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Monday, February 15, 2021

Possible Rare Sighting of "El Mencho" while Violence Continues in Aguililla, Michoacán

Yaqui for Borderland Beat

Eight people were hung and the unusual sighting of  "El Mencho" in a white Suburban: the testimonies from the ongoing assaults on Aguililla.

Aguililla, Mich., February 7, 2021:

Residents of the town of Aguililla, Michoacán , one of the municipalities hardest hit by drug trafficking, reported clashes on Saturday in the municipal seat.  Strong clashes between armed groups serving organized crime took place in communities of the Aguililla municipality on Saturday, where reports from residents indicate that 8 hit men were hanged, although there is talk of a score of wounded, all of which has been hidden by the government of Silvano Aureoles Conejo.

According to the residents, more than three dozen trucks with hitmen from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel surprised their cartel rivals from Los Viagras in the Palo Dulce community, Aguililla municipality, where the former killed 8 hitmen who were hanged.

Inhabitants of that municipality located 270 kilometers from the state capital indicated that the clashes originated after more than three dozen trucks with alleged hitmen of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel ( CJNG ) surprised their rivals of the Los Viagras cartel in the Palo Dulce community.

It is said that even eight rival hitmen of the Guadalajara organization were hanged as a warning. Other clashes were reported in the vicinity of the Bonifacio Moreno “El Aguaje” community.

The unofficial reports reported on the flight of helicopters of the National Guard (GN) in the area, as well as the displacement of a strong convoy of trucks, ensuring that in one of them, a white Chevrolet Suburban , the maximum leader of the organization was traveling. , Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes , "El Mencho", a native of Aguililla.

The authorities in the United States accused 28 members of the criminal organization CJNG for money laundering and other financial crimes of drugs and weapons  (Photo: Special)

For the past 15 months that the CJNG has tried to seize Aguililla, the fighting has spread to various towns, where the inhabitants serve as a human shield for the criminal organization.

Caught in the crossfire of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and the Carteles Unidos, at least 267 families have requested the support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"We are very afraid": inhabitants of Aguililla, Michoacán, denounced that they are used as a human shield by the CJNG:

Through a recording, a woman shows the trace of the violence left by the organized crime combats.

“Good afternoon, Mr. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador,   I am going to present you with a compilation of disasters and evictions that the war between cartels has left in our community of El Aguaje, in the municipality of Aguililla, Michoacán, as an objective that gives us your support because our peoples are running out of food or medicine. The criminal group Cárteles Unidos does not let us pass food or medicine and turns off the power whenever they feel like it, ” exclaims the victim.

The municipality of Aguililla, in the southwest of Michoacán, has become the scene of clashes between the CJNG, ie Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, the Cárteles Unidos criminal organization, and state and federal security forces. According to testimonies taken up by the Mexican media, La Silla Rota , the inhabitants of the municipality are the most affected.

Upon the arrival of elements of the National Guard and the Mexican army to Aguililla, the residents of the different localities within the municipality have perceived that the violence against them has increased. Whereas previously the confrontations were oriented to the dispute between criminal organizations for territorial control, now there have been cases of inhabitants forced to go out to demonstrate against the Mexican security forces under threat from the CJNG.

This is how a resident of La Aguililla tells it for La Silla Rota , who preferred to keep his identity hidden for security reasons: “Here in El Aguaje and El Limón, the Jalisco Cartel are  forcing us to go out to confront the government, not to let them pass . They are forcing the families of all of us, that if we do not support them they will take everything from us, that they will run and even kill us.

For 14 years, the community of El Aguaje has been a point of dispute between the CJNG and the Carteles Unidos (Map: Infobae México)

A week ago Friday there was the strongest confrontation, to date, between elements of the state security forces and members of the CJNG, the criminal group headed by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes,  “El Mencho”. 

There have also been roadblocks using burning vehicles. In a video broadcast on social networks, an Aguililla resident denounced that the Carteles Unidos have resorted to leaving the community of El Aguaje without medicine, food and electricity . The recording is directed to the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom they ask for help in the situation.

The inhabitants of La Aguililla have identified some of the characters who have intimidated them to use them as a human shield before the Mexican security forces: Miguel Fernández "El M2", a person under the name of "El Alacrán" and someone more than it is identified as "The Delta Jaguar".

