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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Criminal Gangs Likely to Influence June's Elections in at least 7 States

Mexico: Gangs Are Likely To Influence in Elections in 7 States

Morelos, Guerrero, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Sinaloa, and Jalisco are the states where organized crime has better conditions to influence local political processes.

Mexico's Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection Rosa Rodriguez on Thursday reported on seven states where there is a higher risk of organized crime interference in June's subnational elections.

Morelos, Guerrero, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Sinaloa, and Jalisco are the states where there are risks of pressures and homicides by criminal gangs against candidates. These groups collude with local politicians and authorities to offer financing, donations, or personal protection for electoral campaigns. 

"They establish fear campaigns to intimidate the political class and citizens. They assassinate, threaten, co-opt, impose, and finance," Rodriguez said.

"Among their strategies of violence are homicide, kidnappings, deprivation of liberty, intimidation of families, burning of homes, and extortion," she added. 

Describing the criminal groups in these states as "the party of the crime," the Security Secretariat is set to deploy federal forces to detect threats, risks, and vulnerabilities ahead of Election day. 

Rodriguez highlighted that it is a priority to provide protection to candidates and reinforce security in municipalities. At least, 73 crimes related to political events have been registered so far, 64 of which have taken place in Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Veracruz, Guerrero, Morelos, Baja California, and Jalisco. 

On Jun. 6, over 21,000 local posts will be at stake, including 500 federal lawmakers positions, 1,63 local congresses, 17,000 city council offices, 15 governorships, and over 1,900 municipal presidencies.



64 Politicians Killed Amid Electoral Process:

Mexico's Citizen Security and Protection Secretariat (SSPC) Wednesday reported that at least 64 Mexican politicians have been murdered since September 2020 ahead of parliamentary and regional elections.

Presidents AMLO and Fernandez Summon Latin American Unity:

"Organized crime has affected Mexico for decades. There are regions where criminal gangs still seek to decide on candidates through campaigns of fear," SSPC Secretary Rosa Rodriguez said.

Over half of the murders occurred in the states of Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Veracruz, Guerrero, Morelos, Baja California, and Jalisco.

To contain the wave of violence, Rodriguez presented the "Strategy of protection in electoral context" ahead of the elections scheduled for next June 6.

"With less than four months to go before the elections, we are focusing efforts on curbing these crimes and preventing criminal groups from strengthening their political influence," Rodriguez said.

The Strategy will include working tables between judicial and electoral authorities, reinforcing security in high-risk municipalities, and protecting threatened candidates.

"Protection must be previously accepted by the candidate. We will not interfere by force in an electoral process," she added.

On June 6, millions of Mexicans will elect 500 lawmakers, 15 governors, and 1,900 city council leaders.

The government will enforce an strategy to curb this wave of violence ahead of the elections scheduled for next June 6.

Source: TeleSur


  1. Truly doubt only 7 states are at risk for election tampering. I say tampering to be polite & considerate to those opinionated readers here.
    The decades of political influence & criminal associations within government have enriched many past and present. A common goal nowadays for politicians / criminal organizations to secure & protect vested interests than serving its constituents.
    Can only imagine the costs & legal objections associated to this proposed resolution.


    1. PAN, PANAL, PRI, PVEM, PRD, PRS, MC, not even united can beat MORENA, their last hope is cartel bosses they have betrayed and murdered and got extradited to steal their business...
      Looks like they are all about to lose their putas nalgas all over again, the only thing that will fix Mexico is The People, because ginirals with life long records of ineptitude and corruption in cahoots with their narco-politician boses will not want to give up their dirty ways
      and they are the ones doing war against mexicans while blaming carteles de narcos

    2. @2:58
      Good input.


  2. mexican organized crime makes colombians looks like boys in the hood

    1. 3:06 - The Colombians still run the show because only about 20% of drugs produced in South America are sent to the U.S. You will never hear the names of the biggest & richest Colombian Cartel Bosses, they work from offices in skyscraper buildings & are untouchable businessmen. The Mexican Cartels are the amateurs that try to make big names for themselves using violence while the Ultra-Rich Real Bosses live like ghosts among the World's Elite without fear.

    2. 6:53 agree i think colombians are not only world most powerful organized criminals but also are a perfect example how to be low profile! Its the colombians who have the name "the invisibles"

    3. The colombians had and still have the most powerful best ran true cartels. They dont seek fame so you dont know who they are.

    4. 6:53 colombia already had their murdering, plenty of mass graves there, and alvaro uriba has been defending himself for much of it fro. His senate seat that he has lost, but he is rebuilding his murdering drug trafficking empire, it is needed more now that the US creepublicans got kicked out of the Whites' House, they won't be able to steal anymore budget for Corporate Welfare Queens for a while

    5. Colombians are very low profile criminals

  3. 11:02 Not! Ever since Cuba got took colombia got into their thing, and carlos lehder, pablo escobar, matta ballesteros, among many, were nothing but unconspicuous


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