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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tijuana: 15 most wanted murderers, 1570 Tijuana murders in 2020 so far

 Steve C Borderland Beat  Zeta Tijuana

 With arrest warrants against them and as part of Operative Alert, the Municipal Security and Citizen Protection Secretariat, the Sedena and the National Guard, are going after the 15 most dangerous murderers, generators of violence in Tijuana. All, in addition, criminal operators of the Jalisco, Sinaloa and Arellano Félix cartels


By recruiting David López Jiménez alias "El Lobo" or "Cabo 20", Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño "El Flaquito" and Roque García, from the Arellano Félix Cartel (CAF), managed to grow in number their cells of hitmen and drug dealers, and with This will gain territory from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) in Tijuana.

"Los Cabos" are a group of thugs formed from 2015 by the CJNG in Tijuana, but many of them changed to CAF, and are currently facing death with the Sinaloa mafia and their former colleagues from Jalisco, generating a high percentage of the more than 1,570 murders that have been committed so far in 2020 in Tijuana.

López operated with Jalisco until 2018, when he confronted Héctor Manuel Morales Guzmán “El Gallero” -disappeared on May 5, 2019-, leader of the CJNG who, drugged, ordered to kill left and right.

In 2019, "El Lobo" allied with the CAF and was arrested in Querétaro in March 2020, and as of the night of July 18, when thugs murdered Mario Delval Barocio alias "Cabo 33", "Tony" and / or “Mariola” on Alba Roja street in the Hipódromo Dos neighborhood, La Mesa Delegation, the rout was accelerated.

“Many of 'Los Cabos' went over with the CAF”, and “those who still remain with Jalisco are afraid and stay away from Alfonso Trapero”, the CJNG operative leader in the Baja California Coast Zone who remains hidden in the mountainous area of ​​Tecate.

"In Tijuana, the CAF at this time recovered a drug dealing zone, thanks to its allies, who have those from Jalisco cornered in Natura."

This was reported by intelligence groups last week, after the capture of “Los Cabos”: Édgar Pérez Villa “El Nier” or “Cabo 89”; and Víctor González Ochoa “Cabo 85”, whose investigations found accounts of changes in criminal alliances. Both were indicted for possession of a weapon and released under trial.

However, thanks to his lawyers Elías Alberto López Gastélum and José Alberto Souza Montero, since January Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño, head of CAF, paid a guarantee of 10,000 pesos and obtained a protection from the federal justice that protects him from an “apprehension, arrest, presentation and/or any issue that tends to deprive me of my freedom, violating my individual guarantees enshrined in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.


Last week, the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), the National Guard and the Municipal Public Security Secretariat of Tijuana received reports that Óscar Antonio López Arellano, alias Rodolfo López Arellano "Solecito" and/or "Cabo 30" would have an important family celebration, which opened up a possibility to stop him.

According to the organization chart and the information held by the Coordination Tables for the Construction of Peace and Security, the CJNG is the main generator of violence in Tijuana and has an arrest warrant against him for homicide.

The coordinated forces waited for information of time and place, but it did not arrive. Instead, patrolling the area of ​​Sánchez Taboada and Los Pinos, the information they received led them behind Cabo 89, who could provide them with details of the location of their supposed boss El Cabo 30”, and at the same time avoid a series of homicides.

They are currently on the list of the 15 most wanted killers.

Previously, on Facebook pages dedicated to reporting events by organized crime, they had published a telephone recording attributed to "El Nier" or "Cabo 89", identified by the authorities in the criminal organization chart of the CJNG since 2019. The identity of the "89” is confirmed to the members of the Coordination Table by an informant.

In the audio, a presumed Pérez orders: “I take care that the hands remain for Guaycura, the legs for the Cerro Colorado, the body for the 'Presi' and the sweater right now I say where. But all with cardboard that says the same, leave them about four ceviches on the cock now”.

According to the monitoring of the authorities, at 08:02 a.m. on October 7, in the Bulevar Díaz Ordaz and Baja California of the La Mesa delegation, in the parking lot of the Calimax store they left a plastic bag and inside they found human remains, legs wearing blue jeans and black tennis shoes. A message was left with him signed  LA PERLUCHA and threatening Edwin Antonio Rubio.

Currently, Edwin Antonio Rubio alias “El Max” is the main operator of the Sinaloa Cartel in the East Zone of Tijuana, with operations in Tecate.

