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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Jalisco Violence Escalates: Killings Suggest an Adjustment in the Criminal Underworld

Something serious is happening in Jalisco, analysts say. The killings suggest an adjustment in the criminal underworld.

Edgar Guerra: "Today, after 15 years of war, many of these conflicts are about revenge. I believe that retaliation and the idea of ​​revenge is very strong behind this violence."

Recent acts of extreme violence in Jalisco show that despite slight decreases in the number of intentional homicides, insecurity remains uncontrollable. Experts consulted indicate that the type of violence that affects the entity accounts for a worsening of the attacks committed by criminal organizations.

The massacres in Tlaquepaque and Ojuelos, the kidnapping after a shooting in Zapopan and the findings of human remains , also in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, show that the violence in Jalisco continues irrepressible, despite the apparent decline in the numbers of intentional homicides.

“Jalisco is an entity that has started 2021 with frankly alarming violence. There are several events that lead us to think that, in effect, something is happening in the criminal dynamics, "said Edgar Guerra Blanco, research professor at the Drug Policy Program at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE).

At least 48 acts of extreme violence have been registered so far this year. The civil organization Causa Común pointed out in its report “Galería del Horror” that in the month of January alone, 45 high-impact events were observed and documented, including four multiple homicides and eight different findings of human remains in plastic bags. 

Add the events that occurred in February such as the massacre in Tlaquepaque, which left at least five people dead; as well as the discovery of the 18 bags with human remains and the shooting at the Los Otates restaurant, both events in the municipality of Zapopan. - Both incidnts covered here on BB-

Jalisco closed 2020 with a total of 2,621 victims of intentional homicide, just 1.65 percent less than in 2019, the most violent year of that entity in the last five years.

Experts on the issue of security and violence consulted by SinEmbargo explained that the upsurge in Jalisco, more than quantitative, is qualitative, that is, they are becoming more bloodthirsty.

"While it is true that some indicators could tell us that it is going down a bit, the truth is that Jalisco is one of the most violent states in our country," explained Edgar Guerra, from CIDE.

David Coronado, head of the Violence Laboratory of the Department of Sociology at the University of Guadalajara, agreed that violence has evolved.

In Jalisco, he exemplified, not only are people murdered, but now they are deprived of their freedom and in some cases the perpetrators dump the bodies of their victims in unpopulated areas, rivers or near their homes, but in many others cases are buried clandestinely or otherwise disappeared, which is another form of even more cruel violence.

"Violence is increasing, it is like an ink stain that spreads on a sheet," said the academic from Guadalajara.

The dimension of these forms of violence is not yet reflected in the crime incidence data, since in the matter of disappearances the black figure is high. In addition, the bodies found in clandestine graves were not counted in the statistics of intentional homicides reported by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP).

Jalisco is the federal entity with the highest number of reports of missing persons between the period from December 2018 to December 2020, with a total of 3,724 reports, which represent 22.62 percent of the national total.

David Coronado, head of the Violence Laboratory of the Department of Sociology at the University of Guadalajara, agreed that violence has evolved.

After Jalisco, the states with the highest number of reports of missing persons (between December 2018 to December 2020) are: Tamaulipas, 1,287 (7.82 percent); Guanajuato, with a thousand 252 (7.60 percent); Mexico City, with 1,228 (7.46 percent) and Sonora, with 1,227 (7.45 percent).

In Mexico, at least 559 clandestine graves were located during 2020, of which 1,186 bodies were exhumed, according to information released by the National Search Commission (CNB).

Jalisco is also the federal entity with the highest number of bodies found in clandestine graves with a total of 433 bodies, that is, 42.96 percent. Other states with the greatest location of remains are: Guanajuato with 204 (20.23 percent); Colima with 89 (8.83 percent); Michoacán with 73 (7.24 percent) and Zacatecas with 60 (5.95 percent).

After Jalisco, the states with the highest number of reports of missing persons (between December 2018 to December 2020) are: Tamaulipas, 1,287 (7.82 percent); Guanajuato, with a thousand 252 (7.60 percent); Mexico City, with 1,228 (7.46 percent) and Sonora, with 1,227 (7.45 percent).

The violence in Jalisco has been attributed to the fight between the CJNG -Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel- and the Sinaloa Cartel over control of routes, drug trafficking and the illicit market, just as our BB Contributor Itzli reported in his Post on the violence in Zacatecas on Feb 23.

However, Edgar Guerra considered that one of the reasons that give rise to the qualitative rise in violence is because the war between antagonistic groups operates under a logic of revenge.

“This violence started as a conflict over the routes, but the truth is that today it is no longer necessarily a conflict over the routes; Today, after 15 years of war, many of these conflicts are about revenge. I believe that retaliation and the idea of ​​revenge is very strong behind this violence. I think that more than by routes, it is a war to annihilate each other because they have already hurt each other a lot; For a long time they have hurt each other and today they bring so many grievances between them that what they are looking for is no longer the control of the routes and if it is not the extermination ”, said the specialist.

