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Monday, February 22, 2021

Huichapan, Hidalgo: An Armed Criminal Cell Kidnaps Men From Hospital


Video translation is as follows:

An armed criminal cell burst into a hospital in the municipality of Huichapan, Hidalgo. During the early hours of this Sunday to take 4 injured individuals who had been involved in a traffic accident on the Portezeulo - Palmillas highway near the El Carmen neighborhood.

The confirmation was made by staff of the Secretary of State Health. Who filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Justice of the state of Hidalgo. To initiate an investigation after a group of men with heavy caliber weapons forcibly entered the Huichapan general hospital.

And obligated health personnel to hand over the injured. According to reports collected by the newspaper Punto por Punto | Digital Newspaper of Mexico. The Toyota Hilux truck in which the 4 people who were injured were traveling in ended up overturned on the Portezeulo - Palmillas highway on Saturday night, February 20.

Four men were transferred to the hospital to provide them with medical attention. However, an armed criminal cell made up of various men arrived at the Huichapan general hospital.

Who, after threatening the guards, took the 4 men aboard a municipal civil protection ambulance. A police operation was initiated in the area. Eventually, the ambulance was located abandoned on the Huichapan - Tecozautla highway.

With an injured individual inside in critical condition. Paramedics transferred the injured person to the Huichapan general hospital, but he died en route. The whereabouts of the other 3 wounded and the armed criminal cell that took them away is still unknown.


  1. El Lazca is hidden in the mountains of Hidalgo

    1. Haha nope but his people are still in Hidalgo proudly waving the Z flag. They are a branch of ZVE that goes by “Vieja Escuela Z3” and holds most of central and southern Hidalgo including Pachuca. The other groups in Hidalgo are Cartel de Palmillas (local cell active in the northern part of Hidalgo up to Queretaro), CDG factions, and CJNG (making incursions in the southwest of Hidalgo through Mexico State).

  2. Miguel angel osorio chong still cleaning out house, this was a social encounter like his party encuenteo social, PES.
    No security, no police, no roadblocks, no cameras...and MAO is the public security expert, with his Hidalgo state Puppets, part of the independent military zone of the Huasteca Republic


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