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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: CJNG Drugs Are Sold in Juarez

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat


Video translation is as follows:

Edgar Roman: Interesting data has been released by the Chihuahua prosecutor's office in relation to a certain drug that they have detected in Juárez. Go ahead with your report Everardo.

Everardo Cardona: And so it goes Edgar. The North Zone prosecutor's office confirmed that there is a precense of drugs linked to the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación in Ciudad Juárez. However, the head of the investigating corporation ruled out that the criminal group operates with its own members in town.

Since the traffickers that have been arrested in possession of this narcotic are considered independent dealers. According to information that was released, the amounts of drugs have been large.

But there hasn’t been one specific case that clarifies just which narcotic comes from the criminal organization that is currently considered the most dangerous in the country.

Edgar Roman: We’re hearing an important statement being made. Because this is one of the bloodiest groups in the nation. 

This is according to the federal authorities. Well, even though they’re not physically in Chihuahua, they do have a strong presence here.  And for the authorities this sets off a red alarm. Thank you Everardo for your report. 

Canal 44


  1. There it is PLEBES. Pa mover y vender jale en Chihuas no ocupa estar ahí el JEFE y su GRUPO. Negocio es negocio. El enemigo de mi enemigo es mi amigo. De la TIA hasta la MALDOSA.🎵Y me buscan y me buscan y me vuelven a buscar..🎵

  2. Insightful reporting right there.

  3. There it is. Fuckin traitor Linea working with Jalisco moving meth in Juarez and at the same time killing Barrio Azteca members for selling meth there.
    Fuckin Linea is going to get their ass betrayed one day by Jaliscas the same way they betrayed this gang who literally saved their asses fromt the Sinaloa invasion.
    Karma will catch up with these punks!

    1. Jalisco rifa, aunque t árda la cola

    2. Cjng they new owners of Mexico

    3. I pretty sure they just taxing mencho to cross thru

    4. La Linea provided them guns and money as this is why los Aztecas were able to grow in both sides of border. Now a days are dead or in jail and half the ones left alive switched sides to ncdj side. Aztecas themselves are traitors aswell. Puro cholos mugrosos drogadictos y Mata mujeres

    5. 3:58 La Liena ordered the Aztecas to kill women. Para que se hacen pendejos?
      When they were saving Linea ass they were not called cholos o mugrosos conrrect?
      Pinche Linea vale verga!

    6. El guero tu CJNG ain’t shit you gonna be next if you playing ball on the wrong side 😜 el Mayo know how to play chess he been winning for to long.

    7. 9:34 jalisco rifa las nalgas,
      a peso el boleto y todos ganan.
      Pinchis nacos chafastracos.

  4. IT was just a matter of TIME, CJNG pays no piso to ANY CARTEL. That is the reason CJNG went to war in TIJUANA. SINALOA and CAF were trying to TAX them, NEXT thing you KNOW, There are mantas where they were calling out michoacanos for not paying PISO, they were telling them they were going to KILL THEM and to respect the PLAZA and pay piso. Cjng came back with SICARIOS and started making a killing all OVER the CITY. The rest is history. Half of CDS and more than half of CAF joined CJNG creating CTNG with is the dominant cartel in TIJUANA and mexicali NOW.
    CJNG pays no piso 11:59

  5. Cjng has the SICARIOS, MONEY and tons OF DRUGS. It would make sense FOR linea to create a pact with CJNG and TAKE out the Sinaloas once AND for all in chihuas. That WAR has been going for EVER.
    CDS keeps trying to take OUT CJNG in many places of 🇲🇽 especially JALISCO.. They tried veracruz but CDS got ran OUT.. Might have a few SICARIOS there but nothing close to taking out CJNG 😆
    CDS has been TRYING in COLIMA but can't get in there either..
    It would make SENSE for MENCHO to help linea eliminate CDS out the STATE. CJNG has MORE SICARIOS and will finish the job

  6. El señor de los cielos rolling in his grave... what a shitstorm

  7. Chuyin was one of the guys who crafted this relationship. CJNG supplies weapons to La Linea. La Linea let’s them cross drugs. La Linea needs help versus Gente Nueva in most of Chihuahua. Why is everyone surprised? BB mentioned this last year and people didn’t believe.

    1. Not JUST weapons, ALSO DRUGS and help THEM with SICARIOS against CDS..
      They both benefit.. IT'S a NO-BRAINER..


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