The analysts consulted also explained that this alarming aggravation of violence is generated by the normalization of it and because there is necessarily complicity of the State with organized crime gangs that operate almost with total impunity.

"We cannot dissociate these types of attacks without thinking that there are certain complicities behind and without thinking that these armed groups have links with the police," Guerra explained.

Finally, the expert stressed that to fight organized crime in Jalisco, it is necessary to dismantle it by fighting money laundering, that is, hitting its finances.

Check out the Full Causa Común Atrocity Report 2020 Here  On the report there is an actual DAY by DAY tally of atrocities. This is all in Spanish, the US Common Cause website does not contain this material. Tons of graphics, charts etc NOT graphic photos.

Source: SinEmbargo


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    1. 10:09 what is to be gained from cleansing tweakers???
      Don't be stupid my dear grasshopper, it is all about governor's power to stay and stral and go on to better thingz like a presidential period to start a Dictatorship Alfariana under governor and Major Rat enrique alfaro who thinks he is the monkey's ass...his state police like arturo bermudez in Veracruz needs to hide their victims, narcos and criminals just leave their victims where they drop, no burial, government murderers disappear their victims ASAP.

    2. 10:08
      stupid youngster!

    3. 7:13 i mean, there are still glass Coca~Cola bottles with very thick bottoms, if you need to see better, the problem in jalisco has been the governors stabbing the cartel that put them in power trying ro grab too much for themselves from everybody, the worst murdering gets done in the night in secret by the governor's state police all over mexico, no videos, no bodies, no crimes.

  2. Jeezzz. Tell us something we dont know. This is nothing new in criminal world: one gets killed by the other group. They kidnap them first and chop then up. Or shot out happen between crminals. Nothing new here. Same ol Mexico.

  3. CDS have learnt to move in silence and are sweeping up the filth in Jalisco. CJNG play dress up and post videos to show that they’re strong as a form of intimidation.... clowns. Mexico will always be CDS’s back yard, years of putting in work and building a foundation shows.

  4. The war between CJNG vs the Coroneles backed by El Cholo and the whole structure in Tlaquepaque, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, parts of Zapopan, parts of Tonala after Don Chelo was killed ect. Then their are the street beefs between local street gangs, mexican moments where people kill each other for miscellaneous stuff, family problems ect.

    Look at the dead and figure out where the war is right now is CJNG on the ropes or are they doing hits inside Los Cornoles/Cholos territory?

  5. Not counting the bodies found in those graves in the homicide statistics is stupid. Giving a false sense of security in these areas. I always knew the homicide rates in mex that they give was off

  6. "NOT graphic photos."...crazy times if its worth mentioning.
    But a great read as always yaqui, thank you.

  7. I often try to compare the criminal violence in Mexico with that of the United States. When excluding factors like mutulation and torture, how is it different?

    One is mostly rural, the other is mostly urban.
    But how do the profits compare? Obviously, in the us it’s distributed across corners and blocks, and Mexico it’s larger groups. But looking at only drug related activists, how do the profit margins compare?

    There’s so much to the comparison, I’d like to borderland beat explore that a bit to help put things in perspective

    1. Exploring/researching those topics is something we are definitely interested in. What literature do you recommend? Feel free to message me and we can work on a report together if you’d like.

    2. People seem to forget Mexico exports its drugs and also sell a moderate amount in the country itself. It’s not hard to probably find a dealer with some drugs in more volatile recognized plazas in Mexico. There is rampant drug use in Mexico aswell.

    3. Sadly, I remember a Mexico when that was not so true.
      Maybe some mota, sure, but all these super hard drugs available has changed the whole world including the countries supplying them. Also responsible for the hideous uptick in the ultra violent.
      That Video of the three Sicarios that Sol Posted the other day.....that is plain tragic. The one running her mouth in the middle , obviously Tweeking out of her mind, the body language, unless that was one strange loop of video. Even one generation ago this kind of drug use would have been completely unacceptable by families and society in general.

  8. This war is going to COST many MEXICAN lives
    Many Sinaloas and mivhoacanos will lose their lives in this SENSELESS war that won't stop. The U.S will capture MENCHO or onother big fish and THAT will create more killings with many cells trying to take over THAT area. All over Mexico its happening. SINALOA is fighting itself in sinaloa and in Sonora. Cjng with el cholo WHO called MAYO to help him with MENCHO because he was going to kill him do he let the Sinaloas INN
    GUANAJUATO, michoacan, CHIHUAHUA and other parts are a WAR zone.. Sad to see 🇲🇽 this WAY... At the end NOBODY wins, they all lose family friends and their lives. If they are lucky they get sent to PRISON.. Just SAYING

    1. "just saying"
      What ?

    2. 7:33 DO you KNOW how to READ?
      JUST saying...

  9. Yeah right! That's why the former Cartel del Juarez doesn't exist any more. What was left of them after that ass whooping the boss put on them 10 years ago is now called la linea


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