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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Tonalá Jalisco: Five killed in grenade attack on farm

 Steve C Borderland Beat Source

Five people, including two minors, were killed during an attack with grenades and shots this morning on a farm in the Santa Paula neighborhood, Tonalá municipality, Jalisco .

Shots and explosions began to be heard around 5:30 in the morning. Residents who came out to see what was happening and observed at least four people fleeing in several vehicles, while the farm caught fire.

Authorities and firefighters arrived at the farm on Calle Privada San Pedro, crossing with Chabacano.

A statement on the morning of October 9 from the Jalisco State Attorney General's Office (FGE) reported that due to the fire they could not confirm if there were people inside, and neither Civil Protection, nor the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences had been able to enter.

About three hours later, emergency services were able to put out the fire and enter the house. On the farm they found five charred bodies (two of them minors) and two injured people who were sent to a hospital.

Graphic image below

"We have five people who died inside the house and because of the condition of the bodies, it is only possible to determine that they are two minors and three adults" Police of Tonalá said.

On one side of the place, there were three unexploded grenades, and a few others in the house, so the area was evacuated. The Tedax squad of the Jalisco police was in charge of their handling and removal.

According to local media El Diario NTR, one of the people killed was the mayor of the San Martín de las Flores de San Pedro Tlaquepaque ejido, who had problems due to the dispossession of land. So far this version has not been confirmed and the Jaliscience Prosecutor's Office has not given more information.

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  1. they don't care who they kill , Politicians are responsible for all the killing, steal and take bribes from cartel


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