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Friday, February 26, 2021

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: La Empresa Suspected in Execution of Teenagers


Video translation is as follows:

Edgar: 2 men executed have been identified. This story concerns teenagers. Their family and friends have condemned the events. Joana Meza has the details. Good evening m'am.

Joana Meza: Good evening Edgar. It was through social networks that the identities surfaced of 2 young teenagers who were murdered in the streets of the Héroes de la Revolución neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon.

Although the State Attorney General's Office has not confirmed the names of the deceased. Friends and relatives of the victims indicate that they are 17 year old Ever Briones Manriquez and 15 year old Jonathan Peña Castañedo.

The events occurred at the intersection of Calle Alfonso Castañedo and Calle Zafra where the corpses were left. Authorities have collected 10 shell casings of a 9 mm pistol. Simultaneously, it developed that the minors were already being searched for since 10 in the morning by their relatives. 

Edgar: This is something so unfortunate to have happened. We have seen the photographs that have been released by their loved ones. And these are teenagers. There in the distance we can see a corpse. It has a practically youthful complexion to it. In the picture we can see 2 teenagers, a 17 and 15 year old.

It’s unknown at this time exactly what happened. But there have been many speculative comments on social networks. 

There’s no justification for killing a person. Sometimes the authorities use conjecture and say they were involved in this or that. But from here we condemn any act that goes against the life of a person.

Thank you Joana for your report.


  1. I dont know why ncdj formed la empresa The worst criminals in Chihuahua even La Linea are starting to kill off empresa members that disobey orders.

    1. Fuckin Empresa are stupid kids brainswashed into thinking they work for the cartel of which they never will. They will always be gang members being paid cheap ass for their work. This is why La Linea formed them. To pay them squat and then kill others.
      They kill kids because they are kids themselves most of the time.

    2. you say it like working for a cartel is something to be proud of dummy

    3. 9:45 the cartels just like any mafia cross the worls are here to stay. Anybody that thinks otherwise is a real dumbass.
      Having said this it is better to educate kids that work and kill for peanuts to enter gangs under the impression that they work for the cartels than to have them doing this crap in this story.
      If by scolding and even imprisoning them does nothing to keep them from joining gangs then perhaps educating them about who is really who in cartels might keep them from becomking this plague in society?
      Cartels will never hire these kids to work and most certaintly will not pay them more so if troubled youth understand this then maybe it can make a dent on these idiots wanting to join gangs and anything else for that matter???

  2. Young Juareño Gangbangers could be sent to cesar duarte's stolen ranchos to be re-educated, there is a lot that can be done by having them support themselves in Chiguauguau's deserts.


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