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Friday, February 19, 2021

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: Ordinary Corrupt Juárez Law Enforcement


Video translation is as follows:

...and just like that he fucked himself. And no one can say “well I did this and I did that. This fucking supervisor he’s such a prick. As well as an asshole”.

The truth is individuals like that are like the protagonist in that one song. In the end he was left with nothing. That’s how that song goes. If any of you envy this position. Or if any of you want to be where I’m at. Then by all means go ahead. Don’t wait to be fucking told. Mr. Rojas has been here before. And he already knows this shit isn’t easy. Isn’t that right Mr. Rojas? This is a hard fucking responsibility to hold. 

But maybe for all those who like to kick up a dust storm and criticize what we’re actually doing here. Well, they’re just good at doing that from the background. Isn’t that right? Gentlemen, all we need to do is the job I’m asking of you. I know we can do this together. Unless of course you want to be stuck doing a job that you’re not going to like. 

And if that isn’t what you want. Then y’all need to look for a way to make some extra money. If need be start taking a cut out of your drug stash to make some money. And if you’re short on supply then go ahead and call up your supervisor for more. This is your one and only exclusive personal pep talk for you guys. Because not all superior officer’s are like this. 

I know for a fact that there are only 2 or 3 officers here who are making that side hustle happen. Men, I’m going to break it down for you guys. I honestly believe that we as supervisors have never been assholes with our personnel.  At 6:40 one of my officers called me. Listen carefully. One of my officers called me. He says to me “Boss my alarm didn’t go off”.  

And this officer who gave me this message. Listen carefully. He’s one of those lazy fucks. He doesn’t really do much around here other that run his mouth. And If I want to I can personally fuck him over. It won’t take much for me to royally screw him. I can suspend him for 36 hours straight. Just like that. I don’t have any obligations with this officer. I can make it so he’s suspended for 36 hours straight. Because it’s not my problem that his alarm didn’t go off. Does everyone understand what I’m saying here?

Officers in unison say: Yes!

I’m going to allow this officer to come to work. I’m not going to screw him over. Just so that this officer can keep his mouth shut with whatever he thinks or see’s around here. It’s best he keeps his mouth shut. And so as I’ve told you before. I don’t want to screw anyone over here. If you screw yourselves over that’s going to be because you missed work or some other infraction that was committed. We don’t want to screw anyone here. But this officer will understand that it’s in his best interest to swallow his words and keep his mouth shut.


  1. La Linea was originally formed by corrupt law enforcement officers in Juarez and Chihuahua. No civilians.
    Today they are concidered almost their very own cartel although they claim to be the New Juarez cartel because they took in the people and remnants of the old cartel be them officers or not.
    So this should come as no surprise.

    1. Nearly all cartel factions were created by corrupt Mexican LEOs.

    2. The difference is that no cartel structure was ever as structured as La Linea.
      There were three main reasons why they qere2almost wiped out during the Sinaloa cartel wars.
      First - Mayo Zambada was once second in command of the Juarez cartel back in the day when Amado Carillo was around. After Amados death his brother El Viceroy took over the cartel and Mayo decided not to go along with him so joined Sinaloa. This helped him identify La Linea targets easily.
      Second - the secretary of state for the Mexican President Garcia Luna had a pact with Chapo to help him enter Juarez as BB has reported before. This was amazing help for Chapo.
      Third but not least CIA and DEA helped Chapo by only arresting Juarez cartel members during the almost decade long war between Juarez and Sinaloa cartels.
      Had Chapo not received so much help his forces would have provef useless against Juarez cartel much less La Linea.

    3. I was roommates with old school syndicato who had just did a bit. He laced me up on La Linea and the goat he passed there. One time while I was ironing in my room he came in to sit down and listen to Los Tigerres Del Norte. He's legs bro, were strong. He showed me a new squat exercise and how to be a spotter with the weight on while going into the dip all the way down. Esa old school spent alot of time down.

    4. 4:23 memember pablo Acosta got murdered by the FBI and the mexican polesias federales commanded by Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni in Ojinaga to make room for DFS commander rafael aguilar guajardo at the top of CDJ before Amado carrillo fuentes knocked him aside in Cancun. All the shit rolling downhill, can't be denied.

  2. beheading and leaving them on the hood


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