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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Chihuahua, Mexico: Parral to Jimenez Highway Free of Police Presence


Travelers are exposed to being victims of a crime during their journey

The route over the 81 kilometers that make up the Parral - Jiménez highway. Has been determined not to have any presence of Federal or State authorities within any part of the highway.

During the journey of approximately 50 minutes, no unit of the National Guard Road Division was present. Despite the fact that at the outskirts of each municipality the headquarters are located.

Meanwhile, at the State Prosecutor’s South Zone Office there’s no check point. In spite of the fact that they had previously announced the implementation of operations and around the clock presence.

It should be noted that, previously, the state corporation maintained a checkpoint at the junction to the Pueblito de Allende. Which opened at midday. And remained open for part of the afternoon. However, after the drive nothing is detected. 

Given the above facts, travelers remain exposed to being victims of a crime during their journey. A situation that has already occurred repeatedly, after the theft of vehicles or clashes between criminal groups on the highway.


  1. The Governor is too busy spending billions and billions of peisos in propaganda to benefit his PAN party and his "presidential campaign", also the COVID medicines keep getting more and more expensive, even if they do not exist.
    But he fought the Guardia Nacional with his state police and private security Macacos to steal the state's water.

  2. Ok, perfect..
    LETS have a showdown!!
    LA LINEA against CDS
    winner takes ALL.. 🔫

  3. Hello chiva

    Do a complete article on the Carrillo Fuentes brothers a lot of people don’t know the other brothers.


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