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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Judge Orders End of Alleged Mistreatment Against 'El Marro'

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El Marro was once one of Mexico's most-wanted criminals. He was arrested in August 2020.

A federal judge ordered authorities at the Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 1 ("Altiplano"), Mexico's maximum-security prison, to end the alleged mistreatment against Jose Antonio Yepez Ortiz ("El Marro)", former leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL). El Marro is currently segregated from the rest of the prison population and has complained of ill treatment.

In a legal motion, El Marro said that authorities have refused to supply him with the medication he needs to treat his hypercholesterolemia (cholesterol) and that he is not allowed to have authorized visitors like the rest of the inmates. Federal judge Adrian Rivera-Lopez reviewed his motion and issued an order to protect him from the alleged violations.

"We concede the motion [issued by El Marro] ... and order that he is returned with the rest of the prison population. We order that the ill treatment and torture, as well as other mistreatments not mentioned here, cease immediately", the judge said in a statement. 

Rivera-Lopez ordered federal authorities to give an update on his motion's status within 24 hours. The update must include a certified copy that they have agreed and acted upon his motion. The judge did not include the authorized visits as part of his order.

El Marro, arrested last August, was the leader of the CSRL, a cartel based in Guanajuato. Much of the violence unfolding in Guanajuato in recent years has been attributed to the turf war between the CSRL and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). 

Sources: Milenio; La Jornada


  1. I wonder if his victims were able to file an amparo to stop mistreatment???
    Welcome back BB, u were missed....
    Mexicali heating up again

    1. Post some of the sources / links in the forum. I can dig too and see if we can write a few posts about Mexicali. Thanks!

  2. Elevated cholesterol levels alone do not constitute a medical condition. While hypercholesterolemia can promote the development and progression of cardiovascular disease, high blood cholesterol is only one of many risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

    Would like to know who paid the judge? It’s not Mexico who pays him.
    It’s called prison for a reason and not summer camp.

  3. Didn’t he escaped prison ? I’m confused

    1. 8:56 Dia de los inocentes compa, it was a lie

  4. Poor baby why you all so mean to a thieving, murderous criminal?? He just wanted for his family to have more than what he grew up with. Only killed a few hundred to do so. Treat him right.

  5. How about the people be killed that will no longer be able to see their family? Esos no cuentan verdad? Chinga tu madre Marro.

  6. MARRO will always be a CRY baby 👶
    JUST like his last videos


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