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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

40% of Mexicans Would Accept a Government Headed by the Military: Poll

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Almost one third felt a democratic government might not always be the best option.

Many people argue that the armed forces already have too much power in Mexico but four in 10 Mexicans wouldn’t mind having a government led by them, according to a national survey.

Developed by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the National Electoral Institute (INE), and the National Survey of Civic Culture (ENCUCI) the poll found that 16.6% of respondents totally support having a military government and 23.5% somewhat support the idea.

The remaining 60% of those polled rejected the idea of having a government led by the military, to which the current federal administration has entrusted a wide range of tasks including public security and infrastructure construction.

The survey, conducted with the occupants of more than 25,000 households in urban and rural areas of the country last August and September, also found that almost eight in 10 people are in favor of having a government headed by a strong leader.

Just over four in 10 of those polled said they agreed very much that a strong leader should be in charge of the country while 36% said that they somewhat agreed. The remaining 22.5% of respondents said they disagreed.

Although 40% of the respondents indicated that they would accept a military government, 90% of those polled said they were in favor of a government that is democratic in its decision making and included experts in a range of areas such as health and the economy.

Just over half of the respondents – 52.7% – said they are satisfied with democracy as it currently works in Mexico but 46.8% said they were not. Almost one third of those polled – including perhaps many of those who indicated support for a military government – agreed that a democratic government might not always be the best option in certain circumstances.

Among the other findings of the ENCUCI were that 61% of respondents believe that laws are not respected or barely respected in Mexico and that 45% believe that reducing corruption – a central aim of the current federal government – is not possible.

The survey also found that 76% of respondents don’t trust political parties and 50.7% believe that they serve no useful purpose. Seven in 10 respondents said they had confidence in public universities, making them the most trusted institutions in the country, while social organizations ranked second with 51.4% saying they trusted them.

After political parties, the second least trustworthy institutions are unions. Just over half of respondents said they don’t trust business leaders while just under half said they lacked confidence in the media. Two-thirds of respondents said they don’t trust public servants and other government officials.

At the presentation of the survey on Wednesday, INE president Lorenzo Córdova acknowledged that there is still mistrust about elections in Mexico, although the democratic system has made signifiant progress in recent decades after the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, ruled the country as a virtual one-party state for much of the 20th century.

“Mistrust continues to be present in the election and is even fueled by some political actors as an electoral strategy. … The mistrust of society in the state of democracy and political institutions, on one side, and the use of a discourse of mistrust as a mechanism of political action have an impact on the elections,” he said, explaining that many people are not well-informed about the improvements made to the Mexican electoral system over the past 30 years.

Sources: MND; Animal Politico


  1. Mehxeeko is already a military state,we have a strong military street prescence and frequent patrols,AMLOs hugs and kisses is a lie !

    1. It has been that way since 2006. In fact I think it was worse under Calderon/EPN. It’s nothing new.

    2. Lencho Cordoba alias La Lencha is one corrupt Sanabagan.
      He has been stealing and misusing INE (Instituto Nacional de Elecciones)p funds, buying himself personal things like motorcycles and cars, pushing for PRI, PAN, PRIANAL, "candidates" and the only reason MORENA got the Presidency was the overwhelming support of the people, that made the neo-porfirista oligarch "neo-liberales" of FECAL and EPN fold and quit, but they never got enough of mule kicks on their snout and had to come back crying for their CHAYOTE and perks along with the reporteros FIFI, (the frenchified high class Poodles of mexican bought and paid for "journalism").
      If AMLO WERE A DICTATOR he would have kicked corruption to a prison somewhere
      This propaganda job about militarizing mexican government is just a lame effort at stealing democracy from the mexicans to install a "Soft Coup militarized government that won't be but a Pinochett styled dictatorship, the mexican military wants to blow the limits to their bottomless greed and have been at it since the US went there courting México with their original sinners of "Operation 40" to fight "comnunisn" through corruption and drug dealing.

  2. Just like Panama under General Manuel Noriega !

  3. Mexico needs a ruler like Porfirio Díaz or Hosni Mubarak to run the country.

    It can’t handle being a democracy/republic.

    1. The porfirato sold the county out to foreign businesses similar to American politicians today selling out to ccp owned businesses

    2. The problem is corruption, and that will exist in a military dictatorship the same way it exists in a democracy.

    3. Military dictatorships are No Facking Good, from the times of the Romans that lost the roman empire for them to Chile, Argentina, The LatinAmerican Banana Republics...the military are not even their own best friends chingadamadre!!!
      Even on the US, mainly the Chain o'Command, they depend on the industrial side of the equation for a life of millionaire after their service and they better behave and toe The Line or else.

  4. ^^^^ until the cartel infiltrates Porfirio Diaz or Hosni Bubarak and youre back to square one. only way mexico can be saved is revolution by the people with the aid of government. limpiar la pizarra. death for a better mexico is better than death from a stray bullet

    1. 11:43 the mexican military already OWNS the cartels, had been deep in police operations since the Butcher of Tlatelolco giniral Marcelino Garcia Barragan was governor of Jalisco before returning to the army to work for presidente diaz ordaz and luis echeverria to murder students and civilians.
      By then the US had been training people like general manuel diaz escobar and others trained in the US School of the Americas, they would go and assist pinochet on his mass murdering and takeover of the government.
      Even Cienpedos said the military kill and ate not trained to be policias, much less honest politicians...

  5. All Catholic countries are authoritarian and corrupt

  6. If there is peace. I've struggled with this question for much of Latin America. If the leadership left the common person to live in peace.

    1. 2:46 United Fruit Co. did not create the CIA to kiss Latin American peasants' asses or the murdering Shool of the Americas to kowtow to their liberation while alive...

  7. Weed must be legalized, we need a strong ruthless leader that isn’t afraid of increasing the war

    1. 5:40 eres una bestia...
      The US just got through a "strong ruthless leader", and he had the military and everybody on his side kissing his ass.

  8. Eso quisieran pero ni los militares pueden calmar la demanda de los drogadictos del pais vecino, que la siguen comprando al precio que sea, algo sucede ahi ." tienen mucho dinero y ya no hay nada que satisfaga su deseo de algo nuevo en su vida y ewo los acaba. lastima xq su inteligencia cae bajo el interes economico que notiene ningun intere ue se pare esto .


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