They have been forced, for example, dress in white and go into the streets to prevent the passage of the authorities in the municipality "And the truth is we are very afraid to go do that, because they all have the bullets and we are being forced that we have to go and if not, they will kill us. Because the confrontation is very strong, because an operation failed. Things get ugly and they want us to go. We are afraid, very afraid ”.

The criminal group Cárteles Unidos - a criminal alliance between local criminal cells - is identified as one of the main generators of violence. According to the entity's secretary of Public Security, Israel Patron Reyes, this organization is behind the bloody acts that take place in the region. Patron Reyes has identified that this cartel offers money to the residents of the Pizándaro, Cenobio Moreno and Las Colonias communities, in exchange for attacking the police in Michoacán and setting up drug blockades.

Silvano Aureoles Conejo, governor of Michoacán, pointed out the abundance of water that exists in the mountains as the main attraction for organized crime to see in this region a platform for criminal operations.

" Fundamentally there, the issue is, there is water and it is a very isolated area, so it is facilitated for the installation of synthetic drug laboratories, " he remarked.

(Photo: Twitter @ Silvano_A)
These geographical conditions, he explained, have led to a permanent dispute over the place between criminal cells that operate in Michoacán, and others from neighboring states such as Jalisco.

" The permanent threat of criminal cells from the Jalisco side and the confrontation with the cells that are operating or that have been operating for a long time in the Buenavista, Tomatlán and Tepeque and Aguililla area ."

Michoacán is a strategic region because it is a transit point for drugs and the control of the Lázaro Cárdenas port in the Pacific, an entry point for chemicals for synthetic drugs that have made the CJNG a millionaire.

The CJNG produces and traffics drugs such as fentanyl, an opioid that has raised warnings in the US for the number of deaths from overdoses it has caused.

Source: Infobae /Noventagrados / LSR / Contramuro


  1. Infobae is just regurgitating what the Michoacán press (paid by Carteles Unidos) is writing. The misinformation coming out of Michoacán is unbelievable. The facts prove to be completely the opposite as being reported. Not siding with any of the groups involved in the turf dispute; just siding with the truth. It is sad for all Michoacanos to have to live with this BS. I suggest Borderlandbeat should do an article on what's really going on in Michoacán. Start with interviewing Breitbart reporter Jose Ulises Lara (Unidad de Inteligencia Ciudadana)so he can give you some facts about the carnage and pillage Los Viagras are creating against the AVOCADO/LIME/MANGO GROWERS in the region. All this is done with the protection of the AUREOLES government. FYI, JOse Ulises Lara is a native of the Aguililla, Michoacan region and he has pretty good factual information about this mess. Peace out.

    1. Facts. I have family in huetamo and ziranadaro and they say Viagras are messing with their own people and that they rather jalisco take control already if they had to choose.

    2. Breitbart? Seriously? Those guys are worst

    3. 8:44 the guy you speak off is an ex autodefenza. He actually joined the movement for a change in michoacan but found out they were viagras/cartels unidos the hard WAY. He has an interesting STORY, he's ex MILITARY and body guard. He's THE real deal. I watched a few of his YouTube videos and he called them FUNDILLOS UNIDOS 😆
      CJNG will teach those BI+@H€$ a lesson not to mess WITH the INNOCENT like CU have been doing.

    4. How about the government coming in and protecting the people like they’re supposed to? Lol

    5. I agree and anyone who says different is a viagra or don’t know what really is happening down in Michoacán.

  2. I knew I would get heat for this piece.
    You may note that there are other sources mentioned. And, yes, you are right about the farmers but for another Post. I myself have done several along w other BB contributors. Check the archives. I will try to do a follow up on the farmers.

    1. Why bother with a report that features governor conejo, he is a left over from EPN qhose virrey alfredo castillo de cagada installed him to rule with the viagras and el americano after posing as juetsas "rurales" for a few days, aurioles conejo wants to keep michoacan for the PRI PRD PAN combine of corruption, it gets worse as his term as governor nears its end, but when AMLO comes to visit, as in jalisco, tamaulipas, sonora, guanajuato, or chihuahua, EVERYBODY COMES TO KISS HIS ASS.

