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Friday, February 5, 2021

Los Viagras manipulates Michoacán residents and pays them to attack police officers, official says

 "MX" for Borderland Beat

Los Viagras and its cell Los Blancos de Troya (pictured) are paying people in rural Michoacán to confront security forces. This form of "manipulation" is being investigated by authorities, who say Los Viagras is employing this tactic to gain ground against the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

The head of Michoacán's Public Security Department, Israel Patron Reyes, explained that the violence in the region of Tierra Caliente has nothing to do with the "resurgence" of self-defense groups. He said that the uptick in violence was linked to the recruiting and deceiving tactics of the local Los Viagras cartel, which seeks to establish control in the area over the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Residents from the communities of Pizandaro, Cenobio Moreno, Las Colonias and other surrounding areas have carried out attacks against security forces (both state and federal) because they are being "manipulated" by Los Viagras, who wants authorities to leave the region.

Patron Reyes said that these residents are paid between MXN$300 (about US$15) a day or up to MXN$2,000 (about US$98) per week to throw rocks, block roads, burn vehicles, and organize  anti-law enforcement protests.

The people organizing these activities are oftentimes parents and children who live in these communities. The official said the evidence of Los Viagras' manipulation is "very strong".

A woman interviewed for this report said that one of her sons is missing. She claims that they were working as self-defense members in the area and that they were targeted by cartels. However, government officials said they had information that her son was part of Los Blancos de Troya, a cell within Los Viagras.

No self-defense resurgence in Michoacán 

Reporter: "So there is no resurgence of self-defense groups in Michoacán? Is this a fight between gangs only?

Patron Reyes: "That is correct. Let's remember that in 2013, self-defense groups emerged in Michoacán, and some notable figures like Hipolito Mora and Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles became well-known for defending themselves from the Knights Templar Cartel.

"They were fed up with government inaction and of being victims of cartel killings and extortions in their lime and avocado farms, as well as in their wood and mineral production. It is very clear that they were living in a cartel-controlled area."

"However, that is not the case today. People in Michoacán now have a response from the government. The Mexican Army, the National Guard, the Michoacán State Police, and the State Prosecutor's Office are permanently in the area all the time".

Patron Reyes concluded the interview by saying that the collaboration between state and federal authorities was good and there is an ongoing effort to address the problem at hand to attack the problem. 

Sources: Milenio


  1. Good thing all my family left Michoacán in 2012
    Senseless war smh

  2. These idiots will GET ripped out by CJNG
    Just a matter of TIME..
    These guys are scum who extort EVERYBODY..
    Cjng is the better of the two, but THAT'S Mexico where GANGS run the COMMUNITY..

    1. They can't CJNG doesn't want to fight the government if it wasn't for their support the Carteles Unidos would be gone already. CJNG lost el aguaje last year become a Guardia National commander they called him Pinto that was having sex with Nocolas Sierra Santana's wife and possible El Boto's, Rodolfo Sierra Santana's wife was the one that would fight for the Viagras conducted operations supporting them. He conducted operation where CJNG lost 15 to 30 people and tons of weapons. Right behind his operation the Carteles Unidos came in and took over the town and looted it.

      This commander than request assistance and conducted another operation where Helicopters were brought in CJNG lost the majority of their armor and started checkpoint in the town to protect the viagras while they looted the town.

      Last December the viagras killed him for that very reason they found out he was the one that sent the nude picture of their wife's. After he was gone El M2 and CJNG went into El Aguaje in 30 min he captured 14 to 15 Viagras among them La Cholita and took control again. They then left and remain around El Aguaje as a precaution for another attempt from the viagras to go into that town again.

      This is when the viagras started to call themselves Autodefensas put a white shirt on their wifes and family El Chunde then made that video where he talks about how CJNG kicked him out of there. El Chunde has a really hot daughter I might add I can't say I didn't choke the chicken a few times man she is hot.

    2. @12:13 I thought that was Chundes wife, the güerita. Sargy even put up Chundes picture, dude doesn't look old but you know he spends his time and "riches" on BS as he doesn't even know how to correctly speak. Lara has the scoop...

    3. 12:02 PM The one in the bikini? The Jaliscos posted that picture his daughter is hot.

      I believe this was Commandante Pinto
      Correction he went missing around December or January he was found dead on the 14ths of this year. El Commandante Pinto who cleaned el aguaje so the viagras could take control of town. The load of weopons he took were eventually sold to the Viagras. El Sargy and Commandate Pinto are responsible for what happened to the people of El Aguaje.

      This was el commandante Feo de La Fea killed by the templario branch that is left of Kike Plancartes family. What El Sargy is saying is the Tempalrios are split down the middle one side backs the Plancarte family and the other backs Nazario Moreno Gonzalez he was suppose to come back to Mexico but was arrested for murder in Europe.


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