On the same day 7, at 8:40 a.m. on Río Colorado street in the Marrón neighborhood in the Central Zone, they found another black bag, it contained a human head and a card with the same message.

In this context, "Cabo 89" became a priority target, however, upon locating him - according to the police report - they only found him in possession of a weapon.But the audio in which they mention the dismembered, the murderer himself speaks of the corruption of the special operations group of the Tijuana Municipal Police, which the criminals nickname "Las Vaquitas" and the criminal claims to have controlled:


"Erre, check if they are 'Vaquitas' to open them, everyone in general if the 'Vaquitas' are bothering you, write down the unit number and let me know in private, the data is not useful if they do not give me the unit number , so that they are aware ”, information that also led to an internal investigation.


In this context of violence, the Tijuana Municipal Public Security Secretariat, headed by the Mexican Army Captain with a license, Jorge Alberto Ayón Monsalve, proposed in October a work called Operative Alert, for which they requested and obtained support. of the Sedena and the National Guard.

Basically, it is about looking for the biggest generators of homicidal violence in Tijuana, the city with the most murders in Baja California. Thugs with any belonging to the criminal cells, who also have an arrest warrant, fugitives.

The following delegations have registered the highest number of violent deaths as part of the fight in the streets for the sale of drugs in Tijuana between January 1 and October 12, 2020:

* Sánchez Taboada, 159 murders

* Los Pinos, 144 executions

* Natura, 138 homicides

* The Rural Dam, 136 murders

* San Antonio, 136 violent deaths

* El Florido-Mariano, 115 corpses.


Those responsible for most of these deaths are held by the members of the Coordination Tables for the Construction of Peace and Security.

Having been identified, they belong to the various cartels and at this time they are the most wanted.

The State Attorney General's Office confirmed that they all have arrest warrants against them, but did not specify when or who they allegedly killed.




The CJNG wanted:

Óscar and / or Rodolfo López Arellano “Cabo 30” and / or “El Güero Pecas”. Along with Israel Alejandro Vázquez “Cabo 50” or “El Goofy” has been facing David Jiménez former “Cabo 20” for two years, trying to kill him and seeking control of the Sánchez Taboada delegation.

In February 2019, he was held responsible for the drug banners that were hung in different parts of the city threatening President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, prior to his visit due to the federal security operation that began on February 4 in Tijuana.

The intelligence groups record criminal operations in Los Pinos, Sánchez Taboada and Natura.

Like his most violent criminal underlings, the authority identified three as the most dangerous, all drug dealers and murderers in San Antonio. And some with bosses between them and López Arellano:

- Jesús Higuera Pérez “El Cachora”, a bully from the Fineas Peña group, a cell made up of eight elements, including a woman, all surnamed López Félix, Félix Martínez, Corral, Hernández Valencia, Cienfuegos Acosta and Higuera Pérez.

- Braian and / or Brayan Aldair Plancarte Mejía “El Blifer”.

- Aarón Gómez Zararáin.

On the side of the Sinaloa Cartel, they listed the necessary apprehensions of:

Edwin Antonio Rubio López "El Max". According to a police report, in October 2013, Rubio, then 22 years old, was caught while speeding in a gray Lincoln 2000 car with California license plates on Main Avenue and Right Margin Street. , Colonia El Florido. Upon inspection, they found a .45 caliber squad pistol with nine shots, and two packages containing 10 kilograms of marijuana.

On August 22 and 23, 2020, they hung two narcomantas, one on a pedestrian bridge on Bulevar Casa Blanca in the Héroes de Independencia neighborhood, and the other in Infonavit Lomas Verdes in the Los Pinos sub-delegation:




They held him responsible for the murders of Juan Carlos Reynoso Valderrama, 28, and Alexis Antonio Iñiguez Mendoza, 6, committed on August 20 at Privada Monte Albán and Calle de los Volcanes, Urbi Villas del Prado section II.

Additionally, his name came to light in the first investigations into the murder of drug dealer Daniel Sotelo and his brother-in-law, activist Óscar Eyraud Adams, both murdered on September 25 and 24, respectively.

As subordinates of "El Max" they seek for murder:

- Rubén Alejandro Martínez Esparza “El Ñañas”, who on March 22, 2014, aged 21, was captured in the Esperanza neighborhood when he was driving a Jeep Cherokee with a report of theft with a pick on the ignition switch . He is currently considered the head of a small group that includes members of the Benítez Ramírez and García Baltazar families.

