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Friday, February 12, 2021

Coahuayana, Michoacán: CJNG Video Message to Carteles Unidos

Videos Below

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video translation is as follows:

This is a statement for the towns of Coahuayana and Aquilla. We approach with the respect they deserve to clarify various matters here.

And to also clarify that our war is not against the townspeople. Since we have shown the townspeople and ranches that we have come far from damaging anything. Unlike the scum ass pussies of El Teto and El Toro. They want you to believe the opposite though.

We help our people with what we can. Because we are not from Jalisco. More than anything else we are Michoacános at heart. Unlike that scum Carteles Unidos. We also want to clarify the reason for our war in Aquilla and Coahuayana.

It is because the ones who truly betrayed the self defense movement were Héctor Cepeda Navarate and Herman Ramirez Sánchez. They began to unload cocaine in boats and airplanes belonging to El Abuelo Farías since 2017.

As well as for Felipe Villalobos. In addition to doing the same thing that the Caballeros Templarios did, such as collecting fees. Nowadays they are calling it voluntary collections. They charge the city council to give them money for gas. And the banana tree owners are charged 1500 pesos per week.

This is being done to pay their drug users payroll. Look here Teto Muelas you jackass. You should at least have the balls to let the townspeople know who you really are. Since for the better part of your life you've always been scum. 

But now you try to pass yourself off as being a saint. Go ahead and let everyone know what all you were doing as a human smuggler when you were in Nogales, Arizona. Tell them how many of your clients you left abandoned in the desert out there. 

Just as well let everyone know how you were buying stolen vehicles from the Caballeros Templarios. So that you could dismantle them in your chop shop. Also let the townspeople and the government know where you got the money to buy the houses, ranches, machinery, livestock and the groves of papaya. 

That your brother-in-law Carlos Alcalan, your sister Mireya Cepeda, and your nephew are maintaining for you. Also the houses that you own in Fresno, California. Among the properties that you also have in the state of Washington. 

These were all purchased under your step daughters name. Have the balls to admit to everyone who really killed Rosalva’s son, La Chuza’s, and Lupe Aguilar’s son as well. Also the rest of the individuals who have died since 2014 up until now. 

In that interview that you had with Grillonautas you should’ve admitted to how you pass your time brutally assaulting the townspeople. Not just you but El Toro as well. You should’ve also admitted that your counterparts jumped ship to go with Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación because you were only paying them a measly 1000 pesos. 

And you were pocketing 300,000 to 400,000 pesos for every boat cargo. And 300,000 for every plane load. In your interview for Grillonautas you should also have told them how you are the one who controls the plaza. 

And how your son is the person who sells crystal meth in Coahuayana. You also protect the thieves on the account that they help you patrol the area. You know damn well that you’re nothing more than human garbage. 

You like to throw the stone and then just as quickly hide the fact that you did it. For the government we want you to know that we don’t want any problems with you guys. But you have to stop protecting the Carteles Unidos along the Michoacán coast. 

We already know that you guys like to protect and take care of them. You guys got into an accident for protecting them. The National Guard, the Army, and Mexican Marines. You all know exactly who El Teto and El Toro are. And what all they do for a living. 

But even then you place yourselves under their orders. You need to instead do your jobs. And do it well. Take care of the townspeople and not the Carteles Unidos. And as for El Teto’ s mistress, Senator Griselda Valencia de la Mora. 

Does Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador know that you protect your lover the narco trafficker and leader for Carteles Unidos Hector Cepeda Navarrete? Just as well you also protect Herman Ramirez Sanchez. Did you also mention to him that you own properties in San Juan de Lima. Your earnings from your lovers protection. 

Let him also know how you removed the orders of apprehension against your lover with the former Attorney General. You went so far as to fly him out to Lázaro Cárdenas to feign his arrest. What about your other lover the lawyer Claudia Teyes? Your headquarters know very well that for 5000 pesos you eavesdrop on Teto’s enemies phone lines. 

Mr Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Pay attention to the electoral process. Because El Teto and El Toro are the ones who influence who the next Municipal President’s will be. They do this to squeeze them and to protect their interests. Besides, they use them as nothing more than mediators for the State and Federal Government. 

