico maybe methheads thought he was a leader of lizard people ?? idk
    you must do storys of the damage drugs are doing to people in mexico

    1. "do storys of the damage drugs are doing to people in mexico"
      Classic hypocrisy,meanwhile Mexicans literally gloat over sending tons of drugs to the US and its"junkies"

  4. People are going to killed because of legalization in Mexico

    1. People are gonna get killed anyways its Mexico its a tradition as old as the ground they walk on ! If they want to celebrate legalization with a fresh round of murder then thats what they will do . Blame it on us terrible American Junkies and speed freaks were busy doing our part up here getting high all day and enjoying ourselves festively let them do their's as long as we are all having fun at the expense of others pain and sufferng then were all doing our parts as long as Mayo Mencho and a couple other yahoos in Mex are able to lounge around in little caves and nooks and crannys hiding from shadows and pissing their satin briefs and brightly feathered blouses every time they here a helicopter then fuck it ! Thats the way they like it . And up here we cant complain but we still do . Cause its Fun and its just a phone call away I get ounces of pure for 150 usd delivered to my house in under 30 min I dont even do that much the rest we just throw to the chickens.The deer seem to like it too !

  5. What a freaking joke of what happens in Mexico. For anyone saying well it happens in the USA everyday. mothefucker it does! But the police will be tearing down your door and put you away with all of those day laborer clowns standing around. They must think they’re in front of the Home Depot.

  6. They might hurt someone fightin like that?


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