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Friday, February 5, 2021

BUSTED: 1,400 Packages of Meth in El Rosario, Baja Ca

Yaqui for Borderland Beat 

A man identified as Javier Fernando Magdalena Álvarez was detained at the El Rosario, Baja California Military Revision Post when he was transporting 1,440 packages of methamphetamine on the morning of Thursday, February 4, on Carretera Peninsular Numero Uno, #1.

Information obtained by ZETA indicates that around 09:30 a tractor trailer arrived at the military post located at kilometer 52 of the Transpeninsular Highway, to whom the military with the support of the canine assistants began an inspection of the vehicle.

When checking the unit, in the back of the truck they found some boxes of “Pulparindots” sweets, each box containing a package with a substance apparently methamphetamine.

In total, 1,440 packages were counted, which together with the detainee were made available to the corresponding authority.

This is the same Military Revision checkpoint that I referenced where the "Abandoned Mules" were located, still loaded with their illicit cargo. 

Source: Zeta 


  1. That was a nice newer rig to lose.
    No doubt it will be out of impound and back on the road real soon.

    1. 8:38 al chofer le van a sacar los tamarindos en la carcel...
      Eso se saca por andar ahi de caliente

  2. Well done job 👍

  3. Gracias Yaqui. Has anyone tried those Pulparino candies from that box above? Best candy in the world.

  4. That journalist, Lydia Cacho, she is a journalist after all, I think the ex-governor of Puebla was just arrested. She investigated the border some in the past. Please accept my apologies if you all posted this. I've reported before only to have you all tell me you posted the story, I did look.


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