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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Tijuana: The links of 'El Chucky'

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Zeta Tijuana

Among the belongings of "El Chucky" there were notes with contacts from the Social Reintegration Center, National Guard, Attorney General's Office, Mulegé municipal police, journalists, house rentals, and account numbers to which to make deposits.

On October 7, in the community of Santa Rosalía, Jazziel Huerta García and/or Reyes Jazziel Huerta García “El Chucky”, 29 years old, originally from Ensenada, Baja California, was captured. He had a warrant for kidnapping.

Authorities warn of the rise of Los Solís in the North Zone

In recent days, disappearances of young people have been reported in Guerrero Negro, El Vizcaíno, Santa Rosalía and Bahía Tortugas, although citizens confirmed that this crime also persists in Mulegé Pueblo.

"There have been hard blows to the criminal structure, however, a successor quickly arrives to continue operating on the site, and the control that has been evidenced goes from Ensenada, Baja California to Comondú in this State, unfortunately there are law enforcement authorities federal and local protection of criminals, this is how all containment work is complicated”, revealed a source to  ZETA from the Baja California Sur Security Board.

From the dismantling of criminal leaders such as Edson Reyes Reyes "El Chucky", Kevin Armando Martínez González "El Kevin" and/or "El Flash"; and recently Juan Manuel Lazcano Ramírez "El Tío", "El Apá" and/or "El Viejo", the North Zone has been in the sights, since they quickly rise to the top and there is no way to dismantle the organization.

The last and most important coup in the criminal struggle occurred on Wednesday, October 7, in the community of Santa Rosalía, where Jazziel Huerta García and/or Reyes Jazziel Huerta García “El Chucky”, 29, from Ensenada, was captured.

He had a warrant  for kidnapping to cause damage or harm to the person abducted, according to criminal case J105/2020 of October 1, 2020.

On September 19, José Manuel Ibarra Araiza was abducted  in the Nivel 50 neighborhood in Santa Rosalía, after being charged; today he is behind bars.

The operation was carried out without a single shot and after several days of tracking him, in addition, relevant evidence emerged that links him to the criminal structure in charge of the North Zone. The Baja California Sur Security Bureau revealed that it is Los Solís.

The evidence leads members of state intelligence to think that the criminal structure was managed with a low profile, until the fall of the criminal group linked to Edson Giovanni "El Chucky", which brought the rise of the criminal group Los Solís, a structure that today is He is in charge of operations in the North Zone.

According to unofficial information provided by intelligence members, "El Chucky" had relevant information and contacts among his belongings, which has served to locate each of the operators of the criminal structure.

Solis Arce Family

“Basically it is a family, Solís Arce, who are operating the criminal activity, they are responding to the call of 'El Tiburon', a member of criminal operations from Ensenada to Ciudad Constitución, which today operates the North Zone for the Sinaloa Cartel, instructing Los Solís”, says the source of the State Criminal Investigation Agency.

Ricardo Alberto Villavicencio El Niño, 32 years old, deprived of liberty on September 25 in Santa Rosalía, it is probable that the Northern Zone is involved in the disappearance.

The criminal structure of "el chucky"

"El Chucky" is a key piece in the scaffolding of the criminal structure, which in addition to being linked to the "kidnapping" of young José Manuel, could be linked to other disappearances.

During September there were at least two kidnappings or " uprisings":

* Alberto Villavicencio Villavicencio “El Niño”, deprived of his liberty at approximately 1:30 pm on Friday, September 25, on Avenida Constitución between streets 10 and 11 of the Centro de Santa Rosalía neighborhood.

* José Rojas Romero, deprived of his liberty around 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 29 in Guerrero Negro.

In the publications of the relatives, they ask their captors that if "they have already done their job, if they made them pay, their remains do not disappear, there is a family looking for them", which seems to indicate that they recognize that they were involved in crime matters.  As of press time, they were still searching.

But not only these data are under investigation, the recently captured "El Chucky" was found in his possession notes and more evidence that will be essential in the investigation and location of more members of the North Zone organization.

“Among the test data, various notes were found, contacts of people who were involved in the Los Solís operation, there are journalists on the payroll, FGR, National Guard and local authorities, that has been vital, first to misinform the public and generating a perception of a bad criminal operation strategy by the authorities, in addition to co-opting authorities to operate calmly and without being disturbed, ”revealed the source of the Security Board.

Jesús Antonio Banda Solís “El Güero Banda”, originally from Vizcaíno after his capture revealed information to identify Los Solís

Among the belongings of "El Chucky" there were notes with contacts from the Social Reintegration Center, National Guard, Attorney General's Office, Mulegé municipal police, journalists, house rentals and account numbers to which to make deposits.

Apparently "El Chucky" was in charge of controlling the payments to the allies of the criminal structure, the rent of safe houses to operate, among many other indications, for example, it is likely that his work was "to lift " and "align” opposing drug dealers.

In addition to being at the service of Los Solís, Jazziel Huerta García received orders from “El Pitufo”, alleged leader of the plaza in Guerrero Negro, and from “El Tiburón”, who controls the area from Ensenada, Baja California to Comondú.