This goes out to you Muelas de Burra. Don’t think that because the government protects you that you will have eternal life. Leave no doubt in your mind that we are going to kill you. You initiated this war when you killed Daniel Rosas Sanchez and Daniel Mendoza Rollas. This all transpired with the help of the Mexican Government’s 65th Infantry Battalion.

Along with your drug users you had them killed in (inaudible), Michoacán. This war will end when you’re dead. And you know very well that we will achieve this. Sincerely, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.


  1. Michocanos are a joke

    1. You would NOT dare say THAT around these guys 😆
      These guys are THE only people from Mexico who went to ear with SINALOA and called their bluff of how tough and UNTOUCHABLE they claim they are in their FANTACY music 🎶 and actually TOOK their PLAZAS. You csn hate on these guys but you can't deny they are not tough

    2. The gulf cartel did it first before the zeta split

  2. Wow! This is snitching at a different level.

    1. This message does not pertain to the comment I am replying to but it would be great to be able to up like or down like comments. I'd recommend visualizing bb as a Facebook to be able to take it to the next level.

    2. 12:05 facebook was initially bankrolled by "russian investors who have sold their shares" but still does their dirty tricks of propagating their falsehoods.

  3. Talking about ratas,pussies of cjng don't know what to do no more but snitch on contras

    1. 1:19 PM everything that was said in this video word for word was stuff already made public in 2018 everything. Everyone knows about it. The only thing they forgot to add or maybe forgot was who El Abuelo Farias, Tetos, Toro, Wicho, Poncho, were working for what organization they belonged to CJNG that they flipped on them and stole 1 ton of cocaine the cocaine route Mencho let them work. The Carteles Unidos have been snitching since the autodefensa movement began that snitching started with them. You can go on Facebook and find 20 pages that belong to the carteles Unidos with nothing but snitching. Two can play that game. One side needs the Sedena, Semar, GN, State Police, Municiapl Police to fight for them because once they see the convoys of jaliscos they run their ass out of town or start crying on the radio begging for help from the government their are audios of this taking place. One side needs to call themselves autodefensas and pay the media to run their stories about how women and children are defending themselves from a criminal group.

      CJNG is just letting everyone who wants to know what is actually happening. So that when they slaughter government forces like they did in el aguaje a few years ago no one is left asking why this happened.

      CJNG went into Aguillila last weekend and made the revueltas viagras run their ass all the way to tumbiscatio with tena and they didn't stop till they got to hollanda.They only came back after CJNG left because the Sedena was escorting the viagras back. Before they ran CJNG caught a group of 8 and hung them by the neck on some trees. Killed a few more on their way in. Some say Chirios Revueltas and his family lost almost everyone they had working for them in Aguilla 20 to 30 guys. It was even said that Mencho came into Aguillila and was driving around the town. Once the Viagras came back they cut up the road so no one could go in or leave. The town above Aguillila Dos Aguas is fully controlled by CJNG.

    2. Mencha too much of a coward to even be in Michoacan much more less in agulilla,he can't get his tail from between his legs...mencho snitching n backstabbing way before the autodefensas movement

    3. nice try, mencho died.

    4. 453
      Keep it comin my man,appreciate your comments.You can stay.

    5. @ 453
      I read that about people saying Mencho was rollin round behind a monster and he was in a white truck further back ? Viagras del Boto were with GN fuckin round with townspeople

  4. El abuelo was working for cjng in 2017 so basically he stabbing himsel with this dumm video

    1. He was always independent just working aside with cjng

  5. Outside of the internet, how are the townspeople supposed to receive these videos/messages..?

    1. i was wondering the same.

    2. Interesting, I didn’t think about cell phone networks and apps.. but even so, I imagine in a lot of this historically urban towns you won’t find many folks with smartphones using all apps, or the internet.

      Again, making me wonder if CJNG ever put much thought into this.

      I agree the videos can be more powerful than mantas, but that’s why mantas became so popular... Easy to make and drape.

      This almost makes me believe a somewhat desperate move. I can never figure out the videos that:

      1) warned the enemy about knowing their location(s) and/or other personal info

      2) try warning a town that they are coming to “clean up”

      How could either of these be helpful to the aggressor?

