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Friday, February 19, 2021

Ciudad Obregón, Sonora: Collective Search Group Uncovers Another Clandestine Mass Grave


More clandestine graves are being found in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. The collective known as Madres Buscadoras have found 4 bodies, but there is talk that the figure could rise to 20.

During a day of ‘searching’ by the group Madres Buscadoras de Ciudad Obregón, more clandestine graves with various bodies have been located to the east of the city, in the vicinity of Calzada Francisco Villanueva and Canal Alto.

The discovery has been carried out in the mountains approximately 6 kilometers from the urban area, and it’s said that at the moment four bodies have been found, but that the figure could rise to 20.

The members of the aforementioned group began this search task very early, obtaining favorable results at the time.

Elements from different security corporations immediately arrived at the scene, including the Municipal Police, the National Guard, Sedena, AMIC and the State Police.

Likewise, elements from Forensic Services of the Attorney General's Office have been present.


  1. Will these be counted as homicides because sometimes they don’t count these types of bodies as homicides.

  2. 6:07 you could help a lot if you give us some reasons:
    Why it matters, and why it doesn't.

  3. El Alpha aka Chapo Alfredo work.

  4. Weapons trafficker jaime camil garza has died, he used to traffick weapons and drugs for the mexican "defense department" and the cartels of course, there go cienpedos and cartels and ceiminal police departments with forbiden weapons from germany, la mencha computerized weapons programs, lovey dovey relationship with the hank rohns and carlos ahumada kurtz (seller of Uranium to the chinese), BLO, la Barbie, he was nobody's chapo, he was not even 100% mexican...
    Carlos Slim Helu went to the last canelo alvarez fight, and nobody arrested him like they atrested poor Cienpedos'ass on his way to Disneyland.


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