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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Hidalgo, Michoacán: Los Correa Crime Family Confronted by Authorities


In a confrontation with State Police, Ministerial Police, and soldiers of the National Guard, in which a helicopter gunship was used, 3 individuals were detained. They are alleged members of the cartels Los Correa and Familia Michoacana. In this operation a soldier was wounded.

The events took place around 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, when elements of the Michoacán Police and military personnel carried out patrols in the Los Azufres community, in the municipality of Hidalgo.

When they were passing through a dirt road in the wooded area, the authorities were attacked with gunfire by armed civilians, sparking a confrontation.

Given the intensity of the confrontation, the support of a helicopter gunship was requested, which made its appearance minutes later, and put an end to the shooting.

As a result of the shooting, a soldier was wounded, and three men were arrested.

Likewise, 4 long guns and 8 vehicles were seized, one of which was labeled with the number 100,  nickname of Medardo Hernández Vera, also known as "Lalo Mantecas", leader of the Familia Michoacana.

The wounded man was immediately helped and transferred to a hospital, while the detainees and the seized vehicles were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authority.


  1. Michoacan cowards surrender like the rats that they are

  2. 10:02 Pendejos die on the spot.
    Survivors live to fight or die some other day.


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