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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Jerez, Zacatecas: Sicarios Attacked State Traffic and Highway Delegate’s House


* Afterwards, they confronted elements of SEDENA and left a soldier injured

* "I haven’t lowered my guard not once in securing security”: Alejandro Tello

Hitmen attacked the house of the State Transit and Road delegate in this municipal capital and when fleeing they confronted elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA). They left an soldier injured in their wake.

In the end, the aggressors managed to escape and were not arrested.

The events happened this Thursday, around six in the morning.

The armed individuals, aboard some vehicles, arrived at the official's house, located on Emiliano Zapata Street in the Zaragoza neighborhood, in Jerez, and fired several shots.

Afterwards they fled in a convoy to Fresnillo. The delegate of Transit and Roads reported the crime to the authorities.

At the exit to Fresnillo, SEDENA troops ran into the criminals, who attacked them with gunfire. The troops managed to repel the attack.

From this confrontation a soldier was injured and the aggressors finally escaped.

In addition to the attack they burned a house in the colony of Los Músicos.

Fortunately there were no casualties reported from the attack on the official's house.



  2. Whatta motherfucking circus, the injuried soldier must have broke a nail and his brothers at arms had to let the cartel members escape...
    Alejandro Tello could be in on it, no roadblocks or patrols anywhere, not even tollway stations chingadamadee!!!

  3. They are NOT INNOCENT by any means, just a rival CARTEL warning those cops
    Most likely CJNG


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