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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Two Properties Belonging to the Quintero Families Shot Up

 By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Two properties belonging to Rafael Caro Quintero's family were shot up at last week in Caborca, Sonora.

The first property located at the foot of 9th street between Quiroz avenues and 6 de Abrilear, was blasted with large caliber gunfire and they tried to knock down an electric gate, which was damaged but prevented the entrance to the residence.

Authorities activated a huge operation to secure the place but a few minutes later, it was reported again that armed men were shooting at the property in a rural area located between Caborca ​​and Pitiquito.

Authorities found a man on the ground faced down that had been killed by gunfire and according to witnesses, he was killed when he tried to flee on foot.

Another man in an adjacent residence managed to survive the attack when he was injured by gunfire.

Authorities are continuing the investigation, so they say.

Just last week, in another incident that could be related, Mexican authorities confiscated 557 kilos of cocaine worth an estimated $26.7 million dollars that were stamped with Gucci, Lacoste and Playboy logos from a pickup truck in Mexico City.

The massive shipment was discovered after police responded to an accident involving a pickup truck that had flipped over.

The seizure of the cocaine and the arrest of two alleged operators of Ismael El Mayo Zambada, has pointed to the presence of Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico City, as well as the operations of Rafael Caro Quintero. Mayo Zambada has operated in Mexico city for a long time, an area that includes the International airport, an important hub for drug trafficking coming out of South America.  This type of operation requires planning and corrupting officials at high levels and, not many have the means and ability to sustain such operations.

According to a police report, the two men ages 21 and 27 accelerated their vehicle when they noticed the presence of police in attempt to suddenly change direction. The vehicle overturned bringing attention of the police to inspect the vehicle were they found the drugs along with two handguns guns, one gold plated.

On another note, a journalist stated that Caro Quintero identifies in part with the Sinaloa cartel, but this seizure links more toward that of El Mayo. This might indicate that both might be working together, but that has not been totally confirmed. Obviously, this does not fare well for whoever might have been directing this operation.

Televisa News reported that the drugs in fact belong to Rafael Caro-Quintero, a drug lord wanted by the US authorities for the 1985 kidnapping and murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena.

The lives of Caro-Quintero and Camarena are portrayed in the Netflix series, "Narcos Mexico."

Source: Ariete, Televisa and other unnamed sources.


  1. Is it expected that Los Salazars/Chapitos are responsible for the attack?

  2. I always thought BLO controlled the CDMX airport. Caro should have took his $200 M or $300 m and retired, but that would put him away from the action which he probably craves.

    1. Babyface you ain't got it huh?

      A capo on the run pays BIG for protection. RCQ is a target and he needs to keep an army under arms. Both together easily top 10M/mo.

    2. They controlled the Toluca airport

    3. Caro was always in the game and chapo was the face of the organization and caro was the real boss just like back In the days

  3. De stupidity of this type is truly stunning. Who would send his 570 bricks with two idiots like this to drive a route like that unprotected and obviously without any guards accompanying them driving before them (at the very least one) to warn for precisely THAT type of police presence.. and then the dudes can't handle themselves nor their vehicle?? Oh yeah, and of course you would give them such cheapo, course gold-plated typical narco guns for just in case..


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