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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

12 State Police Officers Arrested Over Massacre of 19 in Tamaulipas

 "MX" for Borderland Beat; TY "Redlogarythm"

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A judge issued 12 arrests warrants against these police officers. All are in custody.

The Attorney General's Office in Tamaulipas has arrested 12 state police officers who could be involved in the massacre that left 19 dead in Tamaulipas on 22 January 2021. All the officers are being charged with homicide, abuse of authority, abuse of administrative duties, and for providing false information to authorities.

Investigators arrived at the conclusion that authorities were involved in the massacre after one of the vehicles found in the Tamaulipas crime scene had already been seized on 6 December 2020 at another crime in Nuevo Leon. During that incident, 66 migrants were rescued by security forces after they were abducted and kept by cartel members in a safe house. The vehicle was seized but it ended up in the cartel's hands the following month.

The police officers involved "manipulated" the crime scene where the 19 people were killed by cleaning up the bullet shells left behind. When interviewed about what happened, several of them gave conflicting reports, raising questions about their possible involvement. Federal investigators are also considering the possibility that immigration officials could be involved in this massacre.

Olga Sanchez-Cordero, head of the Mexico's Ministry of Interior, told reporters that they are investigating Mexico's National Institute of Migration (INM). Cordero-Sanchez reported that they remain in close collaboration with the Prosecutor's Office in Tamaulipas to determine the motives of the attack and those responsible for it.

19 people, most of them Guatemalans, were killed in Camargo, Tamaulipas, on January 22 by suspected cartel members. Their bodies were then set on fire along with the vehicles.

Similarly, Mexican Foreign Ministry is in contact with Guatemalan authorities because many of the victims were believed to be Guatemalan citizens. As reported by Borderland Beat, at least 4 of the 19 victims have been identified. 2 of them were Guatemalan citizens and up to 13 are believed to be as well. 

Northeast Cartel (CDN), suspected perpetrators 

The attack was believed to have been carried out by the Northeast Cartel (CDN), rivals of the local Gulf Cartel (CDG), with the help of Tamaulipas State Police officers.

The massacre occurred in La Frontera Chica (also known as La Ribereña), a border region along Tamaulipas. In the context of the Mexican Drug War, it is a lucrative drug corridor currently under dispute by the CDN and CDG.

The municipalities of Guerrero, Mier, Miguel Aleman, Camargo and Diaz Ordaz make up "La Frontera Chica"

The CDN, based in Nuevo Laredo, is trying to expand east into La Frontera Chica, which has historically been controlled by the CDG.

Reports say that the CDN was looking for a high-ranking CDG member known as "El Entenado", who reports to plaza boss Cesar Morfin Morfin ("El Primito"), when they stumbled upon the safe house where 34 migrants were hiding. 19 of them were kidnapped and killed while the others managed to escape and notify their families.

Most of them had travelled to Mexico from the Guatemalan towns of Comitancillo and San Marcos to escape poverty and find a better living in the U.S.

Sources: Animal Politico; Proceso; Borderland Beat archives 


  1. So nice to read you again. Great keep up the work

  2. Agreed with @10:27. It’s good BB is back with good articles. I was tired of Reddit and reading Spanish cartel blogs that post click bait stuff and all of it is plagiarized. BB doesn’t get the credit they deserve!!! Saludos Buggs. Chivis. Yaqui. MX. And all

    1. Real talk so glad that BB has returned to give us this grade A top shelf reporting on what is Considered one of the most dangerous Fields to report on

    2. You hit the nail!
      Keep on with you work.

  3. It’s the same tactic zetas used on CDG-metro3 in 2011 San Fernando. Killing theirs pockets with those innocent migrants.

  4. That Entenado guy. I think BB shared a video of a post shootout where security forces could be overheard asking if Entenado was among the dead.

  5. Pinches zetas y golfos
    Honestly idk why people are still trying to cross through frontera chica
    I know it’s a shithole between cdg factions & cdn
    Most safe crossing are through piedras negras or sonora

    1. La frontera chica is important because of NL and Reynosa. If you have fayuca in NL you need to move it north. Laredo. Frontera chica. Or Reynosa. That’s all you have.

  6. MX this is confusing since "El Entenado" and that video of three dead sicarios in the SUV supposedly happened in Tampico right? So was he CDN and flipped to Primitos faction and that's why CDN was looking for him in LFC?

    1. I believe Chivis posted on Twitter that this shootout was in Miguel Aleman. I first saw the video on Reddit and no one could ID the spot. The guy who recorded and uploaded the video (through a dummy account on Twitter) didn't post a location or give any hint.

      I have no info if he flipped from the CDN. Only that he was a CDG member in LFC, where Primito commands. If you have more please share! Thanks.

    2. If I'm not mistaken commenters on Reddit were saying it happened in Tampoco since the word "Entenado" was "unique" to that area of Tamaulipas but my roots are from the West Coast of México and we use that word. It's basically the same as hijastros but trying to maintain a distance to not claiming them or them saying you're their father.

    3. So the WORD “Entenado” is from Tampico, originally. But people on Reddit said they’ve heard it in northern Tamaulipas too.

      But judging by the source provided by MX, it also seems that there is a CDG lieutenant with the ALIAS “Entenado”. We have heard nothing about the Tampico plaza so I would be confident to say it was in La Frontera Chica and not Tampico.

  7. From morelos here, we use entenado.


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