  3. Yaqui, my comment wasn't meant to give you any grief. I just wanted to point out the mediatic war (disinformation) that is going on in my home state. I been following you guys for many years and appreciate all of you guys hard work. V/R

    1. No Problemo !
      Thanks for contributing and add any links I can follow.
      Nothing better than sources on the ground.

  4. Coward of la MENCHA don't leave his caves in Jalisco much less to go to agulilla hes too much of a biatchhh to do so

  5. Word is MENCHO hanged those eight by HIMSELF

  6. CJNG taking out the trash.

  7. Sargy, aka Unidad de Inteligencia Ciudadana, makes things up to make CJNG look like they are winning battles. When in fact CJNG lost territory in Michoacan. El Aguaje is not even an important place to hold, except for that Mencho is from there and it hurts his ego that he can't control it.

    If you really believe Mencho was out in El Aguaje patrolling you are an idiot.

    Remember when Mencho's Groupo Elite was supposed to take back Tepalcatepec? They were defeated.

    Sargy is the real deal, but he is liar. I don't know what beef he has with CU, and it made be valid, but CJNG's invasion into Michoacan did not go well.

    Now CJNG is following the play book of seding crash dummies to their deaths in enemy territory to heat up plazas. And having go around online claiming they are winning battles to look strong when CJNG is weakning.

    What you are seeing right now is patadas de ahogado.

    1. You're probably the 8:31+/- poster on the full article by David Sauceda? regarding the CJNG Winter Offensive. I replied to your comment. If you watch Sargy you know CU messes with the civilians just like the CT did before the autodefensas and others smashed on them. I previously wrote that Boto pulled out all the teeth of Sargy Father trying to intimidate him because of his information. All those fools flipped on CJNG, that's basically why they lost a lot of territory in Michoacán.
      You not related to any of those Fundillos Unidos?

    2. I watched Sargy's videos. I know it's personal between him and los Viagras.

      That's why I don't trust the stories that go with his information. It's tainted with his personal feelings. So you believe Mencho strolled to El Aguaje in a 30 truck convoy? You really believe that? You trust that story because Sargy said it?

      So the people that make up CU didn't mess with civilians when they were in good with Mencho? They were all fine upstanding citizens until the commited the terrible sin of not backing Mencho anymore?

      CJNG and Mencho, the idiots that blew up children with dynamite for their propaganda videos of terror. Those are the good guys in your opinion?

    3. You generate money by selling, transporting drugs to the gringos if you are local group with no ties to the south you can only generate money from the townspeople.which means extortion and ransom rackets.

  8. 8:22 first of all bro CJNG are winning battles against C.U in some areas but they're losing in others .. what is happening is CJNG comes, takes a plaza, C.U cries, the Govt comes , CJNG runs then C.U claim victory. With upcoming elections I feel as if that will come to a stop and the real winner will be obvious.
    Why is it so hard to believe Mencho was in Aguaje? He is a native of aguaje, there is testimony from EL ABUELO himself where he denies knowing Mencho but recalls seeing him often pass through. It is his HOMETOWN. Imagine having all this fucking power but yet you cannot go back to where you were born? What if he really is sick and wished to see his home one last time? What if he felt the risk was not so high being the plaza boss was weakened due to a lack of support from other C.U bosses as rumored? there can be so much behind it that you and I have no clue so don't be so naive. It could be a yes just as much as a No.
    Tepalcatepec was not to be taken, what they wanted was stated over and over, all they want is El Abuelo and his PPL. If they wanted Tepeque they would be continuously be attacking the same area but it seems as if they are jumping from area to area going for the higher ups. Or heating up plazas to have THEIR corrupt Govt come and clean plaza for them just like they did in GTO.. Remember the 2nd incursion into Tepalcatepec?? When they lost 1 of the Grupo Elite Trucks from the Video? Do you know what the Whole objective was?? It was for them to attack several places they believed El Abuelo and his Close circle were located, and prove that the GN was corrupt and worked for C.U. as soon as GN responded they left. It was a quick night raid in and out . Fuck shit up and leave .
    Sargy has stated over and over that he despises the Viagras because a while back they KODNAPPED HIS DAD MOM AND A SIBLING. I believe and tortured them, pulled all his parents teeth out and beat them for several days but left them alive and dumped the bodies somewhere almost dead.on top of that it is known he had to Flee from his hometown because they Autodefensas became completely corrupted and he could not trust anyone so he left. I agree with you he makes CJNG look like super heroes. Although they are not super or heroes CJNG is in fact
    better equipped, better trained, have far more resources and outnumber the Cartels in Michoacan that's why they formed C.U.
    You act like CJNG invasion is over. It's just begun. After GTO was declared "theirs" with arrest of El Marro, CJNG seems to be focusing on Michoacan and give it a year or two and you'll see it's only going to get worse. Just wait until the Elections happen. It's going to get interesting and some serious power struggles will ensue. I'm not Pro CJNG because believe me you do not get that big being the nice guy. They are just like any other cartels but C.U literally lives on Extortion and Theft.they are not huge Drug Capos compared to CDS CJNG NCDJ BLO CAF. They are coalition of smaller orginizations that obviously do not have as much money as their counterparts. And in that world, the one who has the most money can keep wars going because war costs money BUT it also GENERATES money if you're able to conquer and reap new territory.
    I'm not attacking you I'm just giving you a different perspective and believe me I'm open to different perspectives.