" 'El Chucky' was a drug dealer, who after the fall of members of the structure 'Kevin', 'The Lazcano' and Edson Giovanni, up from level to go ' up' people and operate now part of the contacts , we already have a greater presence of the Sinaloa Cartel in the State, and precisely the Northern Zone is one of the main refuge points for the criminal organization, ”said the Criminal Investigation source.

Undoubtedly the capture of "El Chucky" will be relevant for the dismantling of Los Solís, but the location of clandestine burials is also expected, so there may be news for the groups searching for missing persons.

The rise of the Solis

The fall of the criminal cell at the head of the North Zone commanded by Edson Giovanni Reyes Reyes "El Chucky", captured in May 2019, has been an opportunity for the rise of Los Solís, who from the shadows went getting into the control of the North Zone.

The criminal group took advantage of the operations of the Mesa de Seguridad authorities to contain the criminal groups headed by "El Chucky" and assume control of the sale and distribution of the drug, in addition to operating "uprisings " of opponents.

“While state authorities dismantled these criminal groups, the last one, 'El Lazcano', this criminal family was gaining strength and began to align drug sellers and people who were with the Northern Zone, members rooted in Santa Rosalía and El Vizcaíno, and with the support of certain authorities they have been able to establish control of the North Zone, today already recognized as being in command of the territory, ”said the investigation source.

According to criminal intelligence reports, the criminal structure is commanded by Jesús Jaime “El Rodo”, his armed arms are Ramón “El Mon” and José Luis “El Gallo”, all surnamed Solís Arce.

Nephews and children close to the family are in operations for Los Solís, who today are in the crosshairs of the Security Board, as well as any member actively linked to and supporting the criminal structure.

“With the information revealed after the arrest of 'El Chucky', it undoubtedly opens a clearer picture to us, all the links of the Solís family.

They are the leaders of drug dealing, even 'El Tiburon ', head of the group that operates throughout the Baja California Peninsula, had already been mentioned with operations in Comondú, in many of the statements of attacked drug dealers the nickname of this person arose, who participated to' align ' sellers of drug, "said the intelligence agent.

Names already mentioned in altercations emerged among the organization. On the night of May 9, Jesús Antonio Banda Solís "El Güero Banda", 22, was captured in El Vizcaíno, after being linked by armed robbery to the fuel station located at Kilometer 137 of the Santa Rosalía-Guerrero Negro.

"El Güero Banda" and other people threatened and threatened the victims with a firearm and a machete to seize cash and cell phones. After the open investigation folder, he was linked to the process on May 21 and they issued preventive detention for the crime of robbery with equal violence, when it was committed by more than one armed person.

José Manuel Ibarra Araiza kidnapped in the Level 50 neighborhood, in Santa Rosalía by El Chuky, currently detained

“(Los Solís) are linked to forced disappearances committed since January in the El Vizcaíno area, little by little the organization has been unraveling, the structure has been established; Above all, they maintained an internal war against 'El Chucky', since the latter was the murderer of Héctor Humberto Banda Solís, who on April 7, 2018 placed his head on the road section from Loreto to Santa Rosalía with another individual, from that moment they were already found, only the structure of Los Solís was not visible ”, it was reported.

The sentence of homicides from Murúa confirmed

The fall of "El Chucky" in the North Zone marked the day that they assassinated the director of Radio-Kashana, Rafael Murúa Manríquez, since then it has put them in the crosshairs of the state Security Board and many national and international organizations.

At the time, ZETA announced that the murderers of the communicator had a conviction sentence of 43 years and nine months in prison confirmed:

* Martín Salvatierra Amador “El Martín” and / or “El Picapore”, originally from Santa Rosalía, who tied Murúa's hands and shot twice in his head.

* Pedro Eduardo López Mendoza "El Güerito" or "El Jaiba", a native of La Paz, who participated in the homicide.

* Héctor Mora García "El Moreno", operator of Mulegé Pueblo and Santa Rosalía, charged with the murder of Murúa.

Rafael was deprived of life between 11:00 p.m. on January 19 and 5:00 a.m. on January 20, 2019. His body was found at Kilometer 39 + 950 of the Santa Rosalía-Parallel 28 road sections, partially covered with a black plastic bag.

According to the investigations, he was forced into a white Nissan Tsuru vehicle, he was transferred to the height of Kilometer 13 + 300 of the Santa Rosalía-Parallelo 28 road section. There “El Martín” shot him twice and moved the body miles ahead.

“At this site they found Rafael Murúa's belongings and bullet casings, as well as remains of blood. At the murder site, 'El Moreno' dug a grave, but he is taken from the scene and left on a mound of garbage, half covered with a black bag. Today they are already behind bars together with 'El Lupillo', the intellectual author,” revealed the Investigation Agency.

According to statements by the defendants, "they were only following orders," and from that moment on the structure of the Northern Zone was exposed. Thus, it has been disjointed.


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