      If they were as powerful as they say/show they are, they really wouldn’t need to warn their enemies or make these videos.

      Reputation is clearly huge in Mexico, and the narco world, so a few mantas IMO would be more effective. It shows that you can infiltrate the enemy at any time, and notifies many more people than the hardly accessible online videos..

    3. Y'all live in stone age, everybody has internet and smartphones in most of rural Mexico these days.

    4. 1;53 AM CJNG doesn't want to fight the Government they never have every-time they did it was because they were left with no other option. The repercussions were brutal like the 43 they killed in Rancho del Sol something was off about that operation it seemed like they went and picked up 43 people from the surrounding areas and slaughter them there. When CJNG killed the 13 to 16 State Police in Michoacan for conducting operations with the viagras years later the Military went in and pushed CJNG out. CJNG is one of the few groups that can actually fight the government they just choose not to unless they have no other option. Or that time they ambushed the Jalisco state police the military started an operation to try and capture Mencho and we all know how that went for the Government a puma down and tens of soliders, state police, PF dead.

      1 and 2 Why warm the enemy? It isn't meant for the enemy it is designed to warn the population in that area and so that everyone that cares to know why it is happening knows why it is happening.

      Again CJNG doesn't want to fight the government it isn't that they aren't powerful it is that the government is protecting Carteles Unidos. If they start fighting the government on a level that the FARC was fighting the Colombian Government well we all know how that turned out for them.

      CJNG made many tactical mistakes like showing themselves well armed with armoed vehicles and what not. Showing videos of them slaughtering their enemies. Making alliances with existing capos you never do that you take out the head and have someone lower than that person take over and you pay the people at the lower level well.

  6. Nice translation Sol! Missed ya

  7. And that my friends is what we call, “putting people on blast”. CJNG’s reconnaissance surpasses their arsenal as the top advantage they possess. And if their tactic is to employ the rat traps after their initial wave of force doesn’t unseat the enemies, I fear things will only appear to get “more peaceful”, when in reality those named are simply vetting the heat to save face while sacrificing their communities and townsfolk to CJNGs rule.

  8. Watch this video staff of Borderland Beat this group of Sedena was sent by the Viagras with their people embedded with the group. They came with Sedena, GN, State Police and viagras embedded within the convoy. The Jaliscos are not in that town they are in the outskirts and will only show up if the Viagras go into the town alone.

    Suspected Viagras alongside the Sedena, GN, State Police.

    1. CJNG chases Viagra OUT but viagras go back with ARMY HELP to get the PLAZA BACK. This has been HAPPENING since CJNG first started TAKING on viagras. If MENCHO manages to STOP sedena from helping viagras, they will have NO CHANCE against CJNG.

  9. @453 what ever happened to the Gonzalez’s from Cerro prieto aguililla they use to be in Modesto area then Juarez?????

    1. 11:15 AM The Gs and their relatives? Many died, others are locked up and the rest retired or never got involved in that family their are the rich, the poor and the poorer.

      You are talking about the family who had a guy who killed 6-8 guys in the 90s unloading at him with AKs with a pitol he threw himself on the ground and rolled like he life depended on him he hit each of them in he head while rolling.

  10. Animo compadres!
    Any politician who works for Carteles Unidos is signing their own death warrant. They will not be safe from us. Michoacán is ours!

    Caballero de Jalisco🏴‍☠️🇲🇽

  11. @727 es un tal chava sobrino December natalio and I think he was family with el aguila Gonzalez that the nobleza sang about

  12. There is a guy in YouTube that gives daily updates on michoacan
    He was a AUTODEFENZA and knows all those guys like el abuelo and Americano etc..
    He claims cjng is killing off viagras/cartels UNIDOS. He calls them FUNDILLOS unidos 😆 he's the real deal

  13. There is a guy from MICHOACAN in YouTube that goes by "unidad de inteligencia ciudadana" he's an ex autodefenza and he has daily updates on the war in michoacan. He has access to valuable INFORMATION regarding CJNG take over 8n michoacan. He knows what's going on and he claims CJNG are TAKING viagras out of many municipalities in that STATE. Look him. Up

  14. It would be nice for them to decorate the tables with ballons and cakes with candles when announcing their arrivals. I would watch the video.


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