-Isidro Palafox Acosta "El Grito", originally identified as part of the CJNG under the command of Leonardo Fabián Llamas "Cabo 45", is now placed as part of the cell of the jailed in 2018, José Luis Martínez Hernández "El Secre", group in which they have identified at least 19 criminals.

- Raúl Antonio López Sandoval “El Rulis”, who commits homicides in the La Presa area.

- José Cruz Gómez Gutiérrez "El Gordo", an alleged murderer who committed a crime together with Osvaldo and Nahúm Romero Juárez; In August 2018, they were detained as part of the Luis Arturo Jain Peña criminal group “El Arcángel” in the Cumbres del Rubí neighborhood. They secured a GMC Envoy truck , in which three firearms were located: a 9-millimeter pistol, a .223 caliber carbine and a 357 caliber pistol.

From CAF and its allies, the former "Cabos", the first priority objectives belong to the same criminal cell:

José Alberto López Barraza "El Clofer". He is only 19 years old, but the authorities place him in homicidal actions since he was just 17 years old. His second in command is the same age and his name is Roberto Santana Íñiguez.

He likes to film himself while murdering his victims and the authorities have those videos, which include the murder of a homeless older man, laughing and for no obvious reason.

It operates in Natura and under its criminal leadership the following offenses: Antonio Ruiz Alvarado, Luis de Arco Rangel and Arturo Valdivia Pérez, who still do not have an arrest warrant against them.

And wanted for murder like "El Clofer":

- Cristian Rodríguez Silva "El Teket"

- Miguel Ángel Beltrán Ramos "El Rencor"

- Luis Armando León Vázquez "El Tortillero"

- Juan Rubén Sánchez Lara "Trak"



Rodolfo López Arellano

For the murder of two men in Colonia Los Valles on March 7, 2018.

Rubén Alejandro Martínez Esparza

For the death of a man from gunshot wounds at the Red Cross on July 26, 2018 and attempted murder of two subjects on February 24, 2020.

Cristian Rodriguez Silva

For the murder on the back of a man in Cañadas de El Florido on March 18, 2020.

Miguel Angel Beltrán Ramos

For the crime of a 51-year-old man who disappeared in June 2019 in Villas del Prado, whose body was located on July 3, 2019.

Luis Armando León Vázquez, Juan Rubén Sánchez Lara and Ángel Orlando Castillo Gutiérrez

For the murder of three men whose bodies were found separately between May 14 and 15, two dismembered in Urbi Villas del Prado, and another young man who died in the ISSSTE Palmas from gunshot wounds.

For the homicide of two men, one perpetrated on January 22, 2019 and the other who died at the General Hospital on April 18 of the same year due to firearm injuries.

For attempted homicide perpetrated against a male on October 11, 2019, the attempted murder of another male on January 14, 2020, and the murder of a woman. In this armed attack, he was allegedly accompanied by:

Aarón Gómez Zatarain , also for the murder of a woman and the attempt of the female on January 14, 2020, in the company of Plancarte.


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      I believe it is the culture, or lack there of, that is producing these monsters. You need to look in the mirror.

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  13. Tijuana is hot to travel, they can kidnap you in broad daylight.

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    2. Lol Tamaulipas is way worse, lots of millennial sicarios, you will hardly see armed guys in Tijuana waiting on the mexican side to charge whoever is crossing from USA, Tijuana is unique also in the way that federal forces arent just that aggresive towards criminals like they are in Tamps, Dea has organized crime in Tijuana well checked, combined with the fact that Tijuana is worked by people who have been there since the 90s thats why you dont see big ass comboys like you see in Laredo.

      -Criminal Justice Student

    3. My criminal justice student En Tamaulipas tienes a puro tlacuache mugroso “Controlando” esa frontera, Desde que se les fue Osiel ay un desorden. Comandantes uno más envidioso que el otro etc...En el Noreste puro Nino controlando Nino. Una mezcla de gente que no sabe trabajar mucho menos traficar. Eso es triste y mucho más cuando se meten con el civil común. En el Equipo de casa ay zero tolerancia para ese tipo de acciónes. En Tijuana los señores primero que nada son Narco TRAFICANTES. El estilo que se maneja aquí en Tijuana es TRAFICAR y las mamadas segundo. El estilo de trabajar de los señores aquí en Tijuana es el de Benjamin. Y si ay otros aquí es para el beneficio del principal. Ay que dejar a los chalanes del J y S que se den en la madre mientras el equipo de casa sigue haciendo lo suyo por de bajo del agua.


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