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Monday, February 1, 2021

Tijuana BC: January's Bloody Death Toll Plus the Arrest of 3 CJNG Members

Yaqui for Borderland Beat 

Mayra's Murderers Arrested: Salvador N., Antonio N., and Cristopher Antony N.

3 CJNG Cartel Members were Arrested for the Murder of a Woman in Tijuana:

The State Attorney General's Office detained three subjects, who had an arrest warrant for the murder of a woman, through uniformed members of the State Security and Investigation Guard, for events that occurred on October 27, 2020.

Derived from the investigations of the Public Ministry of the Special Prosecutor's Office in Crimes Against Life,  the necessary evidence was presented, so that the Control Judge presented the arrest warrants against Antonio N., Salvador N., and Cristopher Antony N., for the crime of qualified homicide with advantage.

On the day of the events in late October, around 6:30 p.m., in the private dwelling in El Porvenir, of the Natura subdivision of Tijuana, the victim Mayra Alejandra Jiménez Reta was in the company of a friend, who stated that those named Salvador N., Antonio N., and Cristopher Antony N.,  approached Mayra, and one of the subjects took out a firearm and began to shoot at the victim , who ran into the dwelling, where she succumbed to the gunshot wounds. Her friend reported that the subjects left the place at full speed aboard a black Jeep Cherokee brand truck. 

The defendants belong to the criminal group Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. No details were given about the investigation and subsequent capture of these three individuals.

After the arrest warrants were completed for the three subjects, they were placed at the disposal of the Control Judge of the Judicial Power of the State of Baja California. For this reason, at the time of the arrests, they were made aware of the warrants and the read their constitutional rights and immediately they were made available to the same Judicial Authority that ordered the warrants for their capture. 

2021: January's Bloody Death Toll;

162 intentional homicides in the month of January, 2021 have been recorded in Tijuana, Baja California ; the first month of the new year , as of 4 PM Jan 31.

With the discovery of a decapitated body in the vicinity of the Sánchez Taboada Producta neighborhood, on the morning of Sunday, January 31, there were 162 intentional homicides in the year 2021. Five murders occurred in five hours overnight Jan 29 / 30th the State Security and Investigation Guard reports, within the Tijuana City limits. Read the Reports below. 

All of the hideous , now commonplace findings have been recorded. Decapitations, dismemberments,  gunshot victims, "encobijados", ie the body wrapped in a blanket or tarp, "embolsados", ie body or body parts found in bags, usually large black garbage bags ; and " entambados" or bodies found in 55 gallon drum type of containers. The number of female victims was not separately reported in this number, also known as "femicides".  

A Human Head found in front of the main entrance of the ISSSTECALI Clinic on Avenidaa Aranjuez by people arriving at work.

The avenue was closed to traffic while experts from the State Attorney General's Office collected the head. It was not specified whether it is the head of a man or a woman.

Behind the back of the La Presa delegation in Villa Fontana, another human head was abandoned along with a threatening message for police corporations. No reports of the wording of the threats made.

Reports of the Five Murders in 5 Hours in Tijuana: 

 #1 : At 05:30 a.m. on January 29, 2021 on Avenida del Rosario in front of address #8, Colonia Campestre Murúa, Centenario delegation, officials from the Group of Crimes against Life of the State Investigation Agency report that a body was located, on a public dirt and mud surface roadway;  their upper and lower extremities taped behind their backs with a piece of red adhesive tape, the head and torso covered and taped with a black plastic bag, red adhesive tape. Victim: Unidentified body of sex and age to be determined. 

#2:  At 06:47 a.m. on January 29, 2021 in Adolfo López Mateos Street  # 90 in the Guadalupe Victoria neighborhood, Mesa de Otay Delegation, officials from the Group of Crimes against Life of the State Investigation Agency refer that it was located inside From home number 90, on the surface of the bed, in a supine position, a male corpse with wounds in the head region, produced by a firearm projectile. Victim: 21-year-old male body named Pedro Luis Río Nila.

#3: At 08:40 hours on January 29, 2021 inside Rancho El Rosal # 10 Turquesa Street, Pedregal neighborhood, La Presa delegation, officials from the Group of Crimes against Life of the State Investigation Agency report that two sacks were located in the patio of Rancho el Rosal, on a dirt surface, inside a black plastic bag and a white sack, wrapped in a pink blanket, an unidentified body of sex and age to be determined. Victim Unidentified corpse of sex and age to be determined, I am assuming this is a dismembered corpse.

#4:  = 2 Bodies found without life, a female and a male:Victims: Corpse I: - 48-year-old male named Siro Castillo Lemus. Corpse II: - Unidentified female sex of age to be determined.

At 02:15 hours on January 30, 2021 on the corner of Fuerte San Gaspar in the Mariano Matamoros neighborhood, Florido Mariano delegation, near Constitucíon, officials from the Group of Crimes against Life of the State Investigation Agency report that the bodies of the two dead were located inside a  single room home, on the floor, in a supine position, the corpse #I: - a male with a wound in the head region and reddish-brown spots on the face, produced by a firearm projectile, the female victim was found on a bed in the prone position, ie, corpse #II: female, with a reddish brown spot in the head region, assumed to be blood. 

Around 10 am  the emergency center was informed of a decapitated body on Eridiano Street and Sánchez Taboada Boulevard, next to a vacant lot and a makeshift wooden and canvas house.

Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at the site and confirmed that it was the body of a male with the absence of the head.

In another violent event, also this Sunday the body of a male person with both tied hands and feet was found on a stretch of dirt on July 4 Street in the Lomas del Matamoros neighborhood.

On Saturday, on Minarete Street in front of the Villas del Sol 3rd section neighborhood, a man who was identified as  Jonathan Tapia Martínez, 28 years old was found dead.  The victim was shot by a firearm projectile in the cephalic region.

A 39-year-old man identified as José de Jesús Villegas Hernández died at the Angeles Hospital, who arrived at the hospital after he was shot and wounded on Allende Street and Rosa Avenue in the Roma neighborhood.

This just a sampling of the 162 reported homicides,  the unreported cases of murders and disappearances we may never know.

Sources: Zeta TJ / UniMexicali


  1. Thanks for writing, Yaqui! I always find Semanario Zeta's articles to be incredibly difficult to translate (even as a native Spanish speaker)because they are very detailed. Fantastic job!

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