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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Former Member of CDN

By Buggs for Borderland Beat
Source: Social Media

From the Archives

"I got out of the CDN because they don't pay you, they used to beat you with a 2x4 board (tablean) for anything," a cartel member confesses to the hell he lived while being part of the criminal organization.

A while ago, a video (at the bottom) of an alleged former member of the Cártel del Noreste (CDN) and the Los Zetas Cartel was released on social media networks where he confesses to why he left these drug trafficking groups. This video gives a glimpse of how low level members of these cartels are treated, while risking their lives. The life span of a cartel operative is short lived. This video happened a while back, but is good to be reminded of the reality of what is meant to work for the Mexican cartels, no glory, no wealth or respect involved.

It is very rare to see people that have left a criminal organization in Mexico talk about their experience, which is never good. To talk is to sign your own death warrant, and it can be brutal. The fear of torture, dismemberment and decapitation while alive, will instill fear on anyone who might dare to consider talking about their experience with the cartel.

In the video there is a silhouette of a man with his face hidden and he says the following: “I got out of the Cártel del Noreste because they pay you very little, for anything they would yell profanities at you, they scold you and at the end, they only pay half the amount of money that they are supposed to pay you.”

He takes the opportunity to give advice to those who are thinking of joining the roles in organized crime: “Never mess with Los Zetas or the Cártel del Noreste, they don't keep their promises, they live by stealing, raping, they don't pay you, they don't give you money, food, they just mistreat you.”

 "This is a testimony of an ex-Zeta, this shit goes down in Monterrey, Nuevo León all day, and well, they only bring in people like fuck, they do not pay them, they do not feed them and the truth with these fuckers, nobody here likes Los Zetas and the Cártel del Noreste, nobody likes them,” he confesses in the video of just over 50 seconds.

According to social networks, this man was operating for a criminal boss identified as Héctor Raúl alias “El Tory” Luna Luna, arrested in June of 2010 and known for being behind the attack with grenades in 2008 against the United States Consulate in the municipality of Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo León in Mexico.

Let us remember that the Cártel del Noreste (CDN) is led by Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, “El Huevo Treviño” and is considered the most violent criminal organization in the country of Mexico, and has a strong presence in the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Mier and Nueva Guerrero. CDN pretty much has a presence in most of the state of Tamaulipas as well as in the states of Nuevo León and Coahuila.


  1. Great article borderlandbeat.
    Despite the truths of drug trafficking and the risks involved. Many are blind to the fact that easy money isn't so easy.
    Unless a cartel "BOSS" expect all & everyone to be content with pennies. It's not like one can complain to a labor board or union officials about mistreatment and pay.
    To aspire to the riches one fantasizes is by a direct plug. All else is Bling Bling for a day and broke the next.

    1. No money is ever easy whether legal or not.

    2. The point of his comment is that there is no glory in the drug world. These men may have been promised money and believed it... but that’s not how it is at all.

    3. WTF 4:24

      Getting up and doing a simple job Is Easy
      working cleaning your house your room your car is EASY
      life is only as hard as YOU make it
      Getting a Job is not hard
      So getting money is not really hard

    4. 4:56
      Congratulations on your easy life. Some of us are not so fortunate.

    5. What do you mean “great article borderland beat” they didn’t write it do you not see the source in the header

  2. Full video translation


    1. Video translation is as follows:
      "I got out from working with the Cartel del Noreste. That cartel pays you very little. As a consequence for any little reason you got paddled, they scolded you. And then they only paid half a check of what they should’ve given you. And well, don’t ever get involved with Los Zetas or El Cartel del Noreste. 

      They wont keep their word, they just continue stealing, betraying. They won’t pay you. They don't feed you, they mistreat you. Just so you know this is a testimony from a former Zeta. Those faggots who are in Monterrey, Nuevo León they just well, get many people involved without giving a fuck. 

      They won’t pay you, they wont feed you. Well, fuck them faggots. Nobody wants Los Zetas or the Cartel del Noreste---- No one wants them."

    2. Sol always appreciated for the work

  3. Animo Sicsrios !!!
    CDS takes good care of it Sicarios.
    Health insurance ,dental and vision,401k ,very good pay,hazard pay abd life insurance.
    El Señor even working on a retirement plan.

    1. Pathetic cheering and making fun of it while two kids were set fire by SINALOA.

    2. How about overtime and paid time off?

  4. Animo compadres!
    These are the devils that the CJNGs forefathers liberated Michoacán from. Without the Milenio Cartel and CJNG, the Zetas would be cannibalizing the ppl of Michoacán today. We are the true defenders of this state. Not the pathetic Carteles Unidos. Also, our organization has the best insurance and healthcare for our sicarios, we even have our own hospitals for them and ranches set aside as well. We appreciate hard work and loyalty!

    Caballero de Jalisco🏴‍☠️🇲🇽

  5. Nothing more than government/golfo propaganda cdn is a well oiled cartel who pay well haven’t you watched zero zero zero?? Zetas are the badasses of Mexico


  6. Jail worked well for his body and mind.


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