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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Tecate, Baja California: El Aguacate aka El H3 Freed Due to Illegalities


Alleged illegalities in his detention after being transferred to the Attorney General's Office 

Alejandro Manuel "N", aka "El Aguacate" or "El H3" was released after being presented before a federal judge for alleged illegalities at the time of his arrest.

The alleged leader of a criminal group, responsible for the violence in the municipality of Tecate, had been detained by the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI).

Hiram Sánchez Zamora, central prosecutor for the State Attorney General's Office, said he didn’t know the details of the case, it won’t be until they meet with the FGR that he can find out the reasons for the release.

These circumstances, he explained, do not exempt the subsequent criminal actions against the suspect.

Regarding his alleged involvement with the murder of journalist Francisco Javier Ortiz Franco, he indicated that there was no arrest warrant against him for that crime.

Alejandro Manuel “N” was detained by the GESI in the town of El Hongo, on Lázaro Cárdenas street and Avenida Trece.

The suspect was in possession of a 9mm pistol and two .22-caliber rifles, all with dozens of rounds.

After the arrest, the alleged criminal was transferred to the Attorney General of the Republic, but they could not prove the legality of his arrest before a judge.


  1. Cjng HAVE mexicali on 🔐
    CDS groupies would say that CJNG would never take that PLAZA but THEY are there to stay

    1. 5:01 having presence doesn't mean they have control

    2. Mexicali is own and Controlled by CDS for now. El ruso still owns that plaza but we forsee the Salazar clan snatching that crown

    3. Looks like el bulldog gave up on his CAF and now rooting for CDS 😆
      This clown is CLUELESS of what's really GOING on in mexicali but swears he knows it ALL 😆

    4. 7:03pm My sources point that information out, after operation Imperial Dragon supposedly Checo was removed. Everything is happening so fast and people keep getting popped or changing alliances. CAF is definitely a Force but mexicali was lost when Higuera switched.

      You were one of MANY to say CJNG would not set up or be RELEVANT in mexicali PLAZA.. Los garibay and many others switched to CJNG in that PLAZA.. Garibay have been it that PLAZA SINCE the eighties.. CJNG has that PLAZA so don't be a fan boy and say CDS runs it..
      CDS might be desperately trying TO get it BACK but as of NOW they have NO CHANCE

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  2. The pinchi chicharra ran out of batteries, the federales used the cattle prod as a vibrator and stole it, how are they going to gather evidence and confessions?


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