    1. CJNG is not as well funded as you want to believe. Los Cunis have been getting hit hard by the government, Mencho ruined that family. A lot of the money supply CJNG relies on is running low. The top Capos on CJNG side have been getting busted. Mencho just made it hot for them.

      That little show video, where those idiots kept screaming "Arriva El Mencho" where defeated in Michoacan. All that money spent for nothing. Better equipped and trained, ok I'll take your word for it. Still lost.

      The invasion of Michoacan is over and Mencho lost. Now he is just hated up la plaza like a sore loser. Having people on the internet pumping up fake stories of Mencho bravely going back to El Aguaje to see his people. Yeah El Aguaje, the place in between Apatzingan and Tepalcatepec, for sure Mencho was there, totally believable. I will completey take Sargy's word of it. That's sarcasm for the folks that are a little slow.

      And GTO is far from over, too. What is it with CJNG claiming fake victories?

    2. 1:08 AM If it wasn't for the support of the Sedena, Semar, GN, State Police Carteles Unidos would be gone a year ago. Or the betrayal that El Abuelo, Poncho La quiringa, El Tetos, El Toro, Camoni did when they killed el morisqueto and flipped on CJNG Los Viagras, Blancos de Troya, Los Templarios would be gone right now. What is keeping them alive is the support of the Government. They pay for that support by extorting the Limon, Mango, Papaya, Avocado, tortilla makers, butchers, small store owners. kidnapping for ransom or making the kidnapped owner sign over their lands and then killing them.

      CJNG has went into Michocan a number of times. In Tepaltepec 2 to 3 times the first one was a failure the 2nd and 3rd times they went into the center of Tepaltepec one of the vehicles stopped working so they abandoned it. They only left when the Guardia National based in Bueanvista and the Sedena Based in Coalcoman showed up. The Chocomiles de Tepeke were on the roofs like scared rats crying on the radio for the GN to show up.

      CJNG with mostly people from Michcaon have killed several hundred sicarios belonging to Carteles Unidos including La Cholita. El Sargy has that video of how she was treated. While only losing 100 to 150 men most captured or killed by the Sedena, Semar, GN, State Police. CJNG hasn't made an incursion like the one they did in Guanajuato they are using those small group that didn't flip to fight the Carteles Unidos its been a year and a half since the Carteles Unidos have actually fought CJNG the only fighting is being done by the Sedena, Semar, GN, State Police.

    3. 3:50 it's funny how people like u never stop saying that the government support is always for whoever going against cjng rats,the traitors are always the ones opposing mencho in this case abuelo n co.... always trying to paint cjng as heroes like if they never do wrong...I CALL THAT BS.....reality is if it wasn't for government help or corruption mencho n his clowns would be long, just like any other cartel cjng NEEDS crooked officials to survive IDGAF if u say otherwise,now in gto it was an embarrassment that the so called grupo elite COULD NOT get at marro until amlo went ahead n arrested him n yet the war is far from over WHAT A SHAME on those cjng "super trained soldiers" they sure did kill a lot grandmas n innocents there thou.that faggit of sargy is another clown of mencho just taking selfies n trying to pump up their miserable self,he will NEVER show a video of viagras chopping a jalisca so the fact is that u always try to find a excuse to cover defeat n crushed ego...maybe cjng n el sargy should stop making videos n taking selfies n come up with a new strategy..😂🤣🤦😉😆✌️🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🖕

    4. The vehicles stopped working? I guess CJNG isn’t that well funded after all? Clowns. Oh, our vehicles broke down, retreat!

      And why is CJNG crying that the military keeps killing them. I thought they elite forces that can take on whoever? You said they were well funded and trained the best.

      Look, you cant make a stupid video with a bunch of guys showing off all there gear, screaming Arriva El Mencho, then go around crying that the military actually engages you. It’s pathetic.

      And quit pretending you where their to count the bodies of who died. You weren’t there and all you are doing is making excuses for why CJNG lost in Michoacán. Again it’s pathetic. There is nothing is special about the gunmen that work for Mencho. If you believe the stories that Sargy tells, you are an idiot. I feel bad for Sargy and what happened to his family.

      But that doesn’t let Sargy of the hook for cheerleading CJNG, a group that stupidly filmed themselves blowing up kids with dynamite. Now CJNG want sympathy and cry because the military keeps on killing them? PATHETIC

      And don’t pretend you care now about the extortion. Hell a lot of those orchards and plantations are owned by the CU’s families. You don’t get to cry about that either, because obviously CJNG didn’t care until the guys in Michoacán turned on them. Don’t pretend you now because CJNG didn’t care before.

      If CJNG doesn’t have the funds to pay off the military. It’s because they don’t have the money and power to do so. You can’t cry about people flipping on you, this is a war and all is fair in war.

    5. What do you expect me to answer all your question? I was just telling you how it is the reasons ect. Lets wait and see what happens. I have seen enough evidence to know what is happening in Michocan since 2016 in full detail before that using Borderland Beat. I discovered the truth once I stumbled upon someone who was there and told us the truth about things he saw with his own eyes. The propoganda wars the lies the corruption everything. The Suffering the pain the death.

    6. You should know Pillo, aka Mr. Mencho. Cleaning the trash at home.

    7. I was gonna say....used the word "bro", pillo is el mencho. hey do mencho. Are you alive? Dead? Kidney transplant?

    8. Pillo is el mencho. He said bro

  9. I don’t know why people keep theorycrafting that he is not there.. people saying it isn’t proof without any proof of hai own that he isn’t there or somewhere else either. Might aswell say “don’t know where he is” rather than “he isn’t there” if you have nothing in relation to him being anywhere else. It totally is possible and probable that some of these sightings have been accurate. This guy has to shit / eat/ sleep like everyone else and nobody is 100% incognito even if they wanted to be. He’s been scene many times by many people most likely unreported or in cohorts with his criminal enterprise. That’s not to say he hasn’t been hiding like a mole either.

  10. 1:08 am "Yeah El Aguaje, the place in between Apatzingan and Tepalcatepec." Compa, you're completely lost. Based upon your assumption El Aguaje should be near La Ruana or Buenavista? You are obviously not from the area..

    1. Why, because it’s a little further south?

      Ok then, this proves Mencho was there. 30 plus truck convoy, definitely happened.

    2. @8:07 jajajaja, got em! Just another OG SHADOW!

  11. Animo compadres!
    I can confirm Senor Mencho was in Aguillila. I was with him and make no mistake, the war in Michoacán is far from over. This state will be ours!

    Caballero de Jalisco🏴‍☠️🇲🇽

    1. It’s over, you guys lost.

      Deal with it. 😎

    2. Is el mencho alive

  12. Lmao 10:07 maybe you should come to Jalisco with me next month? I go monthly and not for vacation. Send me your email and we can arrange it bro. I'm not bullshitting y solo con Los hechos te enseño. Aqui no hay mamadas y no soy calquer pendejo no mas hablando por hablar mi compa. Te dejo con una information. Busca en Google "Hector Padilla Gutierrez" es mi tio y lo boy a visitor cada mez porque me hecho la mano. No hables si no sabes compa nyno digo mentiras de que es mi tio. Manda to email y te Mando pruebas mi rey

    1. Why are you talking about Jalisco, we are discussing Michoacán, the state that kicked out Mencho and defeated the forces of CJNG.

      Their Grupo Elite wasn’t worth much.

    2. Bro, is this el mencho


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