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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Mexicali, Baja California: An Armed Criminal Cell Kills 2, Injures Child, and Kidnaps 3 Men


A day of extreme violence was lived in the early morning of February 23, between the Colima and Chiapas ejidos, in the Mexicali valley, in two criminal actions, which occurred with a difference of minutes: two men were murdered, a child was shot and three brothers sleeping in a house were kidnapped.

The criminal actions were perpetrated in a period of half an hour, between 01:30 and 02:00 this Tuesday.

In the first crime, they reported that several hooded individuals arrived aboard white pick-up vehicles and broke into the home of the Colima neighborhood where a family was.

The thugs went to the bedroom of 46-year-old José Fidencio Granados García, who was shot with high-powered weapons in the head; three wounds to the face and back of the neck. In the attack, his 7-year-old son was also injured in the chest. Both were transferred to the General Hospital of San Luis Río Colorado, where the father was declared dead.

About half an hour after the first attack, "a group of heavily armed criminals broke into the house located on the Calle Junta de Mejoras in front of the Christian church Bautista Alfa y Omega, in the Chiapas I ejido," and again surprised another sleeping family. Enrique Martínez Camacho, 40 years old, was killed there, he was shot with large caliber weapons.

His other three brothers, identified as Aaron, Alonso and Ángel, 41, 48 and 45 years old, were forced to get into the vehicles and so far their whereabouts are unknown.

As a result of the criminal acts, an intense mobilization was generated by police from all the corporations of Mexicali in search of those responsible, but the authorities presume that the murderers fled to the municipality of San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora.

Both attacks were perpetrated just 12 hours after elements of the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI) secured an arsenal and captured José Fernando Aguirre Barreras, whom they identified as a criminal operator of José Alexander Sánchez Félix "El Ruso," leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. (He is presumed innocent, until his responsibility is declared by the judicial authority. Article 13, CNPP).


  1. If the kidnapped are not released soon, jose fernando aguirre barreras needs to answer for them with his life, chon chon experts will gladly help interrogating him in el Hongo.

  2. I wonder if these are people he(jose barreras) was working